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Disaster's An Adiction

Hello world!!

As I write this, we are well into our 11th hour on the road. Who knows how much longer weíre gonna be on this long stretch of Texas highway but hopefully this day will eventually draw to a close. Of course, I have little to complain about considering that I spent a good couple hours asleep and the rest listening to music and staring out the window. Not driving. Nope, today has been a day for me to catch up on some music action. For whatever reason, I just havenít listened to as much music lately as I used to. Perhaps due to not being on tour? Regardless of the reason, life is back as it should be. What did I rock today? Well, Moneen, Senses Fail, Glassjaw, a couple songs off the Once soundtrack, and now the Starting Line. Very appropriately since Iíve been wearing their shirt for the past 4 or so days. Yeah, its true.

As you might have been able to guess, since Iím in the middle of no where, in the back of a van going down the highway, I donít actually have the interweb at the moment but its ok. Thatís what WordPerfect is for. I didnít wanna skip out on our weekly visits just cause weíre on tour and all. No no, never! Speaking of tour, well, itís a bit too early to truly comment on it since weíve played on show and driven for 2 whole days so far but sometimes thatís how it goes. Safford was of course amazing to us just like they always are. We first played there in April of Ď06 and now 3 years later, we still love going there. And since that very first show, people always ask to play a Green Day song. Donít ask me why its always Green Day that they want but they do! Well, after 3 years, we decided to finally do it and do it right. We tore up Welcome to Paradise and Holiday (despite me completely butchering the solo sadly! I played it perfectly in practice for a week and I get and stage and just blew it. Sad times. But I made up for it by dominating my solo in Taylor Swift song!!) For those of you that got excited by the thought of Pensive doing Green Day though, sadly, I believe its just gonna be that one time. Well, we did once jokingly discuss doing an entire show of Green Day covers just for the fun of it but what are the chances that weíd do that and that anyone but us would get a kick out of it?

For those of you that are up to date on your Pensive news as of late should be well aware of the fact that this is the maiden voyage of the new Pensive van! Naturally, she needed a name after much debate we finally settled on one. And when I say "much debate," I really do mean it. Hours. Seriously. Hours. Anyway, you ready for the greatest name ever to grace a motor vehicle? Heck yeah you are! THE WHITE MAMBA!!! Named of course after Beatrix Kiddoís code name in Kill Bill slightly modified to better fir the color scheme of the van. Pretty freakiní awesome, yes? Yes indeed. Sheís quite a beast. You wouldnít believe the gas mileage she gets!! More than twice as much as our previous van and let me tell you, thatís gonna save us so much money on the road sheíll pay for herself in no time.

We have big news coming up. Fantastic news. News weíve been saving for a very long time actually and I think we might finally be ready to share with you. But Iím sorry to say this is not the right place for it. Fear not, the veil will be lifted in a matter of days. Iím hoping you all think its as awesome and as big of a deal as we all do. We couldnít be more excited about what weíve got going on!

Iím sore.

So far on this tour, weíve made it safely through the 2 Border Patrol check points. For those of you that donít live in the South West, well, every so often on the freeway, there are Border Patrol check points so they can see if you smuggling illegal aliens or drugs or anything of that nature. Sadly, we have been victimized several times at these check points. What can I say, we look like a suspicious bunch I guess. Once, they were so convinced that we had drugs that the lady told us to just save the time and tell them where they were cause, and I quote, they WILL find them. Whatíd they find? Nothing! Well, they found a big bag of candy that their dog really wanted but no drugs. Clearly they need to feed their drug dogs better I guess. No such problems this time around. Today, Julio cranked some Shawnia Twain (donít ask me why) and they just waved us right through without even asking if we were all U.S. citizens. Oh we are a silly bunch.

I miss my rat babies.

No progress on any Seven Souls music Iím sorry to say gang. The whole computer mishap last week greatly delayed progress. But Sir Dizzle is gonna be sending me some stuff tomorrow to give me a helping hand with some stuff Iím not that great at and then youíll see the beast we unleash upon the world. Better watch your necks cause its gonna go right for the jugular!

I think thatís about all Iíve got in me today. Hope to see you at some point along the road my friends!!

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Dues Ex Machina

Howdy folks!

