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"I Don't Care if You Are Short Hudson, Get it Done!"

Hello and Welcome!

How is everybody doing this lovely day? I am doing just fine, thanks for asking! Ya know what I was just thinking about? Ya know how there are certain movies that you just watch over and over again and you think you know them line for line? Have you ever been watching one of those movies that you know inside and out and notice something new? Its weird, isn't it? I know thats been a lot of questions in a row but oh well. I was watching Aliens the other day and noticed a line in the background that I'd never heard before. It made me laugh. What was the line? Well look at the top of the blog ; ) All of this has nothing to do with anything of course but don't worry, I'll make it connect somehow. Oh wait, are you ready for this?! Ok, ok, here we go: Ridley Scott (director of Alien and many other fine movies) has signed on to direct an Alien prequel. Heck yes! I think its safe to say that I'm pretty excited. Not as excited as I would be if it were James Cameron directing it (since he did Aliens) but I have a feeling he might have gone off the deep end after he disappeared after Titanic. Have you seen that trailer for Avatar? I'm very torn. I can't quite decide how I feel about it. Time will have to tell I suppose. I am a little disappointed that certain parts of the trailer reminded me pretty heavily of Star Wars Ep I-III. Not something I want to reminded of. Its all about Episode V as you all well know I'm sure!

That was a long rambly paragraph. I guess I'm feeling rambly today. Let's talk about movies some more. There's several movies out at the moment that are screaming for my money. Three to be exact, soon to be four. Of the three out now, Distric 9, Inglorious Basterds, and Ponyo, when it came down to making my selection for yesterday (since I abstained from attending Warped Tour), it really wasn't that hard to pick Ponyo. Never heard of it? Thats a shame shame shame! Have you maybe heard of Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle or My Neighbor Totoro? Well this is Hayao Miyazaki's newest film. Its lovely of course. If you have somehow made it up to this point in your life without seeing one of his films, well, you really should fix that as soon as possible and you can thank me later. Though, I really do need to see Inglorious Basterds soon. I have a feeling, it'll be right up my alley. Halloween II comes out on this coming Friday. I haven't quite been able to decide if I shall see it or not but we'll see. Have I talked about Rob Zombie's first Halloween movie in a blog lately? It feels like maybe I have. If not, well, its totally not important.

Before we head into the finally section of this blog, let's talk Pensive a bit, eh? I mean, we might as well considering this blog is the Pensive blog. I'm sure you've been following along at home so you certainly know about the acoustic show at the Gap on last Thursday. Were you there? If not, well, let me just say that it was fantastic! Its always fun to have those sort of informal shows where there's no seperation at all between us and you. We always try to include you in our shows but its easier when there's no stage, ya know? And our little improvised Q&A session was awesome! Whenever there's an acoustic show coming up, make sure to plan some questions. Hopefully we'll happen upon other chances to have similar acoustic shows again in the future! In last little bit of Pensive news, well, I'm working on a little surprise. Before you get your hopes up too high, it will only apply to a select section of you. Namely those that play guitar. Not sure when my secret project will be done but hopefully soon . . .

Several other things that could be touched upon but I think it should be obvious what I end this blog with: BATMAN!!! Just one more day to go cause GameStop is doing a midnight launch! Which means that I'll be getting Arkham Asylum tomorrow! I'm way totally excited. As you probably know, this has been my Batman week getting ready for the epicness awaiting me tomorrow. I watched plenty of episodes of the Animated Series, watched Batman Begins last night and shall watch The Dark Knight tonight, read The Long Halloween and Grant's Batman run which shall come to a conclusion tomorrow when I read Batman RIP. I ended up not having the time to bust out my Absolute Edition of HUSH since I didn't plan very well but oh well. I can always read it after I finish the game to cap off my Batman experience. I know what you're thinking and yes, I am obsessed. I hope that someday they release some more Absolute Editions. Maybe Grant's run on Batman or maybe the first 12 issues of Batman & Robin (issue 3 comes out on Wednesday!!) There is Absolute Long Halloween but sadly, I have yet to procure it for myself. Alas.

Let's wrap this up yo. Gotta go to Vons to get some stuff to make us some Sloppy Joe's for dinner while we watch Little League tonight. Before I go, if you're at all interested in video games, namely RPGs, read this blog!! See ya'll next week!

Dwayne Hicks

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"No Bane, This Time I Break You!!"

Greetings everyone!

Sometimes, as I'm getting ready to write these blogs, I wonder the best way to kick things off. I feel as though I need to have some sort of introduction or something. But maybe I shouldn't think about such things so deeply. Maybe one of these times I'll just open up with some epic statement. Every epic should start with a burning map. You don't know what that's from, don't worry. Its from a book called "Vellum." It was pretty weird, I don't recomend it. At least it was better than its sequel, "Ink." Anyway, this is all way beside the point. What's the point? You know how we're playing at the Gap in La Jolla on Thursday? Well we went in yesterday for our payment. Nope, we didn't get money, not this time. For this show, we got paid in jeans! How freakin' cool is that?! So yeah, each of us got ourselves some new jeans. Which is nice for me since all my jeans are old and falling apart.

Coming up real soon, we shall be heading back down into the practice studio to get back to rehearsing our acoustic set for Gap. Its coming together nicely. We did have to make some changes to some songs though since not everything exactly translates from electric to acoustic. Key changes. Arrangement changes. But don't you worry, they're tiny changes that don't change the true essence of the songs. First though, its Little Leauge time! You see, my little cousin Sam plays baseball and his team got pretty far in the tournament last year so we always watch the games with him. On TV now since the tournament has progressed to the regional level. Oh, and for a special treat, a team from Chula Vista is in the West Region final. Cool stuff. Though, I'm guessing that baseball isn't exactly your favorite topic is it? Let's move on.

Yet again, I took a little trip to the awesomeness that is Penguin Yogurt Factory in Santee. Seriously, if you haven't been, go. Its pure amazingness in a cup.

