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Wake Up, You're Alive

Hello everyone.

Don't you just hate it when you've written pretty much an entire blog and due to your own stupidity click "open" instead of "open in a new tab" and lose everything? Yeah, it sucks, doesn't it? Oh well. Such is life. Let's move along and write something better. Shall we? We shall!

Normally, when this happens to me (as it has happened before for numerous other errors of judgement on my part) I'm always faced with the dilema of do I start fresh or attempt to recreate my previous masterpiece. I'm thinking this time around I might just go a different route. Blaze some new territory a bit yeah? Yeah. Let's rock!

Naturally, I assume quite a few of you that are reading this right now were indeed at our show last night. Yes? Yes. Let's see a show of hands please. Raise your hand if you were there . . . Ok, let's see, yes, yes, ok, yeah, hey you, no seriously, raise your hand . . . Ok, yeah, see, I told ya, quite a few. For those you that didn't raise your hand, well, either you're just too shy to raise your hand when your at your computer for fear of people looking at you oddly or you weren't actually there. For those you not there, let's just say you missed one hell of a show! The whole thing was just fantastic! A wonderful line up of amazing bands. All of whom rocked socks off of everyone! Each and everyone of those bands totally deserve your support so go add them up! (Neon, Sky Harbor, The Color of Glass, Yttrium, and Vogue in the Movement)

As for Pensive, well, I never like to comment on our performance mainly seeing as how I can't exactly be an unbiased opinion. Let's just say that it wasn't bad. I can also say that it was tons and tons of fun! As you probably know, it was the Jeremy Show. Cause Jeremy grauated. We came out in all of our graduation robes and then tore into a pretty beastly version of Pomp & Circumstance [aka the graduation march]. The normal Pensive action then took place but we switched up on everyone a bit later on in the set. Instead of rocking Taylor Swift like we've been known to do lately we kicked it old school with a little Ray Charles action! [which I must admit was all sorts of fun! I mean come on, I don't get very many chances to bust out a minor pentatonic solo in your average Pensive set, now do I?] Not quite sure which (if any!) cover we might do going forward but time will tell.

We were gonna surprise everyone last night and play a new song but silly Patrick wasn't able to finish the lyrics on time so therefore it'll have to wait till our next Channel 1225 show. June 22nd. Yes, we do have new songs we've been working on. However, I don't like writing lyrics right away. Why? I dunno, it just doesn't feel right. So I wait till its the last thing to be done. Also since lyrics depend on the vocal melody which is always subject to change, its hard to write lyrics constantly for a song that doesn't have a 100% set melody. Anyway, point being, don't miss the June 22nd show.

Time to move on from the show. Last week was E3. As I mentioned in the last blog. I don't know if any of you really followed in at all but I did. Religously. What did I think of it? I could not have been more disappointed overall. I really don't think I could have been. Really really. < rant >The big announcements from Sony and Microsoft? Motion controls. There's a reason I don't own a Wii. Ok, there's several actually but that's beside the point. Sony also thought they could make waves with the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV. I couldn't care less. Why? Cause its another MMO! Sure, there's a big market out there for them but it just feels so redundant. We'll see if they can make worth my time but my expectations are rock bottom low. At least the new English trailer for FFXIII was amazing and got me way more excited about that one than I was before! My number one announcement though? Easy. Hands down. No contest. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PSP. Sequel to Snake Eater about the establishment of Outer Heaven staring the original Snake? Sign me up!!! Oh, and Left for Dead 2 already?! Damn you Valve, where's freakin' HL2:Episode 3?!?!< /rant >

Speaking of video games, I decided to party like it was 1994 and bust out a little Super Metroid. It is such a fantastic game! I would be beyond pumped if they announced an HD remake of it. Not 3D, no polygons, just gorgeous HD sprites. Sadly, it won't happen for a long time if ever. Well, I'm sure it'll never happen since Nintendo is more than happy to just pump old school games exactly as they are through the Wii store and earn tons of money. Also why it won't happen? Cause Nintendo doesn't believe in HD gaming. Thats right. The Wii is not HD capable. Sure, it can display in widescreen but so can DVDs and trust me, DVDs are no Blu-Rays . . . Thats a perfect example actually! People complain about games being remade but sometimes I think its appropriate. Sometimes its not like a moving getting remade (like Dawn of the Dead for example [though for my money, I enjoy Zack Snyder's version better!!]), it could be more like wanting to see that movie you've got on VHS on Blu-Ray instead. Ya know? Cause let's be honest, those SNES games that looked great on TVs back in the 90's look pretty bad on HD screens now a days. Though, early PS1 games aged worse. Thats beside the point. I'll stop talking about video games now. I promise.

I think I should wrap this up. I got carried away. I'm sorry. One last thing though. Do you like Star Wars? If you answered yes then you need to see Fanboys. Its out on DVD now. See it. You can thank me later.