I'm sorry to say that I don't really have much time to write tonight. You see, well, first off, my laptop is toast so I'm trying to get it to work again so I'm using someone else's computer. Also, we're all super, super busy getting ready for the big photo shoot tomorrow. All those pictures you see on our MySpace page are gonna be changed in just a matter of days!! Not only because we all look much better 6 months later but also because Ian has been replaced by Cody and while they're from they same state, they don't really look much a like hence we need to update the look a bit, ya see? So, I'm sorry if you have any sentimental attachment to the current pictures but fear not for the new round of photography action shall yield even better results.

The absence of my laptop has naturally made it impossible for my to make any further progress on my Seven Souls song. Though, I have sent it over my to my good buddy Chris [who long time Pensive fans might know and love] and he's gonna give me some assitance on the beat cause I ain't gonna lie to you, I can't make a good beat to save my life. Chris can. Let's see, what else real quick. LOST is still mind blowing. The end of this week's episode left my stunned for the first time in a long time. I don't know what's gonna happen next and I can't wait to find out! I hope they show some more about our good friend John Locke again though. Heroes on the other hand was terrible this week. Dreadful, dreadful writing. Bad dialouge, bad plotting. At least Sylar is gonna be in the next episode and at least he always seems to inject a bit of life into the proceedings. Another episode like tonights and I really might consider ceasing my weekly viewings of Heroes.

Take care kids. See ya next week when we're on tour! Hopefully I can find some time here and there to piece together a blog or 2 for you. Assuming of course that I have my laptop back by then. Fingers crossed . . .

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Everything Burns

Hello all!

Aren't you all so proud of me? I'm actually making it 2 weeks in a row of on time blogs! This has gotta be a record or something. Well, not counting this time last year when I rocked a daily blog but I was insane back in them days. Staying up till about 6 or 7 in the morning and then writing a blog and the going to bed. Like, I said, insane. I mean really, what could I possibly have to say on a daily basis? Oh well.

For once ya know, I actually have some band releated stuff to talk about today. First off, as you may or may not know, Julio is currently driving across this grand country of ours in a new (to us at least) '99 Ford van. Why is he driving it across the country instead of say across the city? Well because its damn hard trying to find a van that is both cheap and still has a good enough engine not to die on us going up the first hills in Southern California. After a good year or so of searching, we findly found ourselves a van that would suit our needs. Except that its in New York. So good ol' Julio volunteered to fly out there and pick it up. Better him than me! We had ourselves a good 5 years of memories in our current van but the time has come to move on. And its just occured to me that I talked about this last week, didn't I? No, wait, I just checked and don't worry, I didn't talk to much about it that I'll have to feel bad about subjecting you to the same information 2 weeks in a row. Which is something that I tend to do.

As for the other news in Pensiveland, well, I'm not quite at liberty to discuss it as of yet. Perhaps I'll just write out the news and then remove a few words so that I don't ruin anything for the world . . . Today, Jared Marshall, founding Pensive bassist turned graphic design genius was over to [deleted] the [deleted] for the [deleted] of [deleted] that we're calling [deleted] [deleted] [deleted]. New [deleted], [deleted] [deleted], [deleted] [deleted]. Its gonna be awesome! Just you wait and see . . .

As for me, well, I finally got to see Watchmen in IMAX and I'm convinced that no movie should ever be seen otherwise. Its nice to walk out of a theater deafened and I'm not even a tiny bit sarcastic. Its funny, everyone always talks about IMAX movies for their imporved visuals but being the musician that I am, its the insanely awesome sound that really gets me happy. Like I said last week, you should do your best to go see it. In IMAX if you have the option. Its worth it.

Other new awesomeness: I've begun work on my next Seven Souls at Sunset masterpiece. For those of you that aren't aware, Seven Souls at Sunset is my little instrumental/electronic side project. Its where the songs that aren't quite Pensive material end up. Anyway, for those of you that might be interested, please please, give them a listen right here!!! The last song I did was called "Everything Burns," which was insipred by a little Smashing Pumpkins song by the name of "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning." The Watchmen trailer that was played at The Dark Knight featuring that song reignited my love of that song. Oh, and the title was taken from The Dark Knight as well actually. Anyway, I wanted to write the b-side for that song and it just all kind of started to come together last night. There's nothing like the magic of when a song appears out of nowhere.

I think that about wraps it up for this week. Tune in next week for some more adventures in Pensiveland. I believe we should be pretty close to leaving for tour then so expect lots of stressed rambles. Yikes!

P.S. LOST is still beyond awesome!!

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Heroes in a Half Shell, Turtle Power!