Ya know, I noticed that last week, I stuck mainly to music related topics and that blog got no comments so maybe you enjoy it more when I got off on tangents about comics and video games instead? I dunno, its hard to tell. Well then maybe you'll appreciate this: Next Tuesday, the day that I've been waiting months upon months for shall finally be upon the world. Batman: Arkham Asylum shall finally, finall coming out after being delayed for two months!! I'm so freakin' excited you have no idea! I used to make trips to my old GameStop simply to play the demo. Thankfully I don't need to do that anymore since they finally released a demo on the PSN and XBOX Live (though, well, I make no secret about the fact that I'm a Sony fanboy and I only threw that XBOX in for those of you that might not have a PS3 and might be interested in playing a little Batman action). Its a story demo instead of a challenge room demo which is cool since it gives you a peak at what the game really will be like (freaking amazing!!) though I would also have liked a challenge room demo so that I could get more replay value out of it.

In honor of that fact, the coming week is going to be a very Batman centric week. I think I'm gonna read HUSH again, maybe go through Grant's run again, watch the movies, watch a ton of Animated Series episodes (especially since Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil are reprising their roles for the game). I already started a bit by watching Batman Returns for the first time in years. No where near as cool as I used to think it was, but at least it was a slight step above the abysmally cheesy crap that was Tim Burton's first Batman movie. The movie that I thought was so fantastic as a child. Have you seen it recently? Its really not that good after you've seen Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I just can't stand how corny and cheesy those Tim Burton movies are. Its as if he was thinking that in order to make a "comic" movie, it had to be comedic. I just can't go along with that. At least he toned it down a bit for the sequel, but, eh, I'm just not a fan. I don't know if I should watch either of the Joel Schumacher movies. It might just ruin my faith in humankind.

I think it might be about time to wrap this up. We're worked up a new song a couple days ago. Its beatiful. It just might bring a tear to your eye. No lyrics yet but I'm sure I can come up with something tragic. Don't forget to come visit us at the UTC Gap on Thursday. Seriously. Its gonna rock. And its free! See ya'll there ; )

Damian Wayne

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Coming Around the Stretch, My Heart Stays in the Lead

Hey there everyone!

Things have once again kicked into full swing here in Pensive land. Heck, we've already had a show this week and will be having our awesome little acoustic show soon. I won't lie, we were a tiny bit rusty being on stage again after about a month away but those cobwebs dispersed quickly and by the time we got to our special Ray Charles cover, all was well. He had tons of fun too. Even though there weren't any familiar faces there it was still a good night. I have no doubt though that the show at the Gap is gonna be way cooler and you really don't wanna miss it. We better get practicing for it cause we have up to two hours that we can fill so there's a chance we might have to bust out some oldies and some covers. I mean, I doubt we'll fill all two hours but it should still be packed with all sorts of Pensivey goodness! Though, nothing shall top our September 12th show. I still haven't figured out what surprises we should have in store for all of you but rest assured it will be worth the wait. Not only cause its gonna be epic but because its in celebration of yours' truly's birthday! It only comes once a year ya know. And ok, so its not actually on my birthday exactly but who wants to come to show on a Monday?! So its gonna be on Saturday the 12th instead. Mark your calendars. September 12th.

With the return of the rest of the band has brought with it my favorite part of being in a band: writing new songs! I'm rather obsessive about it to be honest. Its something I think about every single day. Sometimes I can't sleep at night (or most technically, the early morning but whatever) cause I'm trying to figure out a part I wanna play. Its very rewarding though as there's nothing quite like that spark of inspiration that lights up the room and fills your soul. None of the new songs have names yet. Heck, none of them even have lyrics save for the one that we occasionally busted out on tour. The last two songs we were working on last Thursday were as absolutely polar opposite as possible its not even funny. We tend to be a bit crazy like that. I don't think Artifacts really gives you an idea of the range of songs we've written. I'm sure part of that is just from the production and creation of album you tend to pick songs that can work together but I think its safe to say that we're expanding our realm of influences with this latest batch of songs. Fear not though for even when we stray far off to one extreme or the other, its still pretty recognizable as a Pensive song. You'll see someday I'm sure.

Speaking of new music, the new Thrice comes out on iTunes next week. Those of you keeping track probably already know they streamed it on their page last week and you can rightly guess that I listened and I'm sure you're curious what I thought, huh? Well, I hate to say it but this is indeed the first time I've listened to a Thrice album and not been head over heels in love with it on the first listen. Only time shall tell whether my mind can be changed. I'm hoping it can be. I have faith. There's almost too many cds coming out in the next two months. Those that have been paying attention probably know how let down I was by last year but it appears as though the gods of rock are making up for it with an action packed '09! The top spot for me so far is a toss up between Taking Back Sunday and Killswitch Engage. Both are fantastic albums that you can't go wrong with. Its been a tradition with me to do a Top 15 Albums of the Year blog at the end of every year but as you know, this year is no ordinary year seeing as its also the end of a decade and that quite clearly calls for a very special list. Like perhaps a Top 100 list? Oh don't you worry, I'm up to the task. As of right now, I already know what holds the top honors but you'll just have to wait till December to find out!! For those very few of you that have been reading my blogs for a long while know I've been teasing this list for more than a year now. Just like Blackest Night. Gotta get people ready for epicness such as these are.

I shall wrap this up shortly, don't worry. After last week's nerd filled posting, I shall refrain from any of that this time around. I won't mention that I've been obsessively playing the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo. I won't talk about how awesome Detective Comics is. I won't bring up that I've been watching the Xenosaga anime. Nope, I won't do any of that. What I will say is that Pensive has the greatest fans in the entire world and that most amazing Street Team to ever grace this Earth. Why do I say that? Well firstly cause its true but secondly cause our kick ass Street Team threw us a little surprise party today. It was pretty amazing. So thank you all of you for being the best!!