Darth Patrick

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I Knew the Silence of the World

Hello my friends and welcome! Welcome to this week's wonderous installment of Patrick's Weekly Blog!

So, what's on the agenda this week? Well my friends, I have several things that I could talk about. I made notes every time during the week I thought of something I might want to talk about. We'll see if maybe that might be of use in creating a more organized and coherrent blog. Though, naturally, not much about me is coherrent so it might all just be a lost cause. I mean, isn't part of the charm of these blogs their unpredictability? Well, not entirely unpredictable considering that Batman seems to get a mention in everyone . . . And oh don't worry, I do indeed have something to say about Batman again this week. Should I just hop straight to that and get it out of the way? Yeah, let's do it! You might read the first sentence of the next paragraph and wonder what it has to do with Batman but just bare with me, ok?

So, those of you that have been playing along at home probably already saw the video on our page of Bionic Commando featuring the loveliness that is We're All Insane. Yes? Pretty sweet, huh? Just like last week with Live Fast and InFamous (which I still want to get so bad!). Made by the same guys over at Sadly, that's the last video though. For now. I was thinking though that they could make my life one step closer to complete if when the new Batman: Arkham Asylum game comes out in August they made a video for it featuring another of our songs! I was thinking The Words You Say would be perfect, don't you? What could be better than Pensive and Batman?! Nothing!!! So anyway, who knows if that would even happen but I can dream, right? Either way, whether they do a video of it with us or not, I can't wait for that game. I'm already past the border and I've been hanging out in ObsessionLand for a while now. The more I hear and see, the more I can't wait . . .

Just a quick note. I simply must say how much I love The Smashing Pumpkins. I'm listening to Mellon Collie right now and it just hits me how incredible this cd is. I mean, any cd that I consider my favorite cd ever better be pretty incredible though, huh?

This may not be a big deal to anyone reading this but a couple weeks ago, our play count on our MySpace player passed 500,000. That was pretty freakin' cool. Well, pretty soon, maybe even tomorrow or the next day, we're gonna hit our 10,000th comment! So, anyone reading this should post a comment on our profile cause how sweet would it be to be our 10,000th comment? Wait. That doesn't sound egotistical does it? I sure hope not. Let's just put it this way, I love numbers. They fascinate me. I like to make paterns of numbers. Hell, I get excited if I leave a comment on someone's page that has a cool number. I'm just weird like that maybe. Anyway, yeah. Go you guys for being awesome!!

Gosh, I already had a big paragraph about video games, should I really have another? No. I don't think so. I'll keep it short. E3 starts on Monday. Don't know what that is? Its essentially the biggest gaming confrence of the year where everyone always likes to make their big announcements. Here's hoping we get a release date for FFXIII finally! If you're interested in following the confrence and the announcements, I suggest

Eh, I made a few other notes but I think I'll let them slide. They're just silly stories or rambles. I guess I'll give you one little story. A long long long time ago, I used to work at a Lego kiosk in the mall. Far from the best job, it completely sucked. You couldn't sit, you couldn't eat or drink, and I worked mornings and there were days were I didn't have a single customer so I stood there for 4 hours straight. One day, I was so bored that I started sing Saints and Sailors by Dashboard over and over in my head. I think I went through it at least 20 times before I lost count . . . Its a good song though at least! Good times, good times.

Well, I think that does it for this week. Next week's blog will probably be a day late considering we've got our big show next Saturday and that'll probably be an all day event so don't get worried if there isn't one right away. Then again, its already almost Sunday anyway and is in fact Sunday on the shores of the Atlantic . . . Anyway. Yeah. See you next week!

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Two Sides to Every Story

Two Sides to Every Story

Hello world!

Spiders are the fiercest killers in the insect kingdom. Did you know that?

Things have been odd lately. As we accelerate towards the speed of light, time has dialated. The world around us zooms by as we crawl. Almost like time travel. So much going on at once, its almost as if I can't give everything the love and care they need.

So here's a fun fact. There's this game, its called inFamous. I played a demo of it the other night and I must admit it was all sorts of fun! What does this have to do with anything? Well, on one hand, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there's no real point beyond me mentioning a video game since, well, I do it all the time but this time there is in fact a reason! In case you hadn't already seen it on our page, there's a sweet little montage of footage from the game mixed with our very own Live Fast!! How freakin' awesome is that?! Now if only our song was actually in the game . . . Perhaps the sequel! Oh, and if any of you out there have rather sharp ears, you might notice that the song has a bit sharper, clearer sonic quality than before. Why is that? I'm not sure if I'm ready to tell you. I might have to get express permission from the rest of the band. Hmmm. Let's just leave it be for now and maybe you can just chill for a bit with the knowledge that Live Fast sounds super awesome!

Polar bears are the fiercest killers in the animal kingdom. Did you know that?