Hello world! Well, it certainly has turned into an every other week blog here, hasn't it? I'm sorry everyone, I so truly am. I hope none of you matter too very much. Lots of things have been going on in Pensiveland as of late and I suppose I should probably share a bit of that with all of you.

First off, if you didn't already know we are gonna be doing a little web series on YouTube called The Band Next Door and its gonna rock your socks off. I swears it. We have quite a few episodes already filmed with just a couple more left to take care of. I don't really wanna ruin the surprise of what's going on the episodes cause we all know how nice surprises are. However, I don't think it should come as any surprise that we shot some stuff at the fair last weekend. We're gonna be shooting just a couple other things but we're almost done with it and you will all get to see it very, very soon! Just about a month away actually . . . So everyone start your countdowns cause its gonna rule. Oh, and check out our little preview on our page as many times you'd like. Its funny. You like it.

I got super glue on my pants today. It makes me sad.

How did I get super glue on my pants? Fixing the handle that reclines a seat in the van of course! If you follow us on Twitter, you probably already heard all about our fun little adventure for the day. [that was a nice little advertisement there . . . follow us on Twitter yo! Pensive on Twitter!] I won't go over all the stuff here again but let's just say that the van is way cleaner than it has ever been in its life and that we found lots of stuff cleaning it out today and that all told, we spent nearly 7 hours washing and vacuuming and cleaning and empty out the van. Why? Cause we're getting a new one! We love our van to death but its not builting for towing so we've gotta get something else . . . We discussed a couple names for it today though sadly, only Julio and I got the references. Maybe you will pick up what I'm putting down? Let's give it a try. We might call it the CT-2000 [or some variant of that] or perhaps the Mr. Beaumont. Any idea what those 2 seperate names are in reference to?

Oh oh oh! Some other big news, not in Pensiveland but the wide world of awesomeness: Watchmen came out!!! I hope that by this point, most of you have seen the movie or read the graphic novel. If not, you are so beyond missing out its not even funny. You NEED to read it. You can find it practically anywhere now, you don't even have to go to a comic shop [though why you wouldn't want to is beyond me since they're such lovely places!]. Go read it and then go see it. In that order. Cause Zach Snyder, bless his heart, made a very close adaptation that I bet could be a bit hard to follow if you're not already aware of whats going on. Oh, and he changed the ending. I was not a fan of the new ending. I didn't like the old one that much either but it was better. Oh well! Be warned though, it is a very R rated movie. Very very. And also, the comic [and the movie to a lesser extent] is very deep and multi layered so expect to have to use your brain a bit as you read and try to pick up all the subtext. Its an amazing story and I highly recomend it to everyone reading this. Its nice to ready a story that doesn't have good guys and bad guys, just people with different views.

Speaking of movies, if you haven't seen Coraline yet, well, whats wrong with you?! Go see it now! Its so beatiful!! Its directed by Henry Selick who directed Nightmare Before Christmas. I know that everyone thinks Tim Burton when they think Nightmare Before Christmas but after writing it, Tim wasn't really all that involved. After seeing Corpse Bride and Coraline, I think I might have to credit Henry Selick more than Tim Burton for my love of Nightmare Before Christmas . . . Though, we all know the true magic behind it came from Danny Elfman! He dropped the ball on Corpse Bride as well but all his music for NBC [along with all the millions of other scores he's done] is pure brilliance.

I know its kinda too early to plan ahead for the summer but damn do I really hope that we take a little break at the end of July. Why? Cause I gotta gotta gotta go to Comic Con. I might cry if I have to be out of town for it. I know you probably think I'm being over dramatic but you don't know the majesty of Comic Con. Its the greatest event on Earth. And maybe this year I'll finally win the drawing to meet Yoshitaka Amano . . . *sigh* All the art he's done for Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D is all so incredible and unique and amazing. 3rd time's the charm, right?

I'll stop rambling now. Gonna go play a little Street Fighter 4. It is a lovely game. All the hours upon hours spent as a wee lad playing Street Fighter 2 on my Super Nintendo have all come rushing back. Aww the good ol' days . . .

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That Kid is Back on the Esaclator!

Hello world!

I'm sorry to admit that it looks like my intense laziness has seemed to make my proposed weekly blog into a bi-monthly blog. Hopefully I'll pick it up again and stop being such a loser but who really knows. Naturally, a lot has happened since we last spoke. We had an amazing hometown show in celebration of Julio's birth. Today we had another show. A benefit show up in Upland that was wonderful as well. Though, getting there proved to be a challenge. If you happen to follow us on Twitter, you already know all about it but let me tell you a little bit more . . .

