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"If You Start a Fire I'll Bury You Alive"

Hello everyone!

As you are all probably very well aware of, yesterday was Halloween! Halloween is a very special day each year filled with candy and costumes and scary movies. Speaking of scary movies, apparently Paranormal Activity destroyed Saw VI at the box office last weekend so I guess the world is finally developing good taste. Well, except Rolling Stone who had to give Paranormal Activity a good rating and yet write such a cynical review. Oh well. Oh see, my problem with the Saw films is that the ratio of story to gore has been going further and further in the wrong direction with each movie. Does anyone really see Saw for the storyline? No probably not but when it really comes down to it, the first one especially had a really rather decent storyline that if it had been say directed differently could have ranked up there with the likes of Se7en. Instead they focused on the gore more and relegated their movie to the cheap horror movie category. Alas. Do you think they'll ever stop making Saw movies? I sure hope so. I mean, they finally had the good sense to end the Nightmare on Elm Street movies (though, Freddy vs Jason destroys all but original and absolutely owns anything from the Friday the 13th series) so maybe in a few years we'll be Saw-free. At least for around twenty years or so till they start the remakes (just like: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and soon A Nightmare on Elm Street) Ok, ok, I got way off topic. Let's back pedal a little bit here, ok? If you have yet to see Paranormal Activity, fix that now. (even Julio who is deathly afraid of horror movies saw it and liked and recently said he might wanna see it again!) And now to go back even further . . . Halloween! (the holiday, not the movie)

Halloween was a lovely little day. Its been a while since we've been home for Halloween and not in some random city. Well, actually, I was home for last Halloween even if the rest of the band wasn't. However, seeing as I slept through most of last Halloween and don't actually remember much of what happened that day, we can pretty much just pretend like it didn't occur. This year was pretty cool though. We went all out and threw up some decorations such as a rather large amount of (fake) spiderwebs, some fun little lights and glowing signs, and of course, magnificently carved pumpkins including on Jack o' Lantern featuring the Orange Lantern symbol! Yes, thats right, I am that much a geek. I even dressed up this year for the first time in quite a few years (not counting '07 when I was a white version of Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction which really just entailed wearing what I often wear on stage anyway) and rocked not one but two costumes over the course of the night! I began the night as a pre-death by fire Freddy Kruger complete with a red stripped sweater and a glove with (plastic) knives for fingers and concluded the night as a post-resurrection Jason Voorhees complete with a glow in the dark hockey mask and a (plastic) machete and a blood spattered shirt. Apparently I was a rather convincing Jason. It was a fun night. While decorating and carving pumpkins, naturally we had some classic horror movies running in the background such as Scream and Scream 2 as well as the original Friday the 13th (which of course does not actually feature Jason at all except for a dream sequence at the end to fulfill the "moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life for one final scare" as Scream puts it though of course that statement doesn't directly apply since Jason of course was not the killer in Friday the 13th though we was supposedly dead). During the trick or treating hours of 6-10 o' clock we had a less than average turn-out (you'd think with a still struggling economy kids would be desperate to get as much free candy as possibly but I guess not) though we did get a few lovely visits from a few lovely Pensive friends so that was fun! Whilst the trick or treating festivities were going on, we watched a fun little movie called 1408 based of course on a story by our good friend, Mr. King and after the candy giving away shenanigans were over we capped off the night with a viewing of M. Night Shyamalan's Signs (aka one of his movies from before he went insane and pulled the greatest practical joke of all time [aka The Happening]). Its funny, when it really comes down to it, M. Night doesn't really make horror movies. Neither Signs nor the Sixth Sense hold up well as horror movies once you've seen them (though the Village can still get my adrenaline flowing particularly when poor Adrian Brody dons the costume and chases poor Bryce Dallas Howard in the woods . . . Oh boy I remember how scary that was the first time I saw it in the theaters. I swear my blood ran cold for that whole entire scene!) Umm, where was I? Ok yeah, so anyway, not horror movies, just dramas with supernatural tinged storylines. I won't give you the breakdown of why I insist this cause I'm pretty sure I've lost most of you by this point but trust me, I'm right!