Now, to wrap things up, I think its only right to go out on a fun little news story I saw this week. Apparently Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin likes to go on vacation in the woods and hang out without a shirt on and hunt and ride on a horse and go fishing and tranquilize tigers. I think Barack should take a page out his book. Just randomly walk around the White House with his shirt off and a gun strapped to his back like he's Rambo or something. That would be awesome. Oh and he should grow a beard too. I've been thinking for a while that we need a president with some facial hair. And on that note, I leave you all the ponder the magical mysteries of the beard.

Chandler Bing

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I Didn't Put My Hair In A Pony Tail For Nothing

Hello everyone!

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. I feel down right dreadful for being such a lazy oaf and missing the blog action last week. For those of you that are doing the right thing and following us on Twitter, you should have gotten tons upon tons of updates from my Comic Con adventure. That was a very long and lovely four days. Each of which ended with very heavy sleep followed by waking up much earlier than I generally care to. Those of you that play along at home know that I'm much more likely to say still be awake at 7:30 than to wake up at that time. Anyway, to get to the point, I suck and Comic Con was amazing. Shall we perhaps go over the highlights together? Yes I think that would be a lovely idea.

Now please forgive me for my memory could be a little hazy. The best panel that I went to? Well that's easy. LOST of course! Oh what a fun little hour that was! Not counting the two hours waiting in line outside that is of course. It was way worth it though. For sure. As always, Damon and Carlton are masters at not answering any question asked of them. They really should run for public office. We had some fun special guests in the form of Hurley, Ben, Sawyer, Richard, and [drum roll please] Charlie!! (and duh, I know those aren't their real names but if I gave you the actor's names, you'd have to sit there and think about who they are and such and this way is just easier) It was a very, very funny panel. You should search YouTube to see if you can find any videos from it. Other great panels included the Batman panel (though it would have been much better if my Scottish best friend Grant had been there but oh well) where we got all sorts of juicy insight into what's going on in the comics right now [for those of you not playing along at home, Dick Grayson is Batman right now seeing as Bruce is assumed dead]. Though, I might have to say that the Blackest Night panel was a tiny bit better. Borderline blasphemy I know but I speak the truth. It was simply fascinating to hear Geoff Johns go through all his thoughts on the full sepectrum of human emotions and how they relate. I almost wished that I had taken notes. Though, if you're interested and can bear with terrible audio quality, you can listen to any of the DC panels on their podcast which you can find either on iTunes or on their website.

Let's speed this up a bit. I know I'm forgetting tons of stuff but I'll see if I can remember most of it. I randomly ran into Paul Dini at the DC booth on Thursday and got my picture taken with him. That was pretty freakin' incredible. I wasn't prepared so I didn't have anything for him to sign but I came prepared to the Batman panel the next day and got both him and Dustin Nguyen to sign Detective Comics #850 so thats pretty damn epic. I might have to get that framed. Also met Greg Rucka at that panel and got him to sign my copy of 52 Volume 1 and met Philip Tan and got him to sign Green Lantern #39. At an official signing at the DC booth I met Geoff Johns at got him to sign my hardcover copy of Infinite Crisis and Sinestro Corp War Volume 2. That was awesome. I waited a while in that line though I ended up waiting much longer in line for Jim Lee. I got him to sign this awesome print of Batman and Catwoman on a rooftop. Randomly found Mark Waid signing at a way out of the way booth and he was a very very nice man. He signed my 52 Volume 1 as well. I didn't have it with me on Thursday when I met Geoff otherwise I would have clearly gotten him to sign it as well. Lastly, again at the DC booth, I met Paul Levitz just standing around! How crazy is that?! All in all, it was a very epic weekend. And thats not even talking about all the other awesome booths on the floor. I could go on and on and on but I have a feeling that unless you're a major comics nerd, these last two long paragraphs have been utterly boring to you. I'm sorry about that. I can't help myself. Here's something for the rest of you: I met Mikey Way also randomly walking around the floor. Yeah, that Mikey Way. And saw his brother from a distance (saw him much closer up last year when he did a panel with Grant Morrison). Oh, and I also had Gene Simmons and his son walk past me a couple times and saw Claudio from Co&Ca making out with his girlfriend.

Last thing(s) about Comic Con, I swear. I got to play the demo for Dante's Inferno (and went to the panel of course) and let me tell you, that game is gonna be freakin' sweet! Twisted and disturbing and graphic but awesome!! Its been a long time since a game has made say "wow" out loud . . . Also saw a new preview of BioShock 2 and a booth that recreates their teaser viral site. And I can't stop without mentioning all the amazingly tempting figures and collectibles there were! Everything from epic Final Fantasy statues to TMNT figures (oh and speaking of which it was the 25th anniversary of the Turtles' first comic and I saw a panel all about it which was so incredible!) to a replica Pulse Rifle from Aliens. Oh what an experience!

Things at the Pensive house have been very quiet as of late seeing as Jeremy and Cody are still in Indy and Julio has gone off on his own little vacation of sorts. But its ok, I enjoy quiet from time to time. I've always been the kind of person that likes my solitude every now and again. I've spent the past couple days catching up on the Harry Potter movies in preparation to see the 6th in IMAX tomorrow. Thats not to say that I haven't seen all of them, its just to say that its been so long since I've seen them that the details were a bit fuzzy and I figured it'd be a good idea to be up on my Potter lore before diving into the 6th one. I might someday get around to reading them but let's not kid ourselves, I already own too many books that I havne't read, let's not add another seven just yet . . . Speaking of which, its probably about time I crack open a new book. I think I might give Just After Sunset a shot. I do always enjoy Mr. King's short stories. I've also been spending some good quality time with my guitar. Its been a while. I know that may seem odd considering I was just on tour but its very different playing a set on stage or practicing said set in the studio than it is to just sit and play random stuff. Its very liberating. Not to say that I'm exactly coming up with any amazing new song ideas but I did happen to strum up a nice little progression earlier today centralized around a D sus 2 chord. Mmmm tasty.