Well naturally, since we were supposed to play at around 2 in the afternoon, we had to leave super early in the morning and if you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely hate waking up early. Today I had to get up at 7:30 am. I'm far more likely to still be awake at that time than to wake up by then. It was dreadful. At least my alarm woke me out of a dream featuring a big orange and black spider and some crazy voice over guy. Anyway, when were about 20 miles from our destination, the van died. On the freeway. Yes, thats right. We were driving down the freeway and the van just stopped working. Luckly we (and by "we" I really mean Julio) saved the day and got us off the road and to a gas station. We hung out there for a good few hours while the van got towed off to Pep Boys and they tried to figure out what was wrong. 2 hours later, turns out the alternator had come unplugged. Didn't know that could happen. But it did. Plugged it back and BAM! Van worked just fine . . . Oh well!

During the van ride, I had very many topics cross my mind that I thought I should blog about. Chances are that I have forgotten every last one of them. I think my thoughts were mostly like musings about many different things that probably none of you care of too much. Let's see. As I write this blog, I'm sitting on my bathroom floor with my rat babies all running around being sneaky little girls. Yukiko is currently trying to run up my pant leg while Isara is chasing Chie around trying to clean her. They're fun. I loves them.

The other day while watching Scream 2, I had my usually train of thought having to do with the effects of violence in cinema on our society. While reading Final Crisis and about all the internet hate for it, I came to conclusiong that comic book fans as a whole don't tend to appreciate experimental ideas. Maybe its just that I've been watching Tarrantino movies and LOST for years but non-linear story telling doesn't exactly phase me. Alas. I must say that I am a huge geek. In order to finance all my recent obsessive purchases of Final Fantasy merchandise and weekly comics and video games (gotta get LittleBigPlanet soon!) I'm once again selling off a bunch of stuff on eBay. Good stuff. Cool stuff. For super cheap. Patrick's eBay Store!! Look into it please.

To conclude this blog posting I must say that stopping for Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home was a very wonderful way to end the day. Sadly, the closest one to us is about 2 hours away so its only on very rare occasions that we get to stop on by. And guess what?! A couple of the people there remembered us! It made us feel very special indeed. So, in conclusion, Teriyaki and Asian Zing are the best wing flavors ever and don't let anyone else in the band try to convince you of anything else.

Let's wrap it up now. Gotta go put the rat babies back in their cage before they go completely insane and find a way to hide in the walls. Anyone out there read up on their H.P. Lovecraft? If not, you should be! If you listen close on the intro track to Artifacts, you can hear me reading some Lovecraft. Oh and last, but not least, if you haven't heard about our big new Web Reality Series, "The Band Next Door," well, then now you have!! Check out the South Park flavored preview for it on our page right now!!

'Till next week!

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Love After The World Ends

Hello there world!

First off, let's just get this out there in the open so that everyone can know: I missed last week's blog. I know. I'm a failure at life and everything related to it. I could roll out a laundry list of excuses but chances are you're not interested, right? So maybe I'll just have to find some sort of way to make it up to each and every one of you. Hopefully a blog this week will do the trick!

So let's see, what's happened since we last met like this . . . I don't believe that it was mentioned in the last blog (possibly because it hadn't happened yet) but I now have 2 new rats to hang out with my Chie! There's a little black and white one with big ol' ears and her name is Yukiko [also named after a character form Persona 4] and a big ol' fat blue/grey one named Isara [named after a character from another of last year's loveliest games, Valkyria Chronicles]. I know what you're thinking and you're right. I'm a big geek. And you're right. I so am. So what? Its more fun on this side of the hall . . . Come join me over here some time.

Before we go on to discuss more geek centric things maybe I should talk about some things that a few more of you might be interested in. Namely, Pensive!!! Guess what? We've got a show next week! Its gonna be amazing. Not only is it Julio's big birthday bash but we've got a couple surprises in store for anyone who happens to be at Channel 1225 on the 21st . . . I don't think I'm at liberty to reveal all the secrets cause the rest of the band would hate for ruining it all but let's just say expect the unexpected! Both musically and the overall flow of the night. Its gonna be epic^10. I wish I still remembered all that silly stuff I learned in calculus all those years ago. Oh well! Its not like we're Dilligener Escape Plan or anything . . . Anyone? No? Cause they're sometimes called math-metal? Yep, there ya go! Bad joke, I know but sometimes I just can't resist.