I think that covers Halloween. Mostly. It is now November. November tends to be a good month. I think good things will happen this month. Though, I don't know if I can tell you all the good things that might happen. We here at Pensive like to keep our secrets. Why? I really have no idea why. I mean sure, we could just tell you all sorts of juicy behind the scenes details about stuff but, well, I dunno. I think its better to wait. Let's just say that by the end of the month or so we should have a rather fantastic song under our belts. Probably more than one but one for sure that's extra fantastic. Oh, and not to sound too full of myself or anything but I've been listening to our little NFG/country song since I shall be writing lyrics for it soon and I've gotta say, I rather dig it. I think you will too. If it ever sees the light of day. I mean, ya know, we're writing tons of songs and chances are at least half will never be heard outside the Pensive house . . . I mean, when we started the hardcore official writing for Artifacts, we had a good 15 or so song ideas in varying stages of completion and you've heard 2 of those. The rest either got completely swept aside or they were scraped for parts (which actually happened quite a lot. Ya know, take a chorus here, a line or two there, a guitar riff from there, etc. etc. Like this one song I had thought up: it didn't make the cut but we completely redid it and fought for days and weeks about it and my one song idea ended up as two songs: Red Letter Day (aka Julio's version) and Lost Inside Your Heart (aka my version). See what I mean?) Anyway, bottom line, who knows what songs you may or may not end up hearing. Though I've always thought it would be awesome to have an album and then have a few other ancillary releases such as EPs, singles with b-sides, and my absolutely favorite and long standing goal: vinyl exclusives! So we'll see. Maybe the best way to solve the dilemma I brought up last week of how to fit a dancy pop song, a punk country ballad, and a space rock epic together would be the idea of separate releases. But naturally I am way ahead of myself and really have no idea what I'm talking about. Do you?

I think that should pretty much wrap things up for this week. Though, you should check back either here or the page cause I'm probably gonna try to put up some pictures from last night up sometime soon. Key word there being "try." So anyway, what did you do for Halloween?

Smokey the Bear

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"Danny's Not Here Mrs. Torrence"

Hello world!

Do you recall how last week I mentioned how quickly this year has progressed? Well here's further example of that: We just played our last show of the year last night. Sad. It was a good show to go out on though I must admit. A classic Pensive show if you will. It was lovely getting to go back up to Long Beach for the first time in about two years and see a lot of familiar faces that we haven't seen in ages! And a couple familiar faces that we hadn't seen in days! And I know right now you're wondering why it was the last Pensive show of the year when there's still 1/6th a year left. Well, it really comes down to a few things and those few things are known as "holidays." These "holidays" generally get in the way of any sort of productive touring for a band at our level. Instead, we here at Pensive choose the "hibernation" option. Much like bears, we retreat away and sleep away the winter months underground. Except, unlike bears, well, we don't actually sleep any more than usual and we don't spend much, if any, time underground. So I guess its really nothing like hibernation but its just fun to say that it is. Instead of sleep, the "holiday" months shall be used to lock ourselves away into the studio, writing, writing, writing new songs till the spring thaw when normal touring activity can resume. Right about now, we're sitting on around 10-12 new songs and hopefully by the "new year" that will have doubled. Approximately. And again, no, we do not have plans for a new record at this point. This can keep you occupied for now. As I have promised a couple times before, you will be among the first to know when there actually are plans. I have high hopes for this new batch of songs. We might even be stretching ourselves a bit too wide in our sounds. Heck, one of our newest sounds like a strange mix between NFG and country. How does that work?! Oh but it does. Somehow. Not sure how that would sound sandwiched between our Mars Volta/Aerosmith song and our Thrice/Opeth song but it might sit nicely next to that dancey pop song we have : )

As you probably know, one of the greatest holidays in existence is coming up in a matter of days. That's right, Halloween is nearly upon us! And you know what that means don't you?! Well yes, I guess another Saw movie is coming out but really, who cares any more? Saw III was the last one I saw and I have since decided to boycott any further movies. I would much rather spend my hard earned money on a quality horror movie. Other than Paranormal Activity though, are there actually any good ones out? Perhaps it shall just have to be a Blockbuster holiday. I'll have to spend the majority of the next week compiling a rock solid list of horror movies to experience next Saturday. I'm thinking I might dress up as the same thing I did last year: boy with broken ankle. I've still got my walking cast-boot and crutches! Or I could do what I did the year before: a white version of Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction. I also contemplated dressing up as a REAL vampire (aka one that doesn't sparkle) by the name of Lestat but I don't really wanna go find a frilly shirt and a long blond wig . . . But who knows. I change my mind a lot. I'll give you a full report next weekend. And while I haven't even started making my movies list yet, you can rest assured that The Shining shall be on it!

Today was a very sad day. Brett Favre and the Vikings lost. I'm sure you don't really care but dammit I do!! :tear: And on such terrible luck too. A touchdown called back by a bad call by the refs! (tripping? are you kidding me?!) A fumble and an interception both returned for touchdowns? Maybe Brett just needed to get the losing out of his system now. At least the Chargers didn't suffer a terrible loss against Kansas City. We won? Wow. Its almost a shock when we don't lose. And we even scored touchdowns instead of fieldgoals? Incredible! The Angels just lost to the Yankees but eh, its just Baseball . . .