Anyway, things shall be kicking back into high gear come Monday so I shall return to the world of the living again. Back to practice, back to communicating with all of you that wish to communicate with us. As much as I enjoy time off and away, its always nice to get back into the swing of things. Ya know? Yeah, you know. So yeah, see ya on Monday world!

Raidou Kuzunoha

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Protectors of the Starry Sky

Hello everyone.

Let's start with the obvious shall we? We're home! Hooray! Well, actually, thats a bit of a partial truth only because by "we" I really just mean Julio and I. Though, actually, in a way, Jeremy and Cody are home too since they're in Indiana. Ok, so we're all home and we're just all at different homes. There. So I guess I didn't lie to you. It just required further explanation. So now that we've got that all cleared up let's get right to the story of how we got home. Yes? Ok, let's do it. It won't be long I swear . . .

So as you probably remember from the last blog, Julio passed out on stage in Bridgeport IL. The next day we slept till 3pm and then drove to Memphis which is where that last blog was written. Little did we know that our troubles were over. Nope, far from it. Julio again nearly passed out once we arrived at our destination. But we got him safely inside into the nice cool air conditioned loveliness and he began to feel better. Since we in the Pensive camp like to play it safe usually, so we checked Julio into a Memphis area hospital to see what they had to say. Yet again, the doctors were of no use so we just had to soldier on the best we could. The drive the next day to Dallas wasn't too tough. Heck, we even got into town ealier enough to get some Buffalo Wild Wings action (they really need to get one in San Diego soon!!!). It was the next day though that was the killer. Dallas TX to Willcox AZ. Something like 900 miles I think? Yeah, that was a long long day. Thankfully the next day was nice and easy and then we were home!

So what have I been up to since we've been home? Not much. And its been awesome! My rat babies are very happy that I'm home. Not so much my Mickey boy though. Our poor Mickey (our dog) is quite sick : ( I got comics as soon as I could once I was home. I missed quite a bit while I was away. Batman & Robin #2 (amazing!), the start of Blackest Night (if you've been paying attention to the blog titles the past couple weeks, thats what all that is in reference to). Next week is gonna be a pretty exciting week. Got Comic Con to look forward to of course along with Watchmen and Coraline coming out. If you havne't seen either of them I highly recomend that you do. Though, if you want the true experience, I would definitely say that you read Watchmen before you see it. You'll appreciate it so much more.

Do you happen to live in San Diego? Specifically East County? Well then there's this awesome new frozen yogurt place you need to try! Its called Penguin Yogurt Factory and its just freakin' amazing! And its self serve so if you want tons upon tons of sprinkles on your fro yo, and you can do it. Its on 9621 Mission Gorge Rd in Santee. Or if its easier, its in the same little shopping center as the Vons and the Wendy's are that are across the street from the Best Buy and IHOP. I've got some left over from yesterday sitting in the freezer waiting for the perfect time to eat it. Irish Mint and Cookies & Cream with Oreo bits and Chocolate Chips. Mmm tasty!!

I've been taking it pretty easy the past couple days but I think come tomorrow I'll be back into the swing of things. At least till Wednesday. I don't think I'll be heard from on Thursday-Sunday! Probably gonna try to get back to work on song writing and getting ready for our next big Channel 1225 show on September 12th. Yes, its true and official that we'll be back there again then so you better start planning for it too since apparently we'll be celebrating my birthday that night or something. I don't know why you'd wanna celebrate my birthday but oh well. Hahaha! Its gonna be a very very special show so don't you dare miss it . . . I think its time to get back to my fro yo! See ya'll next week! Same Bat time, same Bat channel.

Welkin Gunther

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By my Black Hand, the Dead Shall Rise!!!


As I write this we are currently speeding down I-40 on our way to our good friends, The Summersí place of residence. You may recall me mentioning them before if you pay close attention. Why am I writing this now when I am currently without internet access? Cause as soon as we get there Iím blowing up my aerobed, getting internet, sending this, and then going to bed. Thatís why. Thankfully for my sanity, I actually got to sleep in today! Past 3 in the afternoon. Though, granted, we didnít even get to the hotel till around 6 in the morning. Later enough anyway that by the time we got to bed, the sun was practically up. For those of you not following us on Twitter, you might not have heard but our esteemed frontman Julio collapsed on stage last night during Lost Inside Your Heart. We have it on video actually. You see him kinda struggle to get enough breathe for those high notes and he makes it through the first half of the last chorus and then kind of staggers away from the mic and rather elegantly collapses in on himself. We had to call an ambulance since he was very reluctant to get up or even open his eyes for more than a second or two. It was a pretty intense couple minutes. The paramedics wanted to play it safe and took him off to the hospital and all that fun stuff. Tests came back clean and the official diagnosis was that he over did it. Very technical diagnosis that. Good olí Illinois strikes again. Now half of Pensive has been in an Illinois hospital. Clearly Julio was just trying to steal my broken ankle thunder from a couple tours ago but I still win so donít worry. Anyway, that was last night. The original plan was to make the drive from Bridgeport to Dallas today but with all the shenanigans last night, there was no way weíd survive that drive today. So there ya go, youíre all up to date. Wanna stay even more up to date? Follow us on Twitter!

Iíve gotta say that just like the last tour, we ended on a very strong note. Grand Rapids, Berwyn, and Bridgeport are always good to us. Heck, the Grand Rapids show was so amazing we even busted out the new song! Speaking of new songs, once we get home, thats gonna be our main focus for the next little bit. We do have a couple shows scheduled in August in September but weíll be really working those new songs in the olí garage and getting them ready for the world to experience. Though, I do want to make it perfectly clear to everyone reading this: we have NO plans to record a new record anytime soon so donít get your hopes up for that just yet. Trust me, when we make that decision, youíll be the first to know! Though, if things go according to my plan, we might have a surprise or two in store for you before that fated time arrives. Maybe. Hell, we still have an old surprise that weíre still not quite ready to reveal. Like that really awesome Magic card that totally kicks ass and youíre just never quite sure when to play it. Since you donít wanna waste it. Ya know? Yeah. Sorry for that incredibly geek analogy. Do most of you even know about Magic? I dunno. Oh well. This is a nice transition into my next topic at least.