What are these random quotes about fierce killers? Do yourself a favor and buy "An Evening with Kevin Smith." You can thank me another time. Mr. Smith certainly does love his vulgar expressions though but damn can he tell a story!

Speaking of time travel, I found myself contemplating its complexities again today. Naturally, its all theoretical but still, I can't help myself sometimes. Did you know that before I decided to travel down the path of musical enlightment, I was set on a career in physics. Not counting my Kurt Cobain books, I have more books about astronomy and physics than I do about music. Though, of course, I have more Stephen King books than anything else. I watched IT the other night. I laughed a lot. Its a very funny movie. Sometimes, its supposed be but not most of the time. The book is beyond amazing though. Easily one of his better books. Its a monster of a book [my hardcover clocks in at over 1100 pages] but its so totally worth it.

Saw Terminator today. Hence the thoughts of time travel again. Though, this is the first in the series not to have a plot that hinges on time travel. Anyway, its way freakin' cool so you should see it. See Star Trek first if you haven't though since there is in fact time travel in that movie. Then go see Terminator. Bruce Wayne is a very convincing John Conner.

I'm such a scatter brain tonight. My thoughts just won't align properly into coherrent sentances. For this, I am truly sorry. Even R2-D2 has his off days. Just go watch Empire. C-3PO says that R2 makes mistakes.

I promise I'll talk about more interesting stuff next week, you just wait and see!!! Oh, and since we can't go through a whole blog, its worth noting that unless they're really trying to pull a fast one on us, Dick Grayson has indeed taken on the role of Batman. So my prediction has right. And it looks like Damian Wayne will indeed be filling the role of Robin, just like I predicted but its hard to tell for sure. They just wanna keep delaying the reveal as long as possible to keep people buying. How shameless can they get?

As Porky Pig might say . . . That's all folks! [you can just imagine the stutter]

Solid Snake

P.S. MGS5?!?!? Let's hope so.

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Stay Frosty People! Hudson, Run a Bypass!!

Hello hello!

Ya know, I rarely, if ever, come into these blogs knowing what I'm gonna talk about and this week is no different. Fear not, as usual, I'm sure I'll come up with plenty of random things to talk about. Things in the land of Pensive have been rather calm as of late. Been writing ourselves a fun little song down in the studio the past couple days. Its developed into a very unique expression of our individuality. A bit more on the darker half of our inner selfs. Actually, a few of the songs we've got in the works are tending a bit more to the dark side of things as of late. Not heavy, just dark. You'll see when the time is right and then you shall understand the full extent of our masterplans! It will be magnificent.

Things are continuing to shape up for our summer plans as far as touring goes. However, well, we like to save it all up for one big announcement when the time is right so for now you can all just rest easy knowing that we're on it! Like in Pulp Fiction. When Vincent and Jules have the problem with their car and Jules calls Mr. Wallas and Mr. Wallas tells him its all good and that he's on it and that he's sending in the Wolf. Yeah, its like that. We're on it. What ain't no country I ever heard of, they speak English in What?

I think its time to enter the geeky part of the blog so those of you that don't have to stomach for it, well, you've been warned. First up, and most importantly, I think you all know exactly what's on my mind. Yep, you've got it! LOST!!! Oh LOST, it was just so damn epic it hurt! [spoilers abound! read at your own risk. you have been warned!] So, we've finally truly met Jacob and he proved to be as mysterious as we could all have imagined. Clearly, he doesn't age. And he's had interaction with the vast majority, if not all, of the characters. But let's not waste time with a recap, let's get to the theories portion. Now now, I'm sure there's tons of theories floating out there but here's what we've come up with. It looks like John Locke isn't actually alive but is somehow Jacob's friend from the Black Rock scene. Ya know what though, I think we've got it at least part of that figured out. Its the smoke monster! We've seen it take the form of Echo's brother and Ben's daughter and has drawn memories from them before. When Ben "summoned" the smoke monster so that he could be judged, Locke appeared out of the jungle and when they were in the temple and Ben fell into the hole, the monster didn't appear until Locke "left" and Locke didn't come back till the moster was done with Ben. Think about it. Plus, Jacob's friend was wearing black. Black like smoke? Oh yes! Now, what does all this mean? We'll have to wait to see. Is Jacob really dead? He seemed to accept his fate pretty willingly. Perhaps he knew that Jack was gonna change things there by completely undoing his death? Did the nuclear explosion do what it was supposed to do? Can the future really be changed? Only time will tell . . . It physically hurts that we must wait 7 months to see whats gonna happen next. I am beyond obsessed with LOST. We're gonna start watching again from the beginning so we can be super ready for its return 7 months from now. Its gonna be wonderful.

