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Good times...good times.


So I wanted to post a blog right after thanksgiving since a lot happened during that time (Happy Late Thanksgiving everyone LoL). Yes I know I'm pretty bad about not login on here and keep you guys updated but I guess you'll just have to deal with it for now or until I get better at it.

Let me take you back to Nashville. Initially we were supposed to spend thanksgiving on a Motel in Hot Springs, Arkansas....probably eating KFC or Taco Bell, but!!! as we were about to start making the drive from FL we got a call from home that we would be heading to Nashville instead. Well it turned out to be one of the coolest last minute changing plans of the tour.

We get to Nashville and we head over to our good friend Tracey’s House. He loves football I love football it’s all good. We get there and he asks “what are your plans for thanksgiving?”...we’re like “don’t know yet…probably Cracker Barrel or something” …LoL I know I know but wait it gets better.
So he offers for us to spend thanksgiving with him and his family, relatives etc. We say yes and at this point we’re already satisfied with the situation since we’re no longer in a motel in AR about to eat KFC….so thanks again Tracey, you’re the man!!!

Ok so this is where everything goes from great to unforgettable. Tracey took us out for a night in Downtown Nashville were we got to meet and hang out with the guys from The Academy Is…and Cobra Starship. Don’t ask me how but Tracey’s got the hook up.
So we’re hanging out all night, then more hanging out, and by the end of the night the guys were nice enough to add us to their guest list since the show was Sold Out.
I do have to say that all of those guys from both bands are super down to earth, none of that I’m too good to talk to you and I admire that.

Next day we get to the show and all the bands were great, got to see The Academy Is…right from the side of the stage and I was definitely blown away with their performance. I had never seen a TAI show before and those guys definitely brought it.
After the show we get to hang out again with them all night and all I’m thinking is “how, what, why, when?”….”we were initially supposed to be in a motel in AR all by ourselves and out of nowhere we had a last minute change of plans and 24 hours later I’m hanging out with these great guys, watching an amazing show and spending thanksgiving with friends and family, explain that one to me.

Oh yeah I believe I said the story was just gonna keep getting better and better and it’s still Wednesday (day before Thanksgving), what could we be doing after all that’s happened so far? We go to see Paramore- Starting Line- The Almost.
Another last minute show which was also very very good and very very wet…I guess God left the shower running for a few minutes cause it was pooouuurriiinnggggg! Unfortunately at this show we didn’t get to hang out with the bands LoL…but who knows, maybe one day…one day.

Next day we all went to Tracey’s parents house and had a lot of food and a lot of dessert and definitely treated us all like family. Tracey I’m sorry the Chargers beat the Titans, hope you and your family do not hold it against me hahaha.

So anyway, that was our little experience and I’ll never forget Nashville Thanksgiving 2007 for sure……..good times, good times =)

P.S. Been craving Buffalo Wild Wings and I’m gonna go Crazy!!!...Insane!!!...Loco!!!!! if they don’t open one in San Diego soon, and by soon I mean NOW!!!
You know how lots of bands out there have a little section on their website, forums etc where they say to fans that if the fans want to know what to give bands to help them out? (example: gas cards, energy bars, socks, blah blah blahh)

IF!!! And I really only mean “IF”…..if you want to hook me up/help me out with anything don’t bother with the Gas Card….BUFFALO WILD WINGS!!! And if you want another option…Buffalo Wild Wings. =)

Ciaooo, JULIO.

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Random thought: Opeth needs to put out a new cd. Soon. The end.

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Hello folks. We are nearing the end of a long three months on the road. After wrapping a few loose shows in New Mexico and Arizona we shall conclude our grand adventure in Long Beach (still one of our favorite places to play) and a hometown benefit show for Richard Varshock, a victim of the recent San Diego fires. Those of you out there that believe in such a thing, please send out happy and healing thoughts.

On a completely side note, I've had my nose stuck in a book for most of the past couple days. Its called The Descent but despite sharing a title and a slightly similar premise to the movie, its certainly its own beast. It came first by the way, in case you were wondering. Its a nasty little creepy tale about a real life hell existing beneath our very feet. If you're intrigued, I suggest looking into it. Its a good read. Dark. Disturbing. Good stuff.