Let's talk some more about music, shall we? I'm guessing we all at least share that one common interest, yes? So, as you all know, I was a wee bit let down with last year's selection of music. Very few things really stood out to me as even being worth buying let alone loving. [this of course just further proves how out of touch I am with the music world at times, but, ya know, if a video game has missed its release date, I'll be the first to know!] Naturally, Thrice and Senses Fail didn't let me down at all, neither did Opeth (though, I must admit, as amazing as Watershed was, it wasn't quite as memorable as, say, Ghost Reveries) but one disc I was totally looking forward to, the new Lovedrug cd, was sadly a let down when I finally got around to getting it earlier this week. Its very uneven. And like they're trying to hard to be edgy rock. My theory, they were just as perplexed as I was that their last cd, Everything Starts Where It Ends, didn't explode and make them a household name. Though, it would appear that they took it harder than I. However, after about song 6 or so, things even out again and become beautiful again. Thankfully!

However, we do already have some potential top 5 album material in the form of Two Tongues! Have you heard of Saves The Day? Or Say Anything? Well both their singers sing and play guitar in this band in this band with two other STD and SA members filling out the band. Their sound is, well, unique. In a very good way! Chris and Max have wildly different voices but they mix in such an incredible way. Until we get the next Saves The Day cd, this will more than fill the gap left in my heart. Highly highly recomended to every single person reading this blog. And if you don't also happen to own Saves The Day's Through Being Cool and Stay What You Are, GET THEM NOW!!!!!! I'm super, super cereal!

In the realm of my video game addicition, I believe I have finished 2 games since we last spoke: Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2. Now, of course, the big question is, which of these 2 big winter release shooters did I like better. The answer may surprise you . . . The winner is [drum roll please!] Resistance 2!!! Now now, not go freaking out on me. I know, I know, Gears of War 2 was a fantastic game, it just didn't click with me in quite the same way. Plus, there were a couple segments of the game that just drove me up a wall! And Resistance was far from a perfect game (it was no BioShock or Half-Life) but overall, it was just so much more fun! Better enemies, better weapons, more diversity in the levels, and much cooler boss fights!! So there ya go, my video game paragaph for the week. Next up, Fallout 3!

As for the rest of my life. Well, Friday the 13th came out yesterday and I'm sure its gonna suck real real bad but I'll still see it. LOST is still beyond amazing. The first episode of Heroes this season was horrible but the 2nd episode picked things up a bit. But only a bit. I don't have much faith left in them over there. So, to sum it all up with some nice alliteration: This season, I love LOST and hate Heroes. Let's switch gears (of war?!) again. Final Crisis wasn't as amazing as I thought it was going to be. A mere 7 issues was no where near a big enough of a canvas for Grant to paint on. So, as a result, it was a bit cluttered and hard to follow. The story itself was fantastic of course but the presentation was unsatisfying. Some complain about the non-linear aspects of the story but it didn't bother me a bit. Maybe I've just watched enough Tarantino movies for me to barely even notice it! The biggest thing to happen? Other than Superman saving the Multiverse (again!), Batman is now missing and presumed dead by many. Is he dead? Nope! Just lost. Lost where? I ain't got no clue. In time perhaps? We'll find out come June!! If you've been following my blogs for the past year or so, you should know that I am obsessively into my comics as of late. What can I say? I like to indulge my more fringe tendancies as much as I can cause, well, like I said, its just more fun. Try it some time.

As a final note to send you off with: I now love Arizona Green Tea. Diet of course cause why would I want high fructose corn syrup in my tea?

So, have a lovely Valentine's Day everyone!


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Death By Panda

Hello. Everyone. Welcome. To. My. Weekly. Blog.

Oddly enough, this was acutally a rather eventually week in the life of Patrick the Pensive guitarist. Please forgive me if I ramble or jump between topics. I tend to do that from time to time. Now, I'm pretty sure that none of this will interest most of you so I'll start off with some other things . . .