Was that geeky enough for you? Well don't forget the J.J. Abrhams and Damon Lindelof also collaborated on a little movie called Star Trek. We saw it last weekend. It was about time travel as well. It was amazing! You need to see it. Take it from me. I am not a Star Trek fan but this movie swayed me quite a bit. Don't let the time travel plot scare you though. Its very well explained. Oh, and our good friend Zachary Quinto did a fine job becoming Spock. He needs to have more roles beyond just Heroes (which really should be "The Sylar Show").

Let's wrap things up. I'm almost done with Persona 3. Its all sorts of amazing. Makes you think about certain things. Rather depressing things but hey, its all good. Momento mori. We find out who's gonna be the new Batman next week. I'm sure you're thinking to yourself "new" Batman? Yeah. Its true. Bruce Wayne died. Grant Morrison killed him. My guess as to who is gonna be wearing the cape next? Dick Grayson, the original Robin and current Nightwing. And I don't think our good friend Tim Drake is gonna stick around as Robin. My guess is that Damien Wayne will be filling those tights. Do you care? Naw, probably not, but I do. Anything else? Hmm, I don't think so actually.

I swear I had one more thing to discuss but it really doesn't appear so. Oh, Tour Stories! Yeah, Tour Stories. The current episode of TBND. Its good stuff. We've got tons of little out-takes from it that I might at some point try to edit into a bloopers reel. It'd be long, hard work, but I bet you'd giggle a couple times. Like I do. Giggle giggle giggle. Alright. See ya next week. When Terminator comes out. Its gonna be good fun as well I believe. Can you believe that Jeremy has never seen any of the Terminator movies?! Nor any of the Die Hard or Predator or Alien movies?!?! (AvP doesn't count)

Kiyoshi Kojima

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The Calamity From the Sky

Howdy world!

We're totally gonna go see Star Trek tomorrow! Am I excited? You bet I am! I've never really been a Trek fan before but I have faith in this movie. Just like I was never an Iron Man fan, I still loved his movie last year. Speaking of movies from last year, I watched The Dark Knight again a couple nights ago. I haven't seen it since I watched it the night I bought it on Blu Ray but let me tell you, its even better than I remembered! I went into this blog promising myself I wouldn't talk about Batman and I broke that promise before the first paragraph was even over! Wow, thats pretty bad, don't ya think?

Let's move on, shall we? I think I'll do some shameless self-promotion. First up, for you San Diego folks, you should already know about our June 6th show in El Cajon. If you didn't, well, now you do. We always make sure that our hometown shows are appropriately epic so you won't want to miss it. You have my word on it. We're still formulating our plans for it at the moment but you can rest assured it will be a once in a lifetime experience. Its not every day that your drummer graduates from high school (damn I'm old!). Other news: we are currently finalizing our plans for our summer tour so expect to see those dates posted in the next couple weeks. We always like to wait till everything is in place before we post stuff.

[don't worry though, I shall have returned to SD by the time Comic-Con starts and even though I waited too long to get my usual 4-day pass (I held off on buying till I knew our plans) but I did get a pass for Thursday and Sunday so thats something at least. I won't get to see the Kevin Smith panel which is always on the Friday night but I'll get to spend more money than I should on the floor!]

Also, and this is big news for us . . . We finally got an official ringtone! So you and all your friends should go ahead and pick it up. I'm sure you know how to find ringtones on your phone so just search for Pensive!

I always try to get this blogs a bit light hearted and enjoyable but I think I need to go on a little rant for a moment so brace yourself. As you might be aware of, there is currently a rather sizeable fire raging near Santa Barbara CA. It was the headlining story on all the evening network news programs. However, whenever there's a fire in San Diego County, its barely a footnote on news shows. Even the 2003 fire here which (if my information is correct . . . Every makes mistakes sometimes. Even R2-D2.) was the largest wildfire in California history. In that fire more than 2400 houses were lost. In the 2007 wildfires, 1500 homes were lost (including our good friend Richard Varshock's home. Now is not the time to go over all that cause that could be a blog on its own, but we're glad Richard is doing better and its great to see him at shows). Do you know how many were lost in this current fire? 47. Now now, I want to make it clear that I am in no way taking anything away from the tragedy that is this current fire or the devestation that the people effected by it must feel. The only point of it is that for some reason, its a big deal where as fires in San Diego are usuall just a quick note at the end of newscasts. The point being, when people tell you there's a bias in news reporting, they're right.

Alright, I'm done being controversial. I'm sorry. Sometimes I just can't help myself when I'm passionate about a subject. Perhaps sometime I'll tell some stories about our fire experiences. They're pretty epic. But not today. Instead I shall move to a much more lighthearted subject!

