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Hey, remember a few blogs ago when I said Opeth needed to record a new cd? Well they totally did and its called "Watershed" and its supposed to come out in the Spring!! I'm so excited! Other than Thrice of course, this is the only cd I'm looking forward to right now . . . This might be a slow year for music. At least so far its looking that way . . .

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End of Tour Report

Another tour has come to an end and I have once again returned home safely. Hooray! Safety is awesome kids, never forget it ;) However, every single person that embarked upon the Snow Phobia Tour ended up sick. Very sick in some cases. It was a close one to say the least. I'm almost over my slight illness and yet I don't really want to move . . . Anyway!! The tour was one of the better ones that we have embarked on as of late. We dodged the bullet a couple times on nasty winter storms. We met awesome new fans and reunited with old fans to once again melt some faces wiht our searing brand death metal!! Err, I mean, melodic rock [death metal death metal!!] Speaking of old fans, we ran into a super old fan this tour actually! And no, no, I don't mean super old as in 82 or anything, I mean someone thats been a fan for a long time. Dating all the way back to the cd release show for our first ep Kids These Days (that we like to pretend doesn't exist) back in March of '02! Now thats what I call old school yo!

This tour was shorter than others and for that reason probably, I'm still kinda itchin' to get out there and play some more. I'd just have to make sure I didn't forget my damn PS2 memory card this time so I could actually play Xenosaga . . . You see, we have a PS2 in the van and I brought the game, but, well, without a way to save it, it would be pretty pointless. Don't worry though, I'm nearly finished with it now and it will bring to a close the epic trilogy that I started 5 years ago. [old school yo!] Or maybe 10 years if you want to include Xenogears in the equation. Unless you actually know what I'm talking about though, I shall spare you the gory details since, well, I don't think you came here to learn about video games . . . Maybe?

Nothing much new on the music front. Surprisingly enough, I have yet to buy a single cd this entire year. I mean, we're a good 6th of the way through the year. Don't worry though, for that'll all change on April 15th! Yay for Thrice!!

Anyway, sorry that the tour was so short. We didn't play in anywhere near all the places we love to hit but don't y'all worry too much for if everything goes according to plan, we should be out there pwning faces all over the country in a little month known as May. Maybe. We'll see. Do things ever go according to my evil master plans? Don't really but they sometimes get pretty close . . . Keep your fingers crossed and we'll see ya soon!

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Caution: Geek Alert!

I also thought I would inform you that I finished the first season of Stargate Atlantis a couple days ago and I moved right on to the next season right away cause I just could not resist! And I have a very strong urge to play a video game but nothing sounds good. I'm kinda over FFIII and I've played FFVII too many times . . . I need to find something new to obsess over for a while . . . Hmmm . . .

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So I thought I would share with you a pleasant little story from today. We're in Tennessee and it was raining and it was cold. So cold in fact that the locks on our trailer got iced over. We had to bust out the lighters and melt the ice to even get the key in. It was way camping. Just thought you should know. Pray for our safety. I hear the black ice [not to be confused with the black lung] is pretty dangerous stuff . . . Watch out for it kiddies, and we shall too!

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Damn double posting!

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Vamos a ver....

Soooo....woooow, what a game this past Sunday, I could talk about it forever so I will have to do it some other time, but hopefully everyone out there enjoyed the game as much as I did.

.....oh yeah, is it just me or did watching that Audi commercial made you wanna get one right away??? I kinda want one now LoL.

Well we're pretty much at the middle of of our tour, we have 12 more shows to go if my calculations are correct, and getting a couple days off to watch the Super Bowl and eat some Buffalo Wild Wings was great.

We play tonight in Birmingham AL and tomorrow we head to GA for a show in Athens and Atlanta will follow up.

The tour has been very good for the most part, good shows, good food, great fans and new ones as well, nice drives with no horrible weather.....but the only thing I still am not a fan of (sorry if I sound like a wuss) is the cigarrete smoke inside some of these venues (kinda allergic to cats and cigarretes). Obviously I can handle it somewhat with my meds since being on tour I'll always be around smokers....... what I don't get is when we step into a venue where pretty much every single person in the room is smoking and they're pretty much smoking like tomorrow is the end of the world and they better smoke 20 packs in 3 hours. If I wasn't semi allergic to it I don't think I'd be whinning about it.