And in personal news: I finally cut my hospital bracelets off on the one year anniversary of the epic broken ankle. My wrist felt naked at first but now I feel free. Hooray! I also did end up getting Borderlands at midnight last Monday/Tuesday and have spent a great many fun filled nights with it. What's it like? Well imagine if Fallout 3 could be played as an actual shooter. There ya go pretty much. And plus, its way epic. And unlike Fallout, the level cap is 50 instead of 20 so thats a lot more gaming! Though, there has since been a DLC expansion pack that ups that level cap to 30 so I'll have to invest in that once I've gotten as much out of Borderlands as I can. Oh, and if you happen to have it and have it on PS3 we should do Co-Op together sometime. It could be fun. My PSN id is: JanuaryEmbers19. Oh, and while on the subject of video games and personal news, it looks like after a nearly 4 year break, I shall be returning to GameStop for the "holiday" months! Ok, ok, its not actually 100% for sure yet but I do have help on the inside so we'll see.

I think that just about does it for this week. Hopefully Brett and his Vikings will dominate the Packers next week! I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween and if you've got any horror movie suggestions, don't forget to leave a comment! : )

Jack Torrence

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"Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do"


Its odd. It literally just this very second hit me how late into the year it is. I mean, the middle of October isn't terribly late but very soon it shall be the next year. The years seem to be going much faster as of late. Perhaps its only in hindsight that we can truly appreciate the passage of time. In an exciting little bit of personal news, this Friday shall mark the one year anniversary of my legendary broken ankle which means I shall finally cut myself free from my hospital bracelets. I'm sure you're wondering why I still have them on considering I've been out of the hospital for quite a good long while now. Well, it essentially comes down to me keeping them on as a reminder of how tenuous our ties to this life are. How split seconds and change everything. I was rather lucky to have gotten out of my little spill with just a broken ankle actually. As anyone who actually saw me fall, its a miracle that I didn't crack my head open on the concrete. That's why I say our ties are so fragile. I think a year is enough to keep that sentiment in me for a good long while. You should try to keep it in mind too . . .

What a bummer of a kick off paragraph. Well things ain't exactly looking for this next little bit. Though I suppose this a much more different flavor of tragic: After 2 and a half of years of (mostly) faithful service, my beloved little iPod has finally bit the dust. We shall attempt surgery tomorrow at the Apple Store but I don't exactly have much faith in those "Geniuses" that work there. Alas. Oh well. That iPod was full anyway. I guess that's what happens when you try to cram the entire series of Friends on an iPod! Ya know, I can't even count how many times I've seen the entire series all the way through and yet it never gets old for me. I think that means I'm officially obsessed, doesn't it? Its a fun obsession. You should try it out sometime. You can thank me later ; )

In some music related news, I took a fun little trip up North this past Wednesday for a little musical adventure. My dear Moneen were playing a little show in Anaheim with Eisley and Say Anything and since at the time I bought tickets, there was no San Diego show, I couldn't pass up a chance to finally see Moneen!! So how was it you ask? Well it was as wonderful and chaotic and fun as I could hope for! Though, a mere 30 minutes was no where near enough to satiated my desire for awesomeness. Its ok though, I met them after the show, got them to sign a Lost poster I got at Comic Con (if you know anything about Moneen, that won't seem that odd to you . . . ) and then talked about Lost and how they need to start watching FlashForward (and so do you!) All in all, very much worth a trip up there. Plus, it was at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney so what's not to love about that?! [P.S. And you can bet I'll be at the San Diego show too!]

What else is new in the world of Pensive? Well, if you live in or near Long Beach you're probably pretty mad at as for not coming to visit you for about two years now. Well don't worry, that shall be changing come Saturday so if you've been waiting for us to return, you best get ready for we shall be rocking DiPiazza's like its 2005! Get there early and eat some of the best pizza you shall ever have with us!! However, despite some earlier claims of my own to the contrary, that will indeed be our final show of the year barring extraordinary circumstances. Fear not though for we are like a pack of bears. We hibernate in the winter so we can come back and be extra ferocious in the new year!! Plus, by hibernate I really me hide away, grow beards (or perhaps singular for Julio isn't much into facial hair), and write some totally killer songs. Oh, and as always, work on secretive things. Essentially, pull a Pinky & The Brain and work on taking over the world one set of ears at a time.

If you recall from the last blog, I mentioned that good ol' Toys R Us was rocking a "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" sale. Sadly, I was unable to take advantage of said sale. Yes, I know, it is a tragedy. Were you perhaps luckier? I might have gone for it if my Toys R Us hadn't been sold out of Uncharted 2 and had Demon's Souls but they were sold out of Uncharted 2 and I guess Demon's Souls is too much of a niche title to be stocked by a toy store. Alas. My money was much better spent getting my Moneen shirt at the show anyway. Not that it was the price of 2 video games but you get the point. Anyway, I believe that just about wraps things up for this week. Tune in next week when I tell you all about the fantastic last Pensive show of the year! Oh, and yes, in case you're wondering, I shall be picking up Borderlands at Midnight tomorrow ; )