Let's take about The Band Next Door for a moment, shall we? This week we've got the grand adventures of Julio and Cody in Mexico. Up next week we've got tour stories! Have you ever wanted to know what life on the road is like for us? Well you can find out in just 6 days!! We actually shot this episode twice. The first cut of it just didn't work for any of us. We just didn't do it right and the episode mainly consisted of uninterpted minutes of Julio or I just telling a story. Not ever entertaining. So over the last weekend we scrambled and reshot a bunch of new footage of everyone taking turns telling stories and Steven the video master cut it in with stuff we'd taped on the road and its just awesome! There were lots of funny little moments that didn't make the cut and if I have the time and the skill, I might try to put together a little bloopers reel of sort. But thats only a maybe. I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off . . .

In some sad news. I knew this was coming but it still brings a tear to my eye. A couple weeks ago, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children came out on Blu Ray in Japan and it came bundled with a demo of Final Fantasy XIII. Wonderful, huh? Sadly for us English speaking folk, we won't get the same special treatment when we get the Advent Children Blu Ray in June. The problem arises from the fact that in Japan FFXIII is a PS3 exclusive but is gonna be made for both PS3 and XBOX360 in the rest of the world. Why is that a problem? Well they claim that they're not gonna start porting it over to the XBOX till the Japanese version is completed. Which means they're not gonna be able to have a demo ready for the XBOX for a long time since it has probably barely even started to be coded. So even if there could be PS3 demo ready easily, they won't release a demo for only one system. Sad days. And of course, I'm quite sure that Square's decision to go multi-platform in America will delay the eventual release of the game. My guess? December of 2010. A year after the Japanese release. 4 years after FFXII. Far too long considering that in the 4 years from '97 to '01, FFVII through FFX were all released.

End rant #2. I'm just full of rants today, ain't I?

I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you back here next week for another exciting installment of Patrick's Weekly Blogs!

Cid Highwind

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Its worth living.

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Your Shirt is Red!!!

Hello world!

How is everyone doing tonight? I'm doing wonderfully. You might be asking yourself why and I shall tell you. Its because we're featured on MySpace music right now! How freakin' cool is that?! And oh, also because we've got the next episode of The Band Next Door up now and its all about ME! And well, if we know one thing about me, we should know that I'm quite the little narcissist. Or at least I like to play the role. So yeah, if you haven't check it out yet, its up on YouTube right now!

Speaking of my ankle, when I first returned home from the Chicago area hospital, I spent a couple days and nights on the couch. At first I tried to make it upstairs every night to go to bed, but eventually I was just too tired and in too much pain to crawl up the stairs. I spent most of the first couple weeks at home crawling around because anytime I'd attempt to stand up (naturally, not putting any pressure on my broken ankle) I'd be in terrible pain after just a couple seconds when all the blood would rush to the ankle. I spent most of the time lying on the couch with my ankle propped up on a bunch of pillows. During those days (and now I finally get to the point of all this!) I watched my entire 4 season collection of Batman: The Animated Series!

Along with my alleged narcissism, I think we should all be well aware of my love of all things Batman. It was through the Batman cartoon that I was first introduced to the Caped Crusader. I've always been obsessed ever since then essentially. Even through the dark ages known as "Batman Forever" and "Batman & Robin" (not to be confused with the new comic starting up in June known as "Batman & Robin" that shall be much, much, much better than that dreaded movie). A couple years back, I randomly happened to see the Batman: The Animated Series DVDs at a Barnes & Noble (aka The Happiest Place on Earth) and couldn't resist. Still to this day, that Bruce Wayne / Batman is my favorite. Though, I'd say Heath Ledger is a better Joker than Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill. Yes, thats right. Mark Hamill did the voice of the Joker in the cartoon. Oh, and as an added bonus, lots of the voice actors from the animated series are gonna be reprising their roles for the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Needless to say, I'm psyched. Too bad it got pushed back from "late June" to "late Summer." Sad times.

Do you care? I dunno. I always struggle with that question as I write these blogs. I'm always afraid that when I go off on my long little rants about things completely and utterly unrelated to anything Pensive that I lose your interest. Perhaps some feedback here is necessary. If you have any sort of input as to what you'd like to hear about in these weekly blogs, you are more than welcome to leave a comment with your requests. I could tell some stories from the past tour but, well, we just filmed a whole bunch of stuff for an episode about tour stories and until that is all edited and I know which ones we're gonna use for the episode, I think I'll have to save them for later.

Now that I'm home, I have indeed had a chance to pick up the cds that I was speaking of in the last blog though I haven't quite yet had the chance to give them all a good listen. You might have to wait until next week for me to give you a full report.

Have you ever seen Kung Pao: Enter the Fist? Its funny.

I made the most amazing Asain noodles the other night.

Heroes got better as the season drew to a close. Surprisingly. I'm not too happy about what they did to Sylar but alas. I'll just go see him in Star Trek next week.

Lost is still the best show ever made. I wasn't too happy about last week's episode either. He better not really be dead! That just makes me so sad. I'm so curious to know how its all gonna play out in the end. Oh Lost, you keep me in such sweet suspense . . .