I miss eating Sushi, I've craving Sushi since the last tour (Sept/Dec) and I didn't even get to eat any on that tour as well. I think the first thing I do when I get back to San Diego is go eatg some Sushi, I don't care if it's from the grocery store LoL.

I miss Jamba Juice, I guess that's one of my addictions, and maybe one day if the band does well Jamba can hook me up with a Jamba Card for Free Smoothies for Life hahahaha...I wish.

Well I gotta go pack my stuff in the trailer, find a place to eat and go load our equipment at the venue. I will get back over here ASAP to talk some more about that Pats/Giants Game and hope to see you guys at some of these remaining shows we have left.

Later, JULIO.

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Buffalo Wind Wigs and Super Bowl

Alright everybody, we're in Jackson Mississippi at my favorite place to eat "Buffalo Wild Wings".

Game's about to start in aprox 10 minutes and we just ordered 100 worries, we're eating 'em all!!!!

So I will get back over here once the game is over and will fill you in on the latest news from our tour.

Have fun everybody and enjoy the game....and commercials LoL

P.S. Sausage!!!!!

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testing, testing, 1, 2, 1, 2 freddy's coming for you . . .


I'm sorry to say that I attempted to post a blog a few weeks ago but the system rejected it right out. Sadly, I cannot seem to recall the topic of said lost blog that I can tell you for sure that it was incredibly epic and thought provoking. I do believe that I may have made a passing mention to the fact that since another year has passed, I have naturally made another top 15 albums of the year list even though I have yet to actually post the last two albums on my mypsace blog. Would you like to see the full list? You would!? Well then, ask and ye shall recieve!

15. As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us
14. Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 2 - No World For Tomorrow
13. A Fine Frenzy - One Cell in the Sea
12. Bayside - The Walking Wounded
11. Pelican - City of Echoes
10. Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice
09. Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty
08. Paramore - Riot!
07. Saves The Day - Under The Boards
06. Dashboard Confessional - The Shade of Poison Trees
05. Armor For Sleep - Smile for Them
04. The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
03. The End - Elemntary
02. Lovedrug - Everything Starts Where It Ends
01. Thrice - The Alchemy Index Vol. 1 & 2

There you have it! The world of music in 2007 according to me!! So far this year, I'm not sure who's even releasing albums so I have no idea what'll comprise this year's list yet and its 1/12th over! However, the rest of The Alchemy Index comes out in April and I think there is a very real possibility that for the first time ever, the same band with have recieve top album honors two years in a row . . . In a sneaky way since they were recorded at the same time but that would be but a footnote!

As for my life, well, things have been lovely! I've gotten myself addicted to Stargate Atlantis and managed to get three season of it on dvd for a remarkable low price due to my genius ways. I know, I know, I'm the biggest geek ever but I do so love that show! It makes me smile :) I have also off and on been working on new music. No, not new Pensive music actually, my own music. For those of you not in the know, for about a year and a half I have had my own little project on the side known as Seven Souls at Sunset. I've been working on a concept album/symphony for about six months now based on a book I saw in Barnes & Noble (aka the happeiest place on earth) full of pictures of frozen lands. I'm calling the project Snow And Ice for now since thats what its supposed to call to mind. Feel free to hear the first four tracks as they are on my SSAS myspace page, Parts 5 and 6 are done as well but they still require a bit of extra mixing till they're completely ready so you must be patient.

As you should well know, we're on tour right now and if you live anywhere near where we're gonna be, you simply must come out and visit! We miss you. We really do! Billy is always looking for some to play DS Mario Kart with so if you've got a DS bring it to the show and challenge him . . .

Well we're just now pulling up to the venue for the night so I believe I shall call this a blog. See ya on the road yo!

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I'm a freakin' blast from the past.

Wait... am I on the right band blog? Yeah, I am, I am.

Hey guys! It's Sean! Your favorite previous Pensive bassist! There's a few of us, but I'm the best. We all know that. Coincidently, and not surprisingly, I'm also the most arrogant.

As some of you know, last week I was on tour alongside Pensive with my new band Stereo Summer. We had a ton of fun! The hijincks were in full-swing, complete with bra tossing and swapping of band undergarments. Wow. I just wrote that. I'll try and get you guys some pictures of that at some point in the near future.

Anyway, this post was really nothing more than a shout to the Pensive guys to say that the boys of Stereo Summer had a lot of fun wreaking havoc on stages in Arizona and New Mexico with you, and we're going to do it again sometime soon! So... we'll do it. With... with a rock... or something.

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We are on tour again!

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