The Smoke Monster

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Hold That Sound

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing this week? Life in Pensive land has been wonderful, thank you for asking! Why wonderful? Well other than the obvious answer of "why not?" I think the best answer would have to be because of you. Yes you. Cause you're awesome. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that most everyone from the bonfire is reading this and ya know, if you weren't at the bonfire, something tells me you're pretty awesome as well. If you couldn't have guess already, the bonfire was a big success! It was tons of fun, with a wonderful turn out, and to top it off, we didn't get rained on this year. Not that I generally mind rain exactly, but I'm not a fan of being dirty and its pretty hard to go to the beach and get rained on and not go home a little messy. That's all beside the point of course and the only reason I brought it up was to illustrate that we did it last year and while two instances doesn't make a pattern, you can pretty much count on this being an annual event. It might not always fall on the 2nd weekend of October but we will make sure it happens every year. So yes, go a head and start planning for next year already. Its like in Nightmare Before Christmas when the Mayor goes to Jack's house the day after Halloween to start planning next Halloween. Yeah, I went there. I know its almost cliched to love that movie at this point but I don't mind, my love is pure.

What else might have gone on this week? Well, not much actually. We spent a lot of time getting ready for the big bonfire action and Julio and Jeremy spent the first half of the week sick so sadly, we weren't able to get much in the way of song writing done. But, I've gotta say, where we left off, we've made some good progress since we last spoke. We put the finishing touches on a newer one and finally nailed down this one song that's been giving us trouble for months upon months so it was quite productive. One is sweeping and epic and the other is punchy and raucous. Polar opposites yet still recognizable as Pensive creations. I think. We'll see. I mean, while the divisions weren't exactly deep on Artifacts, you can draw a line and put half the songs on one side and half on the other. You have the Live Fast/Red Letter Day side and the Lost Inside Your Heart/What Dreams May Come side. And then you kind have We're All Insane and Come With Me hanging out with each other in the middle. Which side do you like the best? I think my vote would have to be tallied in the Lost Inside Your Heart/What Dreams May Come column. I like to make lists and over analyze things. Anyway, if you're wondering, at this point, we're just writing new songs so we can be prepared for the future. Trust me, you'll be the first to know when plans are in place.

As you should well know, I do loves my video game action and I'm sure that at least some of you do too. And like most in our current economic situation, not many of us are exactly rolling the cash to finance our obsession. Which makes this week's Buy 2, Get 1 Free Toys R Us sale so lovely. Will I take advantage of it? I haven't decided yet since its still a sizable investment but there's a part of me that just can't let a sale like that go . . . Oh my silly internal dilemmas. At the very least, I thought it appropriate to let you know about it. Maybe you can take advantage of it for me and as long as one of us is saving money, I'll be happy :D And besides, sadly, the game I'm looking forward to most, Borderlands, doesn't come out till next week once the sale is over. Sad times. But I bet Uncharted 2 will be worth a purchase. We'll see. I'll let ya know next blog what I ended up deciding to do since I'm very very sure that you're all at the edge of your seats wondering, oh wondering, just what I might do and if I do go for it, which games will find their way into my possession for 2/3 off . . .

I left you last week with a little teaser about some potential cd reviews for this week and I think I might as well throw out some quick reviews. I mean, why not? Its not that my opinion matters but that's ok. Now, to give you fair warning, these are solely my opinions and if you disagree, it doesn't make either of us right or wrong. Let's start off my beloved AFI. I've been a rabid AFI coming up on 10 years here pretty soon. Though, growing up in the East Bay, I knew people that were AFI fans back when I was in 7th grade ('96/'97) so my history with them goes way back. Its just that back in those days, I didn't listen to any music. I was a late bloomer in that sense. Anyway, AFI is barely recognizable as the same band from way back then. To get to the point, I love their new cd. I really, really do. Its much less doom and gloom than their past 5 cds or so have been but it still works for me. Its still AFI, just a different season. Their love of the Cure has never been more apparent and it suits them well. And, this is going to sound odd, but this record almost has more in common with their first two cds than any since those early days. Why? No, its not cause its crappy punk rock, its that it has a looseness to it. It has the feeling that they had fun making it. Its just a wonderful, wonderful cd.

Moving along, let's make a quick stop in Canada and visit our friends in Moneen. Again, it is also a wonderful, wonderful cd. Is it as good as The Red Tree? No. Its not. But then again, that's like asking if Michaelangelo's next statue after The David was as good. Yes, I just compared Moneen to Michaelangelo. Here's the thing though: even if it falls just short of the high water mark left by The Red Tree, their new cd, The World I Want To Leave Behind is breath takingly marvelous. It widens their palatte with new sounds and textures. You've never heard Moneen this dark before and oddly enough, it fits them somehow and they pull it off. I had my doubts after my first listen, but the next time through, it all just clicked and I realized that they again have made a masterpiece. Don't know who Moneen is? Do yourself a huge favor and find out!

Lastly, Paramore. I don't wanna spend much time on this since I'm just going on and on and on. Is it a bad cd? No. Do I like it? No. Its as simple as that. I guess they wanted to "grow up" or something but this new sound just doesn't work for me at all. Hopefully it will connect with some people though. Maybe you.