So I saw The Number 23 last night. It wasn't quite what I was expecting but it was a good way to pass the time none the less. Numbers do fascinate me though I must admit. Not quite to the level that is portrayed in the film but still. I was a math geek growing up and I still love numbers. Its odd though, even though the movie came out when I was 22, I didn't see until I was 23 . . . And ya know The Dark Tower by Stephen King? Well, the number 19 is very important in that tale and guess how old I was when I finally got around to reading the whole long story? Yep, 19. I was 20 by the time I finished it though. Guess the date I started reading the last section of the last book? October 19th, 2004. Didn't finish it till after midnight though so that would have been the 20th. Guess how many letters there are in my full name? 19. Patrick Chaffin Smith. Except! Thats not my real name so the real answer is 21 letters. But shhh, you didn't read that here . . . And there's a few other odd 19 connections but they're private ;) So all in all, numbers are fun. Though, of course, you go looking for the numbers and you'll find them.

Threat Level: Blackwatch Plaid

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So guys and gals, it has admittedly been quite a while since I've written. Sorry about that. But if it makes you feel any beter, Julio's scary snake dreams and one more finding Taco Bell adveture have been the majority of what you've missed. Well, maybe a bit more than that, but nothing that your life will be incomplete without knowing, I promise.

But still, since I'm here writing and listening to Rage at the Land Shark cafe (any other old old school SNL fans out there that find that funny?), I should give y'all the skivvy on what's been going down. We have, as is usual played some awesome shows and have of course made new fans and friends. If you pay attention to the myspace at all, you should check out some of the bands we've been playing with. They've all been exceptional guys. If you are my friend and/or stalker on myspace especially see my top friends because I put my personal favorites on there (and no, I'm not just going to freely give out my myspace - you gotta work a little bit - geez people! :P). If you care that is. Otherise, just stay happy with us. That's fine too, it won't hurt our feelings.

Otherwise. let's see what else has been near death experiences, gang fight- though Dave did lay down some Dinosaur hunting law on a few rogue N64 Velociraptors and other reptilian monsters just last night. It was as he would say "just so dangerous." Aside from that, I think at this point it's fair to say that we are all looking forward to home. While we are still looking forward to the remaining shows, as you might have guessed from Julio's last entry, we are certainly missing things like crazy: real beds, steak, loved ones, not being within a 1.5 foot proximity of the same 4 other people, pets, home cooked food, the salty spray of the sea and the feel of the wind at your back, a hundred fun summers spent sleeping in trees, and ...oh wait. Just got a bit carried away. But yes, home is a-calling. And on that note, happy pre-holidays, be sure to check out the Christmas before Thanksgiving sales. I'm pretty sure they actually exist.

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Very very weird...

Alright it’s been some time since I last wrote here, so I think the time has come once again to wind me up and let me go off talking about random stuff without making any sense, jumping from one subject to the next one without connecting both of them….it’s time for some Julio Chat “Mexican style”

Last night’s Chargers/Colts game….what the hell was that all about? Why do we now always suck after halftime? I don’t get it.
Last year it was actually backwards, we would suck in the first two quarters but we all knew we would comeback and win the game after halftime....we had that reputation. But now it seems that it’s the complete opposite, we’re kicking butt to open but start choking to close the game….IDK maybe it just feels that way to me since I’m not home to see every single game but I’m starting to get mad at my team right now and Rivers is no Tom Brady so if he doesn’t step it up soon bye bye Post Season.

Still, I’m 50/50 on whether I’m happy or not that we won cause I think that in the end the Colts should’ve won the game. Yes, Manning had 6 interceptions but in the end SD had 2-3 calls that went in our favor that if they would have been reviewed we would have lost for sure….and let’s not forget that after a 23-0 lead We didn’t shut them down and We let them get back in the game and We almost blew a 23-0 lead…to me that doesn’t look like a Champion Team. I just hope they get to turn around things on the 2nd half of the season, we’ll see…….to be continued.

Alright enough NFL talk. We’re in GA at the moment and heading to FL in a couple days. The weather is pretty cold I have to say, miss SD weather a lot! Maybe FL won’t be too bad but we’ll have to wait and see.

The last few shows we played went pretty well, played a couple shows with a band called THE STATUS and 2-3 shows with a band called GOODNIGHT CITY, both of them very good bands and really cool guys, check ‘em out.

Caitlin’s Friend “Mason” just got in the Van with me an now we’re talking about the scene in Dalton and his new guitar Strat that he just bought….he’s also lefty. Now he’s starting to talk crap about tennis so now I’m done talking about him.

Let’s see what else….the last couple nights I’ve had some bad dreams. I can still remember that the night of the Greenville, SC. I woke up twice during the night, once because I was being bitten and killed by snakes and the second time I was looking for our trailer because it got stolen (in my dream). Funny thing is that the Trailer Dream scared the crap out of me more than the snakes dream….you know how they say “if you dream it it can happen”? or “dreams do come true”?....not this one.