Oh, by the way, how did you all like my ultra awesome mustache in the new video? I think I might have to grow me another one of those. Whenever we record our next album, I think a good mustache will help me write better guitar solos, don't you?

Speaking of new albums and guitar solos, well, I think that speaks for itself. No no no, we're not doing a new album. We haven't even begun to work out magic on Artifacts yet! But, we like to be prepared so we're always working on new stuff and I get to throw a little flash into the songs from time to time with a little fretboard fireworks. Very tasty. Mmmm.

Ok, ok, I think that should just about wrap it up for this week. I hope you enjoyed my rambles about Batman and Lost and Heroes. Just like every week. Gotta love tradition, don't ya? See ya next week!

Chosimba One

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Green Tea in my Green Shamrock Cup

Hello hello!

Welcome back! How am I welcoming back? Why, myself, of course! Welcome back to San Diego self! Thank you self, how very kind of you. No problem, self. Now that we've dispensed with the pleasantries and made it clear that I am indeed back home, well, let's get down to some serious blog action.

I've always hated the word "blog." It sound more like an expression of disgust than an online journal of sorts. Oh well. Wanna know my favorite blog? That blog that I check countless times a day?'s RPG Blog. I'm sure you don't care but I thought I would share. If you start requenting that blog, there's a good chance you might see my throw out my $0.02 from time to time. My $0.02 usually consists of me complaining about various things or singing the praises of whichever game I feel doesn't get enough credit in the world. Like Vagrant Story.

I'll stop you right here and say that the next little bit of blog will conform to my usual standard of talking about video games and comics and there's a good chance you won't find this interesting so feel free to skip ahead to where I start talking about "The Band Next Door" or whatever else I might end up talking about. You've been warned my friend.

So, on our return trip from the Midwest, I invested a good 10 hours or so into FFVII:Crisis Core and on the last night, as the White Mamba was dominating the mountains of South-East California, I dominated Crisis Core. My final opinion? Boo. You know me, you know I loves me my Final Fantasy goodness but that game just left a bad taste in my mouth. As much as I loved seeing some of the backstory of FFVII fleshed out nicely and I loved the depth it gave to Sephiroth's character, something about it just didn't come together right. Oh well. Zack is pretty damn heroic in the end as we all knew, but, I will admit seeing it in this context makes it all the more moving. Though, I don't care what was intended or what anyone else thinks, Cloud+Aerith > Zack+Aerith.

Its a good thing I finished up Crisis Core on the road cause now that I'm home, there are far more important games screaming out for my attention. Sadly, I don't have the time to fully commit myself to its excellence like I would have in years gone passed, but, well, Guitar Hero: Metallica has come into my life and it is love. I can't help it, I love Metallica. I love Guitar Hero. You put them together and its all you could ever ask for. I'm just now scratching the surface of my GH:M experience so expect some updates in the coming weeks of my progress on my way to mastery.

Other benefits of being home include getting to spend some good quality time with my rat babies! For those of you that have seen Episode 2 of The Band Next Door, the one rat that you see in the video is little Yukiko. She's by far the most social and excitable of the group. Isara is the lazy one that always sleeps and hates when I poke her to wake her up to make sure she's still alive. Chie seems to be the smartest of the bunch, the big sister if you will. And she also loves to clean the cage. Pushes the bedding around to make little pathways and such. Yukiko likes to clean as well, but she likes to clean the other girls. Isara loves to sleep in the wheel. I don't think she understands that its for excerise, not sleep, but oh well.

I also had a chance to head down to the comic store of Wednesday and had a whole nice big stack of comics waiting for me with my name on them. I haven't had a chance to catch up all the way yet but I will soon. I read all the Green Lantern Corps back issues to get me up to date and then read the one new issue of the Green Lantern that introduces the Orange Lantern Corps. It sounds silly, the whole magical rainbow of color Lantern Corps they've got going on but surprisingly, it all works. "Blackest Night" should be pretty good this summer. Let's hope. I know lots of people were let down by Final Crisis (I'm on the fence. I loved what Grant tried to do but I will admit it wasn't perfect. I think he needed a full 12 issues instead of the mere 7 he was allotted.) but I think Blackest Night will be up more people's alleys. Sadly, Grant is being moved off the main Batman series when it makes its return in June, but, he's getting his own Batman book so hopefully he'll get to do all his usual off the wall, experimental, zanzy story telling. Ok, ok, enough, enough.

Am I gonna waste more time talking about such things? I know I mentioned something about talking about arcades in my previous blog but I don't think now is the time. We've had enough of geek talk for the week. I know you're sad.