Today we had ourselves a little get together with our awesome Street Team to discuss the upcoming epicness of the year with them. Ya know, get them in the loop and on board and another cliche phrase you care to insert here. You get the picture. Because, now, let's be honest: a lot of the things we've got going on won't mean anything without the fans (which is you! and you and you and you and your friends [what do you mean they aren't our fans yet? you best go about changing that!!!]) and our Street Team has been incredibly instrumental in helping us reach out to new people and convert them to the Pensive way of life. And we would like to keep doing that. So, if you're intrested in helping spread the Pensive word and infecting the rest of the world, hop on board! We need all of you to help us out this year in whatever way you can. I won't go into detail here but you can write us or just add Strictly Pensive (our #1 top friend) and learn all about it!

After all the information was shared (lots of which shall remain a secret for a couple more months) we played Guitar Hero. Cody didn't want to sing. And then he did. Jeremy did not like the drums. Julio failed us on Everlong. And I rocked everything. Cause I'm a geek and I knew what I was doing. Go me. Oh, and speaking of me being a geek, this week I have finally finished the epic Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4!!!! It took freakin' forever but damn did I enjoy of last minute of it! If you own a PlayStation 2 (or 3!) and claim to enjoy RPGs, please do yourself a favor and track down a copy of this game. You can thank me later. Oh, and for those you of playing along at home, I'll just go ahead and clue you in right now that I named my brand new baby rat after one of the characters in Persona 4 so you can cease wondering . . . Also coming to an end this week was Final Crisis written by my good friend Mr. Grant Morrison. [Alright, so he's not actually my friend but he will be someday. I met him at Comic Con though and got my picture with him! He's also friends with Gerard Way which instantly makes Gerard Way a little bit cooler in my book]. I've been saving all the issues up so that I could read them all together cause I get so antsy having to wait a month between comics to find out what happens.

As you know, I love LOST. And it was fantastic this week.

As you should also know, I love sushi. And to celebrate Ex-Pensive drummer Jason Perry's birthday, a sushi dinner was a must! We went to this place called Ono Sushi in North Park and let me tell you, it was delictable!!! From the lobster ravioli to start to the shrimp tempura/crab/spicy tuna roll to the "bomb" chicken (which wasn't as spicy as they made it sound) it was all so incredible. Sometimes I wish I had mountains of money just so I could go out to eat every night for I do so love a good meal . . . Oh!!!! And speaking of going out for food, guess what San Diego is finally finally FINALLY getting! SONIC!!! Its about freakin' time if you ask me. Now I won't have to wait till tour to get my cherry lime-aid and burger fix. Now, I know, all you San Diego people will consider me a blasphemer but as far as I'm concerned, Sonic is way better than In N Out. Sorry.

The Watchmen movie comes out on 03/06/09. Three months and three days later, something even cooler is gonna happen. 06/09/09. Remember that date kids. Trust me.


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Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do

Hello friends!!

Welcome back to your weekly peek into the silly world of mine. When we last left me I was (and still am) selling all my worldly possessions on eBay and was about to purchase a baby rat. Which has been done! A nice little white and tan one named Chie : ) Got her a nice big 3 leveled cage and a little Kleenex box for her to sleep in which she absolutely loves. She's still a tiny bit shy and likes to hide a lot but she's getting a bit more adventurous as the days go along. And in a couple weeks when Petsmart gets more rats in I'm gonna get her a friend! A blue rat that I'm gonna name Isara. Its gonna be epic. I'm sure very few if any know where those names came from but thats ok! I'll let ya know in the next blog if I remember to give you a little time to see if you know on your own ; )

Naturally, I've done a few other things this week that are a bit more music orriented. Song writing is taking shape nicely and as we work more and more a couple songs have come together quite nicely. We've got the creepy 70's flavored song (1 part Aerosmith, 1 part Mars Volta, 1 part Hotel California, 1 part Thrice, 6 parts like nothing you've ever heard!), the pop punk song (not my favorite but what can ya do?), the uber pop song (which oddly enough I love!), and the untitled rock song (which is the least complete of the bunch). And those are just the ones we've worked together as a band. There's 2 pages worth of fragments and ideas just waiting to be explored!! There's a chance that we might debut a new song at the Julio birthday show on February 21st but we haven't quite decided yet.

My ankle is still very slow in getting back to full health. I've tried jogging a tiny bit and my ankle hurts like hell after one step . . . I'm less than a month away from having to get back on stage and I'll be honesty, I'm a tiny bit nervous as to how its gonna hold up under such activity. Keep your fingers crossed everyone! It won't be the first injury I've had to play a show with though. Sort of. There was one show where I made the mistake of wearing a long coat and when I leaped into the air my feet got caught up in it, I took a little tumbled and sprained the hell out of my right wrist (though, in the whole fall debacle, my guitar never once even came close to hitting the ground! I sacrificed my wrist to save my guitar). Oh, and this was within the first 40 seconds of the first song of the show. I played through the whole rest of the show with the sprained wrist and it actually felt a lot better by the end of the show. Until we stopped playing and all the adrenaline was out of my system and then it was beyond painful!!!