Then just the other night I had another snake/centipede dream and I don’t know why these creatures just love to wrap themselves around me and always take the first bite at my arm instead of the neck or foot or…..butt.
Oh yeah completely off the subject here talking abut butts. I got some medicine for Bronchitis and Sinus Infection and 3-4 more other things a couple weeks ago but while I was at the clinic they game some kind of super shot in the butt and I wasn’t to happy to hear it had to be there…would much rather the arm, but they gave me the shot and then like 3 minutes later I guess I passed out because when I woke up I was surrounded by 3-4 doctors and nurses and they all kept saying how white and pale I looked. They were about to hook me to some fluids but I said no more needles. So yeah no more Shots in the Butt for me.

Alright back to my dream story..…what was weird about this one is that for just a second or two after waking up I could’ve swear to have seen or felt the centipedes/snakes still around my body….almost as if they transfered from the dreamworld into the real world with you for just a split of a second, kinda creepy. Amazing what the human brain can do. Does anyone out there have a Dream Book!!! If you do please let me know what Centipedes means in the dream book…..and if you’re gonna say it means I’m gay save it because mine was Centipedes and Snakes....not Giant Crabs with Lighting and loafers.

Let’s see….jumping onto another topic. The RED SOX Won the World Series again!!!!! Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh Baby! And we swept them…..yeeeessssss!!!! In your face Rockies, there’s always next year.
But yes I was rooting all the way for the Red Sox and I’m happy I was able to find a TV to watch the last final games. The night of the final game we were in Richmond VA and it was very very very cold night but my Italian sub and mr pibb never tasted soooooo goooood. But alright now that they have 2 titles I don’t care if they don’t win another one in 10 years.

Missing playing poker at the Casino in SD, I’m not gonna bother bringing the chips and table next tour, just taking space and nobody likes to play with me =( hahahaha, so I’m missing Barona and Viejas hahaha. Why don’t more people play on tour? It’s such a relaxing and stress relieving game….same goes with ping pong, I always bring my paddles but never get to use them so I guess I’m leaving them back home for the next tour…..miss playing ping pong too LoL.

And thanksgiving is just around the corner, hope everyone out there has a wonderful and warm thanksgiving and I guess that’s it for now.

Until next time…..stay classy SD!

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It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Seriously, it's been raining since Tennessee..I think there have been like 4 days of sunshine-ish-like weather in the last two weeks. I remember relishing rainy days back in good old NM, but enough is enough. Easterners, how do you chase away the rainy day blues? The lethargy? The lack of Vitamin D?

At the same time, we've had a few adventures in the rain, the most interesting and scariest of which was the fact that somewhere from Knoxville to Wytheville, VA, we lost a wheel. Not a flat tire, not the rim flew off, we lost the ENTIRE thing. Scary thing is we didn't notice until we were at the hotel. All the lugs snapped off, save one. Which was weird, That also brings to our attention the fact that the rim got completely shredded if it came off around that one lug. Needless to say, we are pretty much totally happy to be alive.

Otherwise, we're all looking really forward to Halloween. We're pretty much gonna be in costume from now til then (no I can't give away everyone's alter-egos), so if you're gonna come out and see us, be sure to bring your cameras!

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are we there yet?

The cursed month of October is finally drawing to a close. It would appear that there may possibly be light at the end of the tunnel. We may have found us a lovely little Halloween show to play and thats always nice. And on a personaly note in two weeks I'll be seeing my beloved Smashing Pumpkins so what more could I really ask for? I'll tell you what. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and the more I think about it the less I want to spend Thanksgiving on the road. I mean, really. I've never spent Thanksgiving away from my family and I have a feeling I'm gonna miss it. I really think I might just have to ditch everyone for a few days and hop on a plane home even though I'm deathly afraid of flying. Then again, its been a good seven or so years since I was last on an airplane so maybe I've grown up a bit since then who knows. I'm full of irrational fears. Flying, drowning, etc. Anyway yeah, whatever. I suppose I should probably get used to spending holidays on the road for I'm probably fated to it for the time being.

Is anyone out there a mind reader? Could you tell me what I want please?