We ended the tour on a very strong note. I don't think I really mentioned that in the last post. I'm looking over it right now to make sure cause I know I have a tendency to repeat myself all the time so hold one while I check it out . . . Ok. Well, I did mention that the last 3 shows of the tour rocked. Oh! Here's a fun little story. I don't know if you remember this story, I've told it a couple times in various blog posts. Anyway, back in the summer of '06, driving out of Amarillo TX and into New Mexico on the I-40, we got ourselves a nice little flat tire. We changed it and got back on our way. Shortly there after, the space blew out as well. Thats right, 2 flat tires in one day. Well guess what?! As we were driving down that same stretch of highway, we got another flat tire earlier this week! Right after we passed the 285 in Cline's Corner NM. It was magically ironic.

Don't forget to watch The Band Next Door! Everyday!! Several times a day!

Now that we're home, its time to start gearing up for our June 6th edition of the Jeremy Show. Its gonna be epic. Not quite sure what we'll do yet but I'm sure we'll come up with something special for the show. In the meantime, I'm sure we'll get back to writing some new epic songs that we probably won't show anyone any time soon. Then, come summer time, we'll be back on the road coming to a town near you! Though, I'm hoping that we'll be home around late July. Why? Comic-Con!!! It should be painfully obvious from all the times I talk about in my various blogs (including my special Comic-Con blog from last year), I do so love Comic-Con. Love love LOVE!!! Anyway, I shall leave you for now. See ya next week for the next blog.

Oh, and make extra special sure to watch next week's Band Next Door episode. Its all about me and my broken ankle, and if I do say so myself, its fantastic!

Cloud Strife

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The Rise and Fall of Arcades in Western Civilization*

Greetings world!

As I write this we are cruising down Highway 44 in Missiouri on our way back to sunny San Diego. We are currently being chased down by some pretty mean looking storm clouds but thankfully no twisters have carried us away to OZ quite yet. Hopefully we shall remain safe for the remained of our homeward journey. As you could probably surmise, we have brought this tour to an end. Yes, it was a short tour, but, well, we had very little time to work with since little Jeremy had to get back to school. Fear not though world for come summer time we shall be back to concur you once again.

So, how was the tour you might be asking yourself. I shall tell you. It was good. It was a good tour. It ended on a very strong string of shows starting in Grand Rapids, continuing to Berwyn (site of the infamous ankle breaking), and concluding in Bridgeport IL. It was great seeing all our friends from all over the country again, as always, ya'll are our favorite part of tour! Of course, I had to have a little extra celebration for surviving Chicago this time around. There's no need to repeat the ankle story for its been told countless times but we did a fun little photo shoot with me on the ground this time around in commemoration. Also, anytime we go to certain cities that I love, I celebrate in a very specific way and thats by listening to only bands from that city/area while there. Naturally, Chicago has a very rich selection of bands for my listening pleasuring including my beloved Smashing Pumpkins and Hey Mercedes as well as Pelican, Spitalfield, Russian Circles, and Alkaline Trio. Chicago gets extra special treatment with specific shirts as well, this time around being Pelican before the show and Hey Merecedes after it. I'm a strange one, I know . . .

I trust by now, you've all had a chance to view the first episode of The Band Next Door, right? A couple times a day, right? Well ya know, feel free to watch it as much as you'd like and maybe show it to as many people as you know. I mean, we all know us Pensive boys can be rather silly and who doesn't need a little silliness in their day? Don't forget that come Friday, the 2nd episode will be up! Its a fun little tour of what is affectionately known as the Pensive House as well as a little sneak peak into the daily lives of all of us when we're not working on band type stuff. Its good stuff, just you wait and see. Oh, and that Dinosaur blanket that Cody claims as his in the short clip at the end of the In N Out video is mine! It came with the bunk bed I slept on when I was a wee lad.

I shall leave you once again with a few little snap shots of Patrickland. I'm still working on my Everything Burns B-Side. Progress is slow. Its very dancy though. Perhaps a bit too modern but we'll see when everyone else gets a listen. Speaking of writing songs, when the band gets back home, we will once again begin writing new Pensive songs though sadly, I don't think any will be making their public debuts any time all that soon. Have you noticed how we don't really sound like the current generation of underground alternative rock? Well, that ain't changing! In fact, I'd say that the songs we're writing now should push even further into our own magical music realm populated by only us. And that makes me a happy little panda. I'm excited to get home and see my rat babies and get back to my weekly trips to comic book store. I've also gotta pick up some new cds at some point, namely the new Thursday, Silverstein, and NFG cds. I'm stuck in my ways, I know.

That about does it for this week. I hope you enjoyed our time together. See you next Saturday and don't forget about Episode 2 of The Band Next Door on Friday!!!

* I realize that at no point in this blog did I talk about arcades but I meant to. Perhaps another time. I was thinking about my days as a youth and the sheer amazingness of a trip to the arcade. Oh youth.