Comic Con! Oh I am excited. So excited. Sadly, I shall not be attending on Saturday due to the fact that the silly thing just sold out so quickly but Iíve got every other day covered. I really hope thats not the day that Yoshitaka Amano is there. Every year I enter the drawing to meet him and never win and Iím hoping that the third year will be the charm. I donít know if I could contain myself if I got to meet him. It would be so beyond epic. Letís hope Grant Morrison makes a bunch of appearances like he did last year too. Oh and donít forget about the Kevin Smith and LOST panels. Oh LOST. Just one season to go. What secrets do they have waiting for us? I cannot wait. This is a very disjointed paragraph and for that I am sorry. What can I say? Nerdy things like these get me giddy and its hard to form coherent thoughts and sentences. Expect my blogs the next two weeks to be even worse than this as the excitement builds and builds and then completely overtakes me. Youíve been warned.

Memphis is hot. Too hot. Havenít these southern states heard about how nice it is to walk outside at night and not be painfully hot and humid? Us SD kids got it easy. Oh my beloved temperate weather, I am coming back to you soon! So very soon!! Though, Texas stands between you and I and thats quite the obstacle . . . But I shall conquer it to return to you! Weíre just about to our destination for the night and you remember what I said in the first paragraph right? Yep. Its time to go get to bed! Ok, ok, Iíll probably get some food first since I am a bit hungry but you get the idea right? Yeah, I know you do . . .

Silent Bob

P.S. The new Killswitch cd is fantastic! Go buy it!!

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We Crave Your Hearts and Your Demise

Howdy yall!

Here comes blog number two from the road. We have been out for exactly two weeks now (I think?) and so far things have been rather good. Not counting the rash of bands cancelling or just plain not showing up to shows lately but oh well. The economy is bad. Let's just blame the government. And then we really can blame the government for no show today since it was the Fire Marshall that didn't allow the venue to open here in Indy. Sad times for the Indy kids. Oh well. We'll just have ourselves a cookout instead since we couldn't have one yesterday since we figured it'd be a bad idea to stick a grill in the van and attempt to cook while driving. We thought the risk of fire was a little too high. Oh well, the 5th of July is still an important day, right? I mean, its not as important as the real holiday (the 3rd of July) but oh well.

When we last left off, I believe I was mentioning that I had downloaded Hellraiser and Event Horizon to watch, yes? Well watch them I did. Along with several other horror movies this past week. Every now and then I get on these little kicks and right now I'm totally into the whole horror thing again. Trying to catch up on the all the scary movies I've somehow missed over the years. I know what you're thinking. Patrick? Not seen every horror movie ever made?! Yes. Its true. There are indeed some out there that I've missed. Sadly. So yes, let's delve right into this, shall we?

Event Horizon. Oh what mixed feelings I have about you. Wonderful premise. Very well thought out and very heavy on the "sci" part of sci-fi which I always appreciate. And plus it stars Sam Neill (Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park) and Laurence Fishburne (Morpheous from the Matrix) so how awesome is that?! For those of you that didn't read astronomy books for fun when you were a kid, an "event horizon" is the outer most border of a black hole. The final point before the gravitational pull becomes so strong that even light cannot escape the singularity. I promised myself I'd try to keep this short and I'm failing miserably. So anyway, Sam Neill designs a ship that uses a gravity drive to warp space so that it can essentially travel faster than light. When they test it, it goes missing and then reappears a couple years later with everyone on it dead. Morpheous and his crew go to investigate it. Bad stuff happens. They start to go crazy. Realize the ship went to another universe that makes Hell look like Hawaii and it came back alive. And it doesn't want them on it. Except Sam Neill since he designed it. So then there's lots of gore and insanity and more gore and only two survive. Good times. Overall, it wasn't quite what I was hoping for but if you like your sci-fi with a heavy does of insanity and gore, you've probably already seen this movie and if you haven't, well, see it now!

Hellraiser on the other hand? Well, I wasn't as much of a fan to be honest. Partially, it was hampered by horrendous 80's special effects and there ain't much we can do about that! The premise of the story is quite intriguing. I'm sure you probably know it already though. My problem with the film is that it seemed to focus most of its story on the cheating wife killing men for Frank so that he could get his body back as opposed to the far more intriguing Cenobites. While sometimes less is more in films (especially horror films) this was very much a case where I at least was just kind of waiting for the creepy horror stuff to start instead of dealing with a wife cheating on her husband with her husband's brother. Perhaps I would enjoy the book more. In conclusion, I dunno if I can really recomend this move. On one hand, the beginning and the ending are wonderfully horric and disturbing but the middle just seems to drag for far too long. So in the end, I leave it up to you to decide whether you want to experience Hellraiser or not.

Oh but wait! There's more! You don't really think that two movies counts as being on a horror movie kick now do you!? Good heavens no! In the past week I have watched a total of six (6!!) horror movies that I'd never seen before! Event Horizon. Hellraiser. Rec. Quarantine. Ju-On. Secret Window. Oh, and I finally got around to starting Stephen King's N, a motion comic based on one of his short stories. I haven't finished it yet though.