I still haven't started my Australian books and I still haven't finished Persona 4 and I still haven't gotten any new cds. But hey, I got my rat! I think I've run out of things to say for the week. Things have been very low key lately for some reason. Or maybe I'm just dumb and forget about all the important things in life when it comes blog time. Like the fact the LOST came back!!! Who's excited?! Oh yes, its me!!!!!! I'm sorry but there ain't no better show on TV than LOST. Its just too good. Even when its bad, its good! I won't bore you with an entire recounting of the 2 hour season premier like I used to do but, well, you know I'm excited so let's just leave it at that, yes?

Ok, now I've run out of things to say. Time to go off to Vons and then cook up some dinner for everyone else. What am I making? Mac & Cheese and Beefaroni. Together. Sneer all you'd like, but damn is that a tasty little combo!!!

John Locke

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zombie kittie wants brains


Seeing as this is now the 2nd week in a row that I have failed to hit my Friday blog mark, maybe we should just quit expecting me to do anything right. I think its a good idea. Less pressure and all. This way, when the stars align and I actually do something right, there will be thunderous applause and I'll feel all warm and fuzzy : )

So anyway, the point of these weekly blogs (which, might sometime happen more than once a week if something particularly noteworth happens, though, again, don't expect it, just be pleasantly surprised when it happens!) is keep people updated on what is sure to be the most epic year in Pensive history. We've got a lot of little things cooking up for you guys and you won't want to miss any of it! I'm sorry, its still to early to reveal anything. But maybe soon. Maybe. Don't feel bad though, I'm sure even I don't know everything we have in store!

The other point of this blog is to give me a little outlet to express things of interest to me. Last week we discussed songwriting. A very interesting topic. Sadly, we as a band found ourselves otherwise occupied much of this week so songwriting got shifted to the back burner which means, I ain't got anything new to report to you. Except! Oh! Oh oh!!! There was a first today! A ground breaking first!! For the first time ever in the history of this band and of us writing songs I said to Julio: "I think this needs to be more pop." *dramatic sound effects like thunder and big ol' piano chords like some horror movie from the '30s* Yeah. Shocking, ain't it?

As I'm sure you can guess, I have done more in the past week than just not write songs. So what did I do? I became obsessed with LOST again!!!! LOST is coming back my friends and slowly but surely, it shall steal my soul. There is a very good chance that I might retreat off into a cave, not to be seen till season 4 is over. And by cave, I mean somewhere with electricity and access to cable TV. I cannot wait! So, in preparation, I randomly began watching from the beginning of season 2. Its good. Too good. Even when I know whats gonna happen I'm still on the edge of my seat. I had to turn it off to write this blog cause I knew if it was on, I'd sit here with the blinking cursor and not write a damn thing for 42 minutes . . .

Sad news. Our Chargers lost last week. Julio and I were too depressed to write songs that night. And then everyone in the house got sick. All because the Chargers lost. So, if you guys want to see a new Pensive record someday, you better hope the Chargers have a winning record next year. Get it? That was clever! See? Chargers winning RECORD = new Pensive RECORD. Clever. Go me. Oh shut up, it was funny!

I just finished hanging up some pictures on my wall. Gonna get me a table sometime this week. And then gonna get me some rats. Yes, rats. I love rats. I got my first rat back in 3rd grade. His name was Mario. Like Super Mario. He was a lovely little guy. Then he died. It was sad. I mourned. It was the same day O.J. jumped in his Bronco and tried to race the cops. Next up came Kitty and Peek-A-Boo. 2 more lovely rats. They made the journey from Northern California to Southern California with me. And now, I think the time has come again to have rats in my life. You may be sitting there disgusted but I'll have you know that rats make wonderful little pets! So when the day soon comes that I welcome some new rats into my life, I'll let ya know ; )