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Call Me Ishmael


I must of course first off apologize for being late on my blog just like I knew I would be. I'm not even gonna bother with an excuse cause we all know its cause I decided to nap during the driving adventures instead of writing. What can I say, I loves me my sleeps. Fear not though for as you can now obviously tell, I'm getting around to it right now. 2 days isn't terrible is it? I do try to keep Twitter updated pretty regularly so if you aren't already following us, well, why not? Are you trying to make us sad?! Oh, and we now have a very awesome Twitter widget on our MySpace page so you can check in there to see what we're up to. I think its pretty much just me updating it so you can expect lots of very random statements. Like my blogs but much shorter. I excel at long winded, rambling and winding paragraphs but condensing everything down to 140 characters? Its a fun challenge sometimes.

As you I'm sure you're well aware of, we are on tour right now and we have a couple videos that we're saving up to put up when we get home. Well, one awesome video at least. From yesterday. Of our beast of a van, The White Mamba, concurring a hill (or as Cody would say, "heal." Silly Cody says "heal" for hill and "hill" for heal. Hehe. Haha. Lawl.). This wasn't just any hill though. Not only was it steep as hell but it was also lose gravel and dirt so when we at first went at it somewhat slowly, she ended up spinning her wheels at a certain point. We realized we might need to get her a bit of a running start at the hill so we made Cody (shoeless as he was even) grab the Flip and video us trying again. This time, with enough of juice flowing through her veins, The White Mamba made it no problem. Well, that is until we nearly hit another car coming down the hill! We couldn't stop cause we'd probably start to slide so the guy in the approaching car had to reverse it up the hill. It was glorious! Just wait till you see the majestic white beast at work. Moby Dick would fall in love at first sight.

Another video that we should hopefully have ya'll soon is from when we were on TV last Tuesday! Yes, thats right, we made our live TV debut on Live at 9, the Memphis morning show. I must say, it was quite an experience. We got to rock out on a tiny little stage set up over the fountain at a mall in downtown Memphis at 9:30 in the morning. Of course, we had to be there at about 7:30, which of course means we had to leave by like 6:30 and I think we all know how I feel about waking up. Its safe to say that I'm far more likely to still be awake at 6:30am than for me to wake up at 6:30. Anyway, we were staying with our awesome friends, the awesome band, The Summers, so we recorded it at their house so we could see it later in the day and I must say, I was more nervous to watch it than I was to play. I'm weird. We should be getting a DVD of it in the mail sometime soon from the studio so when we get home and check for that, we'll totally be putting it up on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, in case you've forgotten, this Friday will mark the debut episode of little miniseries, The Band Next Door. We've already seen the first couple episodes and we were entertained so we think you might be too. Oh, and just wait till you hear the killer theme song! In case you're wondering what it is once you hear it, well, it was us just making up stuff during pratice one day when our buddy Stephen was shooting stuff for the show and we didn't even know he was recording us! He played us the first edit and it had that as intro music and I thought to myself, "dang, that sounds pretty awesome! Who is that?!" I was surprised to find out it was us! Silliness, huh? Anyway, be sure be sure be sure (be sure!!!) to check for the first episode on Friday!

Speaking of Friday . . . Friday shall mark my return to the scene of my broken ankle. Thats right, we're returning to Berwyn! I'm excited. Let's just hope I don't break anything else. I've had enough broken bones to last me for a good long while. Its funny, being a kid, you always want to be cool and all, and well, at my elementary school, all the cool kids at some point broke something and had a cast and everyone always signed it and I always thought that was so cool. Yeah, broken bones are not cool kids. If you can, try to avoid them. Oh, and stay in school. And don't do drugs. And read some books sometime too.

Alright, we're getting a little rambly here, aren't we? Let's wrap this up real quick with a couple short update sentances. I still miss my rat babies but I'll see them soon. Lost still owns my soul. I've been rocking some FFVII: Crisis Core action on my PSP this tour (I had to start over cause when I upgraded my CFW, my old save files didn't work no more. Sad times) and its now starting to get good. You see, I'm a little let down by the storyline so far since, I mean, did we really need another maniac that wants to destroy the world cause he's be genetically engineered and goes crazy when he finds that out? Oh well, now I'm getting into the part where it overlaps with the flashbacks from FFVII and I'm excited. I've been obsessed FFVII for a good eleven years and seven months now. Enough geeky video game talk. Sorry for being boring folks. I miss my weekly trips to my comic store. I'm reworking the drums in my new Seven Souls song after some ideas from Chris so I might be getting close to being done with it. Its proving very troublesome though mostly because I'm tyring to branch out a bit in my sound. Most of my stuff tends to be very similar, ya know, kind of ethereal and crystaline but I'm trying something new. A bit more dancy. Its hard to walk the line between awesome and cheesy though at times. Fingers crossed it comes out alright and then Everything Burns will finally have its B-Side. Its very different but hopefully complimentary B-Side. Stay tuned.

I think I'm gonna call it blog now. See ya in about a week or so everyone! Or maybe sooner if you're gonna come to one of the shows!!


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