So we've covered Event Horizon and Hellraiser so next up is Rec/Quarantine. Remember Quarantine? It came out last fall? Yeah I didn't see it either. Why? Cause I had no clue what it was actually about. The trailers for it looked cool but so didn't make much sence. It looked kind of sci-fi like almost to me. Maybe a bit of a Cloverfield rip off with the whole handhelf camera/self shot kind of vibe. Wanna know what its actually about? Zombies. There ya go. Its a new age zombie movie. A rather good one actually. Did you know that it was a remake of a Spanish movie called Rec? Neither did I. And when I say remake I really mean it. Its about 15 minutes longer but not counting the couple little things added, its almost a shot by shot, line by line exact copy of the Spanish film. So now the natural question is, which is better? Well, of the extra stuff added into the American version, half of it worked real well and the other half didn't. Some of the stuff I didn't like was for purely personal reasons like an added scene with a broken leg which as you can imagine is still a tender subject for me. If I had to recommend just one though, I would have to go with the original. I didn't like the change the American version made at the end with the newspaper clippings on the wall. Oh, and the final scene is infinetly creepier in the Spanish version as well! I don't know what it was about it but I got chills. I seriously haven't been that freaked out and unsettled by a movie since I saw High Tension (a French movie . . . Hmm, maybe those Europeans are learning how to make horror movies since America sucks at it now!) So yeah, find some way to track down Rec. You won't regret it!

Ju-On as some of you will probably know is the original Japanese film that The Grudge was a remake of. Oddly enough for a remake, it actually had the same director (though Wes Craven recently did that too with The Last House on the Left didn't he???). I saw The Grudge back when it came out. The part with the demon under the blanket was creepy but that was about it. Ju-On packed in better chills as far as I'm concerned but again, I wasn't overly impressed with it. Its all about this house where a guy killed his wife. And then a curse was born. And the curse keeps creating more and more curses. Or something. So yeah. Lots of people die and start haunting other people. There's some very good scenes in it though. Its the polar opposite of Rec though. Rec is an extremely fast moving movie where it almost never stops to even let you take a breath where as Ju-On is a much slower and more creeping terror. Both have their place in the horror genre though of course. Though, I wasn't overly impressed with Ju-On. Just something about it didn't click with me I guess. My favorite part about the movie though? If you've seen it, there's this rug thats in the entry way of the haunted house right by the front door. I have that exact same rug in my bedroom! I've had it since I was about five. How freakin' cool is that?!

Last up we've got Secret Window. Don't worry. I know I've rambled on and on for a long time. I'll keep this one short. I promise! For those of you that don't know, Secret Window is based on the novella "Secret Window, Secret Garden" by none other than Stephen King from his collection Four Past Midnight. As you can imagine, I loved it! Its far from one of Mr. King's best stories but its still a good one. The movie did a good job of capturing the feel of a Stephen King story and of course Johnny Depp was fantastic but then again when is he not? The ending was changed in the movie but oh well. I liked it! I wouldn't really call it much of a horror story really but it certainly does have its suspenseful moments . . . Though, if you're gonna read a Stephen King book, there are many that are much better than Four Past Midnight.

So there ya go. We're all caught up now! Out of all the movies I've watched in the past week, I'd have to say Rec was the best. You really ought to see it if you enjoy horror at all. Though naturally, its in Spanish so unless you speak it, get ready for some subtitles. So there you have it. The end of Patrick's horror week. Its sad that it had to end but oh well. Maybe I'll schedule another somewhere down the line!

See yall next time! Or sooner if you happen to live in Michigan, Indiana, or Illinois!!

John Shooter

P.S. Read this ----> The History of Final Fantasy

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The Darkness Grows as All Light Dies

Hello world!!

As I write this, we are all very comfortably out of the sweltering Tennessee heat at the house of our favorite teenaged band, The Summers! Anyone that knows me knows that I complain. A lot! Especially about the weather. Well as bad as it sometimes gets in El Cajon in the summer let me tell you, it ain't got nothing on Yuma and Dallas and Memphis! Hell, when we were driving to Sonic after the show in Dallas we saw one of those signs on banks that have the time and temperature on it and guess what it was? (keep in mind that this was at about 23:15 or so . . . ) 95 degrees!! Is that not just insane?! So all those times I've complained about San Diego weather, well, I had no clue. Al Gore might be right about the whole global warming thing after all :P Hahahaha! You know what else he might be right about? ManBearPig. Look kids, ManBearPig just might find you and eat your soul. Like Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

I'm sure you all know that Michael Jackson died so I don't need to say anything more about that because I'm sure other people have already said more heartfelt and eloquent things anyway.

Let's talk about the tour, shall we? I've already gone over my distaste for the weather. How about the shows? Well those have been pretty BA I must say! Especially Safford AZ. Those kids never ever let us down. Not that the other places on the tour have let us down of course. We have enough love for everyone. Like hippies. Except that we shower. Sometimes. Even though Friday night in Dallas was pretty empty, there were a couple good hardcore awesome people there so we busted out the new song for them. Aren't you jealous? And then Cody nearly passed out after that show from heat exhaustion. Earlier today, Julio decided to work out in the Summer's garage where its nice and hot and then he almost passed out. Silly boys. They need to take a page from my book and learn how to lie down in an air conditioned room when they have the chance! Not to say that I haven't nearly passed out on stage before. Like the time I played a show back in high school with a fever of 104 (I had to sit down during one song so that I wouldn't die) or that time in Phoenix in '05 when I nearly passed out after we were done. Rock n Roll!

As for my personal time well, I finally got around to having myself a little photographic adventure. Good ol' Texas always brings out my love of long exposure shots of lights and the sky. I'm still reading my latest book, Fall of Thanes by Brian Ruckley, part 3 of 3 of the Godless World Trilogy. I've been playing Star Ocean: First Depature on the ol' PSP. Watched a lot of Friends and listened to a lot of Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Opeth, and the new Moneen on the ol' iPod. I downloaded Hellraiser and Event Horizon to watch sometime in the couple days on the ol' laptop. All the other boys wanna see Transformers 2 but they can count me out. I don't think I'd go even if someone paid my ticket. But, then again, I'm a hater. Old and jaded hater.