Anything else? Still rockin' the Persona 4 action. Lovely game. Up next? Either Resistance of Gears of War. Or Fallout. New music? Well, Thursday's got a record coming out sometime. And I do still need to get the new Lovedrug cd (I can't believe I haven't gotten it yet! I'm sure it'll end up on the short short short list of good music from '08). Oh! Other big big big news in Patrickland!!! My Australian books have all arrived! And I finished reading Duma Key last week so now the coast is clear for me to bring to and end (almost) the epic journey I began back in '03. While we were writing Something About the Stars in fact. I walked into a Borders. Saw a book that a blue and green hued cover (A Shadow on the Glass, book The View From the Mirror by Ian Irvine). Read the back. Bought it. Read it. Loved it. Bought the rest of that first series on Amazon. Read them all. Loved them all. Found the 2nd series on eBay. Bought them from a some guy in Britain. Read all four in The Well of Echoes quadrilogy and loved them all. Got a super awesome Australian fan to send me the last series. Shall soon read them. And then egearly await the final book to be published sometime. Here's the unforunate break down though. The first series was published in America but the other 2 were not hence why eBay from Britain and fan in Australia. Sad days. Anyway, I love love love all those books! I'm a geek. We all know it. Look at me, talking about LOST, Persona 4, and fantasy books from Australia!!!

I think thats enough for this week. Till next time, goodnight. And good luck.


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The Great Mysteries of Song Writing

Wow, my 2nd week into my promised weekly blog and I've already messed up! I said Friday but ya know what, Saturday is still pretty close, yeah? Yesterday was a pretty dang hectic day so maybe I can be forgiven just this once? Ok, maybe not just this once cause I know I'll make plenty of other mistakes that I might want to be forgiven for. You know how life is . . .

So what was I so busy with yesterday? Well, its the same thing I've been busy with since the new year started pretty much: formulating a plan to take over the world. Musically speaking of course. As you could probably well imagine, its a rather long and complicated process with many little levels. Some of them are secrets (shhh!!!) [I'd tell ya but then I'd have to kill ya] but I think it might be safe to let you into our song writing world a tiny bit, yes? If you wanna visit that is . . . Do you? You do?! Ok, great!

First though, I'm currently watching the live Pumpkins dvd that came out in November and I noticed an odd thing if I'm reading correctly: All songs before they broke up in 2000 were written by "William Patrick Corgan" and all songs written since they got back together are by "Billy Corgan." Its a little peculiar that he'd change his writing credit, don't ya think? Oh well!

Now, onto some Pensive song writing stories! We spent all of Thursday going through the about 50 song ideas that Julio and I have between us. As you can imagine a lot of them were a bit sub par and those all got pushed to the end of the line. Included in the list are things ranging from nothing more than a tiny guitar line that I came up with earlier this week randomly between songs in pratice to nearly full songs from up to 3 years ago to ideas I've had floating around since the days of Something About The Stars . . . Crazy but true my dears. Here's a sampling of some of working titles. And by working titles I really just mean what we call them so we'll no what we're talking about: Thrice rip-off; Jimmy Eat World rip-off; that one punk song; that one metal song; Rage Against the Machine rip-off; What Dreams May Come part 2; Summer is Gone part 2; 6/8 song in D minor; Third Eye Blind rip-off; Guns n Roses rip-off; Nite Light soundcheck . . . And thats just a very small sampling of our creative naming process.

Now for some explanation! You may notice that a lot of them have "rip-off" in the title. Well let's clarify that a bit, shall we? None of the songs are actual rip-offs at all of any of those band's songs. Of course! Its more along the lines of "hey, that guitar part of that melody kinda reminds of something that ________ might do . . . " And its probably only something we'd notice, you very well might just say, "eh, sounds like Pensive to me!" All musicians are products of their influences and we're no different. Me especially, I love to wear my influences on my sleeve put to make the rest of the outfit my own ; )

Let's take a few examples shall we? Forsaken grew out of my desire to make song influenced by AFI and Matchbook Romance. Without You Here got its start from me trying to figure out how play the song "Good For You" by Third Eye Blind. I didn't figure out the right chords, but I liked mine better anyway ; ) The riff that kick started what eventually became Summer is Gone (a riff that didn't actually make the song but might get used this time around!) reminded me of a Dashboard Confessional song. Before we completely changed the verses of What Dreams May Come, they orginally reminded me of Moneen. I think you get the point, yes?

Alright, thats enough for now. Tune in next week when I'll bore with more trivial details about song writing or perhaps I'll ramble on for paragraphs about how cool it was when the characters from Persona 4 took a field trip to Tatsumi Port Island and visited the setting of Persona 3 and even ran into Chihiro!



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