Current Bloggers: Who's dishing out the juicy stuff?

Pensive Patrick is a fire

Hello. I own a Marshall. I love her. Her name is Madison Riley. When the mood strikes me, I like to enjoy a tall glass of chocolate soy milk, throw on some Smashing Pumpkins and relax with a nice Stephen King book. Oh and Final Fantasy owns your soul.

Julio's Special Place

I like tennis. Unless I'm breaking my arm. Or playing poker.

Cody drives space shuttles in Miami

I'm Cody. I swear. Not really, but he'll update this soon. He plays bass, in case you're wondering or just completely lost and ended up here somehow. Good job, by the way.

Jeremy Hates Feet

I'm Jeremy. I like drums and sour patch watermelons. I also have the most epic bunk bed in existence. :)

Past Bloggers: People who might show up at any time.

Web Boy Sean rides a pink bike.

Sometimes Jason does crazy things on the road, and someone needs to report them since he's too lazy to write his own blogs. Plus, I've just been informed that I like to write about random inane crap that no one wants to read. Score!

OMFG. Lip rings are so Juan Carlos. Posers. ROFLCOPTER. LOLLERBLADES. LMAOPLANES!!!!!!1!!1~1!

pfft. n00bz.

This used to be accurate, but now it's kinda ridiculous, so let's just say that I was the Pensive bassist from 2004 to 2007, and now I pwn at life with my guitar elsewhere, and on Got 'Nuff said.

Merch Girl Lauren's Dirty Lowdown

Get the unobjective low-down on the boys from the only reliable source on the road. You want comedy? You want drama? You want the way-too intimate details that no one else would ever want to know? Get em' here.

Jason is a Stranger

I was the original Pensive drummer, and I used to hit things pretty hard. Now I fix things in their house when they break. And sometimes, just sometimes... I dance.

Craig loves you

I'm Craig. I put Sean out of a job for a couple tours, and then gave up the job for a bassist to be named later. (I guess it's Cody!)

p.s. I hate sushi.

Harry loves rice

I LOVE RICE!!! and noodles. I played drums for Pensive in a past life!

Merch Girl Shandi's Blacktop Ballads (sung to you in parts)

I hail from small town in New Mexico (and yes, that is indeed a state, and no my Spanish isn't that good at all). I had originally intended on traversing the country astride my magical rainbow-coloured unicorn, but I suppose a van full of silly boys will do just as well.

And just FYI, I'm a rather saintly sinner with a literary impulse, so expect nothing but the nitty-gritty truth on the monkey barrels full of mischief that are sure to be caused...with a few well-placed flourishes of course :P

Billy's Bliggidy Blogs!

Hey higgidy hey hey! My name is "Billy" although that is just one alias of many... I was here to pass the time of being on tour by telling stories that are based (loosely) on true life events with Pensive, but I left the band to pursue ancient Georgian legends with some freshmen. Don't take anything I say as fact, although it most likely isn't far from the truth... Just sit back, relax, and play with your favorite hair dryer in the bath tub.