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The Grandoise Retelling of the Epic Taco Bell Adventure

Well boys and beautiful goils, I am about to recount to you a tale of one GPS's utter fallibility and the complete determination of our brave band to get to a Taco Bell at all costs.
After our show in Morrisville, TN (and yes, it has taken me this long to get stable enough internet access to post something about it), Dear Dave mentioned that he should like to get something to eat. The manna of choice? You got it - Taco Bell. Well, we were already on our way back to Knoxville for the night and once the restaurant had been entered into Jennifer, our lovely GPS, we discovered that we would have to turn back in order to actually get to one.
Never deterred by such circumstances, Dave decided he could wait until we reached Knoxville, because certainly there was a Taco Bell to be found there, relatively close to our host home for the night. We arrive in Knoxville, and Jennifer begins to direct us to an alleged Taco Bell, one that we believed ourselves already familiar with. Soon, though, we found ourselves winding through rather shifty neighborhoods. After about a full ten minutes of directed wrong turns and the constant monotony of Jennifer informing us that she was "recalculating" our route, Julio suggested that we may just want to go back to the apartment or pick a different place to eat.
"Never!" vowed Dave...which actually sounded like, "C'mon man, we know its around here somewhere and we'll find it by the time we could get anywhere else." We perservered and ignored Jennifer's directions, which landed back into the familiar territory where we believed the Taco Bell resided. We drove down the street, finally informed that we had reached our destination, but looking around, we saw that there was no Taco Bell where Jennifer indicated.
Now do keep in mind that it was dark, and that when one looks too hard they hardly ever find what it is they seek. Thus, we continued to travel a ways, convinced that Jennifer really meant "approaching" instead of "arriving" with Dave chanting, "Its gotta be around here somewhere." About half a mile down the road, Julio, the one in charge of the wheels, decided that the search was ultimately fruitless. Begrudginly admitting his defeat, Dave agreed that we could turn around and go home.
The result of this turn around however, was that we did INDEED find the Taco Bell right there in front of our faces...if we turned them slightly to the right. "See, I told you!!" a triumphant Dave crowed from the back seat. "They just didn't have the light on and now it is!" A general cheer arose...not so much because we actually found the Taco Bell as because we didn't have to deal with Dave pouting about the necessity of eating a PB & J (see previous blog).
So we pull into the Taco Bell and are greeted by the sight of two Taco Bell employees standing outside and a verrrry narrow drive thru lane. Always concerned about our ability to fit into spaces instead of bulldozing them, Julio rolls down the window and inquires about our ability to navigate the sharp curve of the lane.
"Pro'lly can't do it" TB Employee #1 drawls. "Naw, man" agrees TB employee #2. Julio remains undaunted. "Is there anyway we can come in and order?" "Lobby's closed," Employee #1 responds as Employee #2 shakes his head in silent laughter and walks back inside.
Crap. Yet another obstacle in the way of the ambrosia Dave craves. "Well," ventures Employee #1 "I can pro'lly take your order here and run it through." Success! Julio turns to Dave in the back, anticipating the sheer amount of varied foodstuffs that Dave was going to order to satiate his hunger.
Grinning, Dave delivered his order, "I'll have ONE bean burrito with cheese, sour cream and red sauce."
Julio's face, illuminated by the glowing light emanating from inside the, falls. "And?"
"That's all."
"You mean to tell me we drove all this way for ONE burrito?!

In short, the answer was yes - though BJ and I ultimately got food as well to quell Julio's wrath. And we lived happily ever after for about two hours when everyone was hungry yet again.

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Burn The Fleet

Have you ever noticed that when there is the reflection of a light in a puddle of water that all the drops of rain seem to point to it? It ends up creating a lovely starburst pattern in the dingy water. You can gaze into it and get lost as more and more drops fall from the heavens and the pattern changes with the passing of each second almost as if it were a living being itself.

I have come to the conclusion that October and I do not get along very well. Perhaps its due to the fact that it always comes around in the middle of a long tour. Perhaps its just a cursed month. Wake me up when October ends instead. Its scary how similar this month has been to last year's October. I have yet again retreated into my own little world, unable to deal with the unending failure of my life's work that I see around me every day. I've always done my best to view every empty room as a stepping stone to something better and perhaps I need to work on my patience and accecptance but I would think a year would be a good enough period to see a spot of improvement. Instead, at times, it feels as if the world were spinning backwards. Progress retreating. Is there hope? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Am I too enshadowed to percieve it? What do you do when the only thing you know how to do brings you more misery than ellation? Why do I do the things I do? Sometimes I can sit back accept things as fate. Often in fact. I realize nothing is free but I think I've worked pretty damn hard over the past seven years and I do not yet believe that I have gotten back what I've put in. I'm tired of accepting things. I want change. I want something better. Now I just need to figure out how to accomplish my goals. Let's just hope I don't lose my mind before then cause I'm dangerously close at the moment.

On a more upbeat note, after more than a year of daily visits to, I finally have Thrice's new cd in my hand and on my iPod and its everything I could have hoped for and more. Its so achingly beautiful its hard to even believe. You simply must buy it and lose yourself in their wonderous world.

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Is it possible? I guess it is...for now.

Will the Chargers make a comeback and make the playoffs??? Yes they will !!!