That about does it for this week. Tune in next week when I . . . well, I dunno. When I talk about something.

The Pumpkin King

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This Conversation is Over

How is everyone doing this fine Sunday? I'm doing quite nicely thanks for asking. I believe I shall start off this week with some quick news bulletin type things. Ish. Not really but work with me here, ok? First off, do you live in San Diego? Do you know about our "Fan Appreciation" Bonfire on this coming Friday the 9th? Well if you didn't know you do now! Its being sponsored by our amazing Street Team but you don't have to be a Street Team member to stop by. Its open to absolutely any and every Pensive fan that wants to come. Its going to be at Ocean Beach. Here's a flyer for it. Oh, and in case you're not quite sure where that is, well, here's a good place to park (though, of course, if you know the area, you can choose to park anywhere you'd like), and if you look at that map and scroll a bit south of that parking lot (not too far mind you) you'll see a long, thin, line of rocks going out into the sea. Yeah, thats pretty much right where we'll be. Right above where it says "Ocean Beach Park" on the little Google Maps map . . . Ok? We good? Any more questions? Well if you do have more questions either ask us (if the question is pertaining to say directions) or our Street Team captain Kayla (if the question is related to the specifics of the bonfire such as bringing food and other such things [you can reach Kayla by sending a message to "Strictly Pensive" which is our top friend. Thats our Street Team's page in case you didn't know])

Alright, now that we've got that all cleared up, what else might there be to talk about? Oh! Here we go. Somehow I was unaware of this up until about a week ago, but our good friend, Mr. Chuck Palahniuk has a new book. Its called Pygmy. Now, I can't say that I suggest it just yet considering it just arrived in the mail yesterday (heck yes using B&N gift cards online!) but I have faith in good ol' Chuckie P. Though, his last book, Snuff, was a bit out there. Even for him. Certainly not for the faint of heart. If you've always been curious about "that guy that wrote Fight Club," well, I'd say you should either start right there or with say Survivor or Choke. Ease your way in a bit before you dive into the really weird stuff like Diary or Snuff. I also recently purchased a mini collection of Michael Crichton books on eBay so hopefully those will arrive soon. Seem like a random purchase? Yeah, it is a little bit I guess. How shall I explain this . . . Well, as you probably don't know, I like to fancy myself as a bit of an author. No, I've never actually written anything longer than like a 10 page short story, but if I weren't a musician, I'd quite likely be trying to earn my living writing silly little stories. One story idea I have came to me in a dream and I've been tweeking it for months now and just the other day I was wasting time on the internet and came to realize that "Sphere" by Michael Crichton has a rather similar story arc to my idea so I figured I should try to get that book considering that, A.) I'll probably enjoy it greatly, and B.) I gotta do my research so if I were to ever actually write this story that it wouldn't be a straight up rip-off. Now, oddly enough, I was unable to actually find Sphere at any B&N, nor anywhere online other than eBay. The cheapest option available to me just happened to be a little mini collection of Michael Crichton hardcovers so thats what I went with. Sure, I've already got Jurassic Park in hardcover but my copy of The Lost World is woefully old and beat up and missing the dust jacket so I figure, heck, why not! 6 books for $10? Sign me up! And . . . that's about the end of my pointless story : )

Oh!!!! I've been sitting here for a couple minutes wondering what else to talk about. I should I bore you by telling you about, where I've recently traded off a bunch of video games I don't play for ones I will, or maybe talk about writing songs or something else potentially Pensive related but nothing seemed quite right. I had this nagging feeling that I did in fact actually have something worth talking about but that it had slipped through my fingers . . . Well, it had but I found it again! Are you ready, are you ready?! We're gonna talk about movies. Scary movies. In particular, one scary movie. Goes by the name Paranormal Activity. Heard of it? Its new. Still doing that silly only showing in select cities and theaters thing. Well anyway, there were a total of 2 showings of it here in San Diego over the weekend and I happened to be at one of them. Thankfully I got my tickets the day before since they sold out. And not only did the sell out but they sold out so quickly they moved it from being in just one theater into two for that midnight showing! I got there an hour in advance and pretty much every seat in both theaters was already full. So yeah, this movie has a ton of hype around it. Oh, before I go any further, check out the trailer on its official website. Now that you know what its about let me just go ahead and tell you that yes, it is scary. Maybe not the scariest movie ever, but its on the list for sure. The ending is pretty damn chilling and I did not see that coming at all. There's just an almost constant, edge of your seat tension wondering what will happen next. Especially when its night time. As you can probably tell from the trailer, its a very low budget film but that helps it come off as so believable. Especially when the weird things happen. The special effects are quite impressive and I really can't figure out how they did some of that stuff. I mean, if it was a big budget Hollywood movie, it would make sense but with what they were working with and in many of the cases, a static camera angle, its just crazy. So anyway, chances are high it might not be playing near you but maybe it'll go into even wider release next weekend. If it is playing anywhere near you, YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Seriously. Buy tickets in advance and get there early.