I miss my rat babies . . . Chie. Yukiko. Isara. I miss my Mickey boy. I miss comic Wednesdays. Otherwise I'm good to go yo! Let's just sell a lot of records, make a lot of money, get a tour bus with a big rat cage in it and connections at DC and Marvel to get comics delivered to me at venues. Sound like a plan? Ok lets do it.

See ya on the road!!


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The Blackest Night Falls From the Skies

Greetings world!

I must apologize for being a day late again on my silly weekly blog. Whats my excuse this week you ask? I spent a good portion of yesterday half asleep and nauseous. Oh well! I'm better enough now that I can kick out the jams. Err, I mean, kick out a blog. Whatever.

I need to fold my laundry and pack. For tour. Ya know, tour? Yeah, we're leaving Tuesday morning. It should be fun. I mean, the weather in the rest of the country won't be the best for a sun hater like myself but what can ya do? Aside from the blistering heat of the Southwest and the humidity of the Midwest and South, well, it should be a lovely time! Summer tours usually end up being the most fun for some reason. Kids are out of school and aching for some good entertianment. Until Harry Potter comes out in July I think a Pensive show is just about the best bet for entertainment enjoyment per dollar spent. The set list for tour (for those of you curious) will contain a few unexpected little twists that we hope you might like. We figure we'll mix it up a tiny bit just to keep you on your toes.

For those of you interested, we will indeed be playing a show tomorrow in SD at our usual stomping ground of Channel 1225. Its gonna be tons of fun and we'll be debuting a brand new, never before heard by anyone not in Pensive, Penisve song! Its true, I finished the lyrics finally. I know, silly me takes forever to write lyrics but I can't help it, its not easy for me. I had to sequester myself at B&N in order to get in the proper lyric writing mood. That Santee B&N is a magical place ya know. Its also where I wrote the lyrics for Live Fast and Lost Inside Your Heart. Let's just see if this new as of yet untitled song can live up to such lofty expectations . . . What's it about? Damned if I know! Except it certain instances, I really like to leave that all up to you. Its about whatever you want it to be about. I love direct lyrics that you can tell what they're about (see: Senses Fail) but I just can't pull that lyric style off. I try and then before I know it I'm throwing in all these abstract phrases so eh, I just go with the flow and let the muses direct my pen. So if you wanna hear the song and take a stab at deciphering the lyrics and their meaning, show up at Channel 1225 tomorrow cause you probably won't hear it again for a long long time.

One final note about the new song. Don't let it trick you into thinking that its indicitive of the rest of the songs we're writing. Far from it. It is quite easily the most old school Pensive song we've written which is why we picked it to play live first. Its energetic and upbeat and all that good stuff. But its only one side of the mystery known as Pensive. You should know that well enough now considering if you've listened to Artifacts, its not just 9 more songs that sound like Live Fast. Well, expect that division to grow even wider and wider as we progress through our musical journey. Variety is the spice of life they say. Just wait till you get a listen to the creepy 70's song or the Spanish Thrice song with the Opeth outro or the straight up pop of the pop song!!!

Speaking of Thrice . . . they are indeed gonna save this year of music! Beggars, their new cd is set for a sometime in October release and I'm excited. I'm practically jumping for joy. I loved the Alchemy Index more than most but I feel they're much stronger when they keep their different elements together as opposed to seperate. Though, since they seperated them and explored and strengthened them all, I'm sure when they bring them all back together they'll end up with gold [a nice subtle refernce to alchemy there for ya!]. Moneen has a new EP that just came out and I ordered the vinyl so I can barely wait for it arrive even though I shall be on tour when it does . . . Its true, I obsessively collect vinyls. I just love them! Screw going digital, you'll get my vinyls when you pry them from my cold dead hands!!! [not to say that I don't love my iPod to death but music can't just be 1s and 0s, its just not right] And speaking of new music since this seems to be the new music paragraph *high fives* for Taking Back Sunday for kicking ass and releasing an awesome new cd! Don't take this the wrong way cause I loves me my old school TBS like nobody's business but they evolved like they needed to. I don't think I could be happier with their new sound. Hell, ever since I got it about a week ago, I've had a song from it stuck in my head constantly and its usually a different song each day . . . Now thats what I call impressive!!!

So I think I shall wrap this up cause I do seriously need to go fold my laundry and pack. I will of course try to stay as regular with my blogs as I can but you can understand if I miss it by a couple days, right? And I know I've been commenting a lot of you a lot lately so don't be mad if that kind of slides away on tour since most of our time is spent driving through empty countryside. We're gonna miss all you SD kids but we can't wait to see all the rest of you!

Jack Sawyer

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The Line Between Life and Death


We've gone over this before but no, I don't speak French. Thats about the extent of it right there. Oh, and I know how to *say* [not spell sadly] "I'm a little girl" in French. Chris taught me. He thought it was an appropriate phrase for me to learn. Moving along . . . Do you ever wake up with a song stuck in your head? I do. A lot. One time I woke up with a couples lines from "American Pie" stuck in my head, mainly the line that goes "singing this'll be the day that I die." Not a fun line to wake up to. I didn't die that day though. That was a Warped Tour day actually. In . . . '04 was it? I think so. Anyway, there is a point to this story, don't worry, I'm getting there. Well, I woke up with a song stuck in my head today and its just as random as that. Its "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne. Yeah, I know, thats what I said too! How does that happen? I went to bed listening to Russain Circles and woke up with Avril Lavigne. But hey, there ain't nothing wrong with Avril. Hey, don't take that tone with me! If I wanna like cheesy pop music sometimes, I'm free to! Grrr!!! Anyway, I don't think I've heard that song anytime recently. I guess my mind just pulled up its Avril Lavigne file and selected a song to entertain itself with while I slept. And then decided to hit the "repeat" button. Oh silly brain!