Ok ok, the title was really about me posting my first blog EVER at this site....better late than never right?

There's so many different things I could talk about, from shows reviews, to debates between band members, to eating great food and eating not so great food, watching football, meeting new people at shows, blah blah blah and the list goes on.

So I'm just gonna start typing about whatever comes to my head and we'll run with it.

We played our CD Release Shows Sept 7th and 8th and both shows we awesome, I love all of our fans that keep coming back year after year and I love our new fans that take time out of their days to take a chance on us and give us wonderful feedback after the show letting us know they had an amazing time (for those of you CA fans, can't wait to wrap the tour in December)

Just a couple months ago I got the opportunity to shoot an awesome Music Video that I will never forget for as long as I live. For those 2 days that we were shooting I had to keep making sure I wasn't dreaming because everything about it and went into it was just so exciting!
Thanks to everyone involved from video crew to actors to makeup/stylists, water truck guy, to friends and families. The video is for the song LIVE FAST so in cased you haven't seen it yet go check it out on our website or our myspace.

We've been on tour now for a month and I cannot believe that we still have another 2 months to go, it's pretty insane but it's all good as long as we don't get caught in some kind of snow storm LOL....I don't think we will since we'll be more south by then.

Eating Tons of Taco bell, not enough Waffle House but I'll be making sure that changes while we're in TN and GA.

I have discovered a New Food Addiction thanks to the guys from "A Verse Unsung".....BUFFALO WILD WINGS, that place is amazing! and I have to say that my favorite sauces are Spicy Garlic and Teriyaki coming very close in 2nd place. It's also filled with tons of big TVs and I love watching NFL Games so it's becoming my one of my new favorite hang out places (Pat's is Barnes and Noble) mine is Buffalo Wild Wings...specially on Football Game Nights.

As a matter of fact I was there yesterday watching the Chargers/Raiders Game and the New England/Dallas Game. I wanted Dallas to win but I told Dave before the game started that New England was going to win....Tom Brady is soooo freaking good, San Diego is gonna have to raise their level if they want to redeem themselves from last years loss in the playoffs.

While we were in Chicago I got to eat some amazing Italian Food at a place called "Maggiano's" and for everyone out there that knows me really well you know how much I love cheesecake for than life itself, and if you know me know me you're also aware that I'm always raving about "Cheesecake Factory" Cheesecake......well as much as it hurts me to say this (it does, trust me) MAGGIANO'S Cheesecake is by far...BY FAR!!!!!!! the best Cheesecake I've ever had in my life. If I had to compare and not exaggerate I would say that at least is Twice as good as Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake, maybe 3 times as good but I don't want to push it LOL.

I also got to see one of my idols in real life...Dave's Dad hooked us all up with OPRAH Tickets and I got to sit in her Studio and be part of the audience for one of her shows. I'm sure when we're back in CA anybody that asks the rest of the guys about it they'll all be making fun of me about how excited I was to be in her presence but I don't care, that's definitely another moment I will never forget...maybe next time we can be on the show but I'm aware that's a tall order.........Sooooooo CONAN, you're next on my list buddy.

It still freaks me out how people out here don't have dogs as much as we do in CA....IDK maybe it's just me but all I see is Cats, Cats and more Cats and to make things worse I'm kinda allergic to them.

Weather has been weird as well, starting to get colder by the day and I don't really own any winter clothes. I was smart enough to get some snow gloves the day before leaving and just a couple days ago I had to bust them out and I just hope I don't loose them or I'll be crying like a little mexican girl (I'm mexican, I can get away with it)

I miss my bed, I miss the chiropractor, I miss the gym, I miss Jamba Juice, I miss my San Diego Family (and dog), I miss LOST (I'm trying to watch the HEROES DVD's but not doing a good job at it), and I'm not missing In N Out as much as I thought I was going to...something's wrong with me hahaha

I've been getting a lot of comments from people that I kinda look a little bit like Criss Angel (don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing) but I find it amusing that on every tour I get a different one....way back it started with Billie Joe, then somebody I already forgot his name, then Prince and now Criss Angel.

Ohh yeah I gave away my Blue Fender Strat this past Saturday in Plainfield I will no longer get to see or play that guitar, it now belongs to Chris....Chris is you're reading this by chance please take care of my baby and enjoy it LoL.

So I guess I'm gonna wrap this one up for now because all of you that really really know me know that being from Mexico I can talk forever and to tell you the truth I have no idea if any of you out there are still reading this.

So until next time whenever that is...Ciaoooooo for now and thanks for all the support, and remember to keep helping us spread the word.

Love You All!!!

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