I think that's gonna wrap things up this week folks. I hope you had a lovely time with our weekly visit. Check back next week where I'll talk a lot about random things. Maybe I'll even through in some cd reviews of Moneen, AFI, or Paramore. We'll see. Goodbye for now.

Jack's Smirking Revenge

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"Hang On, This is Gonna be Bad . . . "

"Hang On, This is Gonna be Bad . . . "

Hello hello everyone!

Saturday night, after our show, while eating some really quite terrible Pick Up Stix, I was flipping through the channels and happened to come across Jurassic Park. I love Jurassic Park. I was beyond obsessed with it when it came out 16 years ago. I've lost count over the years but I know I made my mom take me to see it at least 9 times while it was in theaters. Oh how I miss those old days. You see, where we lived in Northern California at the time, there was this huge movie theater not too far away that we'd always go to. I can't recall the real name of it now but I always referred to it as "The Dome" due to the rather large domed ceiling of the main theater. I don't know if this is just something that went out of style or if its still practiced in some theater complexes but there they had one huge gigantic enormous theater and several much smaller ones. Naturally, the biggest movies where in the biggest theater. And in the summer of 93 there was certainly no bigger movie than Jurassic Park. In the past couple years, the idea of a large screened theater seems to be coming back in a big with the popularization of IMAX screens. Did you happen to see The Dark Knight in IMAX last summer? How much more awesome was that than on a normal screen? Way beyond lightyears incredible more awesome, right? So all of this has led me to this one simple conclusion. Jurassic Park needs to be re-released in IMAX. I original had the idea for this months ago when I dreamt about it. Thats how much I love Jurassic Park. I literally dream about it being in theaters again. In fact, now that I think about, Jurassic Park was also the first real book I ever read.

What a fun little introduction that was. In fact, its actually a rather good lead in to my next segment. Though, I don't think I'm at liberty to discuss it yet. Just know that we shall be announcing something rather large in the next couples minutes. I mean, depending on when you read this, you might already know since its going to be plastered all over the page very very soon. There's even a little hint of it now if you're sharp enough. You might not think its a big deal but trust me, it is. You shall soon understand the depth and scope of its awesomeness.

Ya know what else is awesome? The new trailer for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake! Trailer Action!! I certainly hope it ends up good since the recent rash of classic horror movies remakes haven't exactly been all that spectacular. I mean, I have faith in Jackie Earl Haley. He did a pretty awesome job at being Rorschach in Watchmen. I just hope it doesn't take the same directorial route as the recent horror movies where its high on gore and torture-like situations and goes for the suspense, terror, and intelligence I associate Nightmare on Elm Street with. Oh well, time will tell I suppose.

For those of that didn't know, we played a set of shows this past weekend at the Coronado Speed Festival. It was a good time I must say. Sadly, due to the rather high cost of entry, not many of you Pensive fans could make and we understand. We do wanna thank all of you that did make it out and hope you had yourself a lovely time in the sun. For those of you that were unable to make it, well, it was fun. You better not miss the next Pensive show though. Why? Well, mainly because its not a Pensive show. I'm sure you've all heard by now about the tragedy that struck A City Serene a couple weeks ago. Along with the benefit show at Soma this weekend (which was originally supposed to be A City Serene's cd release show), Pensive along with A Dull Science and Stereo Summer are putting together another benefit show later in the month. Hopefully between these two shows, we can all raise enough money to help them out with whatever they may need help with whether its as urgent as medical bills or as seemingly mundane as replacing equipment destroyed in the crash. The first benefit show is this Saturday at SOMA and the one that we're doing with A Dull Science and Stereo Summer (and several other bands that will be announced soon) will be at the Epicentre on October 25th. I strongly encourage you to attend both shows and show your support.

In a final bit of Pensive related news, if you haven't heard, we and our Street Team are throwing a bonfire on Friday October 9th. Do you live in or near San Diego? Do you like Pensive? (I would assume yes since you're reading this) Do you like the beach and/or fire? Then you are more than welcome to attend. In fact, we encourage everyone reading this stop on by. Its gonna be at Ocean Beach, near Lifeguard tower 3. We're aiming to have to be from 5 to 9 though if you can't get there at 5, its all good. If you're thinking you might wanna stop on by, if you could just send a quick little message on over to our Street Team (Strictly Pensive, its our top friend) that would be wonderful. We hope to see you there!

So anyway, that just about wraps up this week's blog. Check the page right now and every now and again until the big announcement is across the top of the page. See ya'll in a couple days! : )

Ian Malcolm

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"F'in O-Line!!!"

Hello hello!!