So anyway, where was I? Hmm, I don't seem to have anything to talk about today. Ok, blog over! Or maybe not. Let's do some band talking action now. We'll save the fun geeky stuff for later in the blog. So yeah, this is supposed to be a band blog so let's talk about good ol' Pensive for a bit. For those of you that were at the Jeremy Graduation show, you're already well aware that I promised to have lyrics for a new song by the 22nd. Have I started them yet? Nope! But its on my list of things to do today! I have been actually listening to the little demo recording we have of it over and over for a while though. I might at least have some ideas for a couple lines and maybe even an overall theme but I don't know if it really fits the music. Thats always something I struggle with. I always have a tendency to want to write very esotertic and nonsensical faux poetic lyrics that tend toward the darker edge of things. Not necessarily very fitting for the music that sometimes write [though, score for the Patrick side, we have a couple rather dark and intriguing new songs and I didn't write them, Julio did! How odd is that?]. It kind of worked in Live Fast but I don't want to just repeat that kind of thing. I like to write about life and death a lot it seems. I don't want to fall into that trap though of writing the same songs over and over again. So we'll see if I can deversify a little bit.

Other than writing songs and lyrics and recording demos in our silly little studio, the number one thing on our plate is our 2 upcoming SD shows and the tour that will follow them. How crazy is this: in the month of June, we'll have played in SD 4 times!!! Its not overkill is it? Don't worry, you won't have to put up with having a Pensive show for a couple months after the 22nd ; ) Till September actually. Anyway though, since you've had so many chances to see us lately we'll be changing up the set list a bit at the next few shows so that ya'll don't get bored. So we'll be busting out a few of the lesser played songs and even old one or 2 and perhaps even a suprise. We'll see. We're still deciding. Speaking of old songs, how many of you actually have Something About the Stars??? Wanna know something funny? You know in Spiderman 3 when they're at the restaurant and Peter's gonna propose? The best scene of the movie since it features Bruce Campbell? Yeah, that one. The font for the name of the restaurant behind Mr. Campbell is the same font we used for Something About the Stars! How randomly awesome is that?! Speaking of Spiderman, if anyone is a huge fan you should let me know cause I have something you might want . . .

This coming Wednesday is gonna be last comic day before we leave for a month. Thats sort of sad, don't you think? I'm gonna have a lot of comics waiting for me when I get home!!! My lovely comics shop, Comics 'n Stuff, has a lovely system where you can tell them which books you want and the pull them and save them for you so they really will be there waiting for me! Oh, and that whole week when we get back is gonna be a pretty freakin' epic week in the life of Patrick. I'll get my month worth of missed comics, the Watchmen and Coraline Blu Rays come out the day before we got home, and the day after we get home, Comic Con starts!!! See? Pretty awesome, huh? Speaking of Coraline, did you see it? If not, well, you really really need to! Its not quite Nightmare Before Christmas (what is?!) but it absolutely pwns the hell out of Corpse Bride! Ya know, there have been some pretty awesome movies this year. Coraline, Watchmen, Star Trek, Terminator, UP. Probably others I can't think of. Good start to the year movie studios. What about music? Two Tongues, NFG (eh), Thursday (eh), Silverstein. Anything else? I dunno. Thrice is recording right now. Well, actually, according to their blog, their in the mixing phase so technically they're done recording. I hope that means it'll be out before the end of the year. Maybe Moneen will finally release their follow up to The Red Tree . . . This year needs to be saved!

Did I talk about Batman yet? No. I didn't. Can't go a week without a Batman reference! Pretty much every week now we get a new Batman comic with all the new series they have. Batman & Robin is the flagship as far as I'm concerned but of course Batman was well done. Considering they've been publishing that book for damn near 700 issues now they can't let it suck. Red Robin on the other hand wasn't that great in my eyes. I don't like comics that have less than awesome art. And I like my comics to be kind of more on the wordy side. But thats just my tastes I'm sure. This coming week we've got Batman: Streets of Gotham from our good friend Paul Dini. Don't know who that is? Thats a shame. He's a big part of the 90's animated series and has since written his fair share of Batman comics as well as even been a story editor and executive producer on LOST. What more could you want? Hahaha! Ugh, if I could write just a single issue of a Batman comic and then write an episode of LOST I think my life would be complete. Ok, not really. I'm sure I could come up with all sorts of dream things. Like write a song with Billy Corgan? Have Yoshitaka Amano design a tattoo for me! Anyway, sorry, got a little side tracked there . . . Yeah, so Mr. Dini's book should be good. The week after, we have another Paul Dini book [Gotham City Sirens which is about our favorite bad girls, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman!] and of course, the one that started it all, Detective Comics! [staring Batwoman this time around with a backup story at the end of each issue about her former lover, The Question]. I'm excited. As you can tell from this gigantic paragraph about Batman comics!

Can we squeeze in one more geeky paragraph? Please? I'll make it short, I promise! So last night I finally had some free time on my hands and I used that to watch Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. It was wonderful. There was so much stuff added in! I loved it!! I mean come on, you all know how I feel about FFVII. Hell, I even drove up to LA back in April of '06 for the one and only theatrical showing of it in English. Tetsuya Nomura walked right past me. I could have reached out and touched him! I loved it back then and I love it even more now. The additional footage is very welcome. Yes, I was sad that they changed a couple lines here and there but it was so minor its not really even worth mentioning. It got me thinking last night about how much those characters are so important to me, how they feel like people I almost know. I know, I know, hold your horses, I couldn't say anything more pathetic and nerdy than that but well, thats just too bad cause I said it! I don't know if I can call them my favorite cast of characters ever though since they face some pretty tough competition from Roland and his gang, Chandler and the rest of the Friends, and Locke and all the LOST cast . . . If I was forced to rank them, well, the best I could do would be give FFVII and the Dark Tower characters a tie for first and the Friends and LOST characters a tie for second. And yes, this is the kind of thing I think about in my free time.

And we're done for this week. Oh, I finished Persona 3 after having started it way back in last September. Go me! I'm sure you couldn't care less about my 3 vs 4 comparisons so I'll skip them. I've rambled too much. See you all next week!

Roland Deschain

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