How has everybody been the past 6 days? I'm getting closer and closer to getting these blogs in on time. Maybe next week I'll make it before the next week begins. Or maybe not. Since we've got two shows next weekend. At Fleet Week. At a car race. On Coranado. That's pretty sweet if you ask me. In fact, we better get down to work so we can totally rock those shows. Eh, don't worry, we'll practice when I finish my blog. People can wait on me this time around. While on the subject of people waiting on me, I've decided its time for you all to stop waiting. If you've been reading the past couples weeks, you should know that I have a little suprise waiting up my sleeve and I think its finally time to play my hand. Its not gonna knock your socks off or nothing so don't get too excited. Do you play guitar? Then this is for you. We often get messages or comments asking for tabs to our songs so I finally took the time to write them all out. And not like those crappy ones you can find on the internet that are in Courier, I'm talking real quality tabs with measures and quaters notes and all that awesome stuff. I've got all of Artifacts done and ready to go so now I've just gotta export them as a PDF and get Web Boy Sean to stick them up on the website. But I'm not stopping there seeing as I'm pretty much done with Yesterday Fades Away and I figure I might as well do all of Something About The Stars as well. So, bottom line, if you've ever wondered how to play our songs, here's your best chance to learn! : )

Let's keep talking about music for a bit longer. As another continuation from last week, you may remember me talking about new cds coming out. Well, sadly, my special edition Moneen cd/dvd has yet to arrive from Canada but its ok, I can be patient. In the mean time, I have plenty other forms of musical entertainment including new Muse, Every Time I Die, and A Fine Frenzy. Oh, and being the good little Thrice fan I am, I picked up a physical copy of Beggars and got my bonus tracks including the song "Answered" which was a B-Side from the Beggars sessions and if it had made the real cd would have been far and away my favorite song on the cd. So yet again, just like they did with "Flags of Dawn," Thrice sometimes just doesn't know which songs of their's are that extra bit of amazing. Oh well, its cool. The new Muse cd is epic beauty rolled into awesomeness spinkled with fantastic . . . sprinkles? Sure, that works. Not quite the baroque masterpiece that was Absolution but totally worth a purchase. Every Time I Die also did not disappoint though I think I liked the fun loving ETID from The Big Dirty as opposed to the dark and depressing ETID from The New Junk Aesthetic but just cause its not as tongue-in-cheek don't mean it doesn't rock. Hell, it probably rocks harder. We'll see what I think in a few weeks. Oh, and A Fine Frenzy? If that name doesn't ring a bell, look her here on myspace. Might not be your cup of tea, but I dig it. The coming weeks will also be bringing us AFI and Paramore so we'll see what else September has in store for us.

Hmm, let's see. What else might there be to discuss. Oh. Yeah. The Chargers. So disappointing. As my good friend Jason liked to point out many times today with outraged shouts of "f'in o-line!!!" we don't exactly have the greatest of Offensive Lines at the moment. I mean, let's give credit where credit is due, the Ravens are a damn good team but we could pulled that one out if it weren't for some pretty bad mistakes. I mean, how the hell do we not score a touchdown with a a 1st and Goal inside the 1 yard line?! Hopefully those injuries will get healed up right quick and we can get back to blocking. Though, I'm sure you're not reading the Pensive blog to find out about the Chargers so let's move on.

I finished Batman: Arkham Asylum completely and totally yesterday. As in I got all the trophies for it which rewarded me with my first platinum trophy yet. I did a nice little celebratory dance. Finally dominated all those damn challenge maps and beat the game a 2nd time on hard and that platinum trophy was mine! Still haven't gotten around to playing it? You should change that right quick my friend. Its quite the enjoyable experience, trust me! In the land of comics, Batman & Robin introduced us to a new duo of crime killing vigilantes known as the Red Hood and Scarlet. Now, of course, the "Red Hood" is hardly a new character but at this point we don't know who's under there. Time will tell. Philip Tan did a wonderful job of filling Frank Quietly's shoes in the art department and even though it was distinctly Philip Tan, it still somehow kept the feeling that Frank had established in the first three issues so mega thumbs up there! I met Philip at Comic Con and he's a very nice fellow. He seemed a little shocked that I wanted him to sign a Green Lantern comic for me. Hahaha! And speaking of Green Lantern, well, let's just say that Blackest Night is wonderful wonderful wonderful!!

That's about all I've got to report for now. Things have been a bit quiet around here the past couple days. Hopefully we can get back on the song writing train again soon. Fingers crossed. Oh and hopefully we can get our fall planned out soon too for it is fast approaching. Fingers crossed again.

Philip Rivers

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Luminous Beings are We, Not This Crude Matter

Hello Hello Everyone!!

I must apollogize for being so late with my weekly blog. As always, I have an excuse. Not a valid one by any means, and perhaps even excuse isn't quite the right word. That has such a negative conotation. Let's instead going with "reason." My reason being that Saturday was entirely consummed with the production of what was quite honestly the greatest Pensive event to date. Sunday was consummed by my recovery from said day. Those of you not of the musical profession might not be aware of the physical exhaustion that can result from a performance. Especially when you haven't played a real show like that in about two months. So I woke up Sunday afternoon sore all over and unable to speak. But all is well now. Fear not. I'm not trying to have a little pity parade here or anything, just telilng a bit of a story is all. You might be wondering why I would have lost my voice considering that I don't generally sing much at Pensive show and I'm certainly not loquacious enough to have talked myself hoarse, well, I'll tell you why. In the next paragraph.

So much to talk about, so much to talk about. I'm not quite sure where to start. Shall I just start with an explaination for my voice? Sure, why not. Well, we decided it would be fun to bust out Another Unknown Tragedy for my birthday show. Why? Other than the fact that we haven't played it in years and I always enjoy, well, truth be told, we picked the set by picking all the songs Jeremy hates to play cause they're either too slow, or in the case of Another Unknown Tragedy, too fast. But, it happened to work out nicely they're all the songs I love to play the most so yay for me. We even kicked it more old school than that with a fun little cover of Red Alert. Don't know that song? Well its by an awesome San Diego band by the name of Agent 51 who are no longer with us. Back in the day though, oh boy, they were the shit! They were essentially our idols when we were first starting out as a band. We worshipped them. When we got them to play the CD Release show for Kids These Days, I thought it couldn't get any better than that. Except it did. Cause when our drummer quit, we got their drummer, Mikey to play a couple shows with us and record a cd with us!! I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but just imagine getting to hang out with your heroes on a daily basis. Of course it only got even more insane when he told us that he knew Will from Fenix TX but I have gotten way off course here. You get the point. Point being, it was way tons of fun to play one of their songs live and even though I don't think anyone in the crowd knew, they still enjoyed it I'm sure!! Reading back over what I had already written, I just now came to realize that I didn't actually explain why Another Unknown Tragedy was the reason my vocal chords were so displeased with me on Sunday. You see, though it might not be reflected in the actual recording, but classically speaking, when we would play that song live before we ever recorded it, the repeated lines in the verses weren't sung, they were screamed. When it came time to record it, it was decided that my scream wasn't cd worthy so we instead went with singing. Live however, I still feel the need to kick it old school (again with the kicking!) and scream it up real good. Does it sound good? No. But its all good.

Also, I think its safe to say that we have the greatest fans in the world. No other band can claim to have the greatest fans in the world unless our fans like them too. Not only are they amazingly loud and supportive and never miss a show but they bake awesomely tasty brownies and cookies and cakes and bring other such lovely gifts like singing cards and books and comics and Absolute graphic novels and incredibly rare vinyl records. I don't wanna name names cause thats not cool, but everyone knows who they are and you are all wonderful!!!

What other matters are there to discuss? Well the VMAs were last night and somehow I got conned into watching them. But its cool. I got to see Kanye West be a d bag and take the mic from Taylor Swift. Then got to see Ms. Swift perform and be awesome. High five Taylor. Julio and I joked about the state of the music scene and decided that in the end he and I might just get some cowboy boots and hats and move to Nashville and call ourselves country. Cause well, outside of the even incredible MUSE, Taylor Swift performed the only other song I found enjoyable to listen to. Well, ok actually, I did rather enjoy the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song at the end. Oh and poor Tyson Ritter. Did anyone else see him performing Gives You Hell with the house band? He had scruff, no shirt, and his entire chest was covered with glitter. I dunno man. I can respect the whole trying to pull off the glitter look but couldn't he have at least been clean shaven? I don't really picture facial hair and glitter working together very well. Oh well. We all know I'm over critical and jaded. Did anyone else think it might have been a practical joke that Pete Wentz and Gabe Saporta presented together? Cause Gabe is really, really tall. And Pete isn't. It was quite comical. Right up there with Tyson and his glitter. Do I write a gossip blog? I think there might be something wrong with me. Do I have a fever?

Tomorrow is a big, big, big day. CD wise. Four (4) thats right, count 'em, four cds that I desire come out tomorrow. Ok, actually make that three since I don't really desire the Thrice cd and if weren't for my undying love of them I wouldn't get it. But still, three is pretty epic. MUSE. Every Time I Die. Moneen. Could you ask for a better Tuesday? Nope, I don't think you could. Mmm tasty. And then come Thursday, we get free DLC for Batman: Arkham Asylum and thats pretty sweet as well. I just got two more combat challenges to go till I've got 100%. And dammit, I'm gonna get that 100%!

Do I have anything else left to mention? I don't think so. Do you remember a couple blog back when I mentioned I was working on a surprise that only a select handful of people would appreciate? Yeah, I ain't done yet. But I'm way totally close. Just a bit further to go. I guess I could reveal it before I'm done but I don't want to. My perfectionism won't let me. I'm sorry. Don't worry, it probably doesn't even apply to you. Maybe you but not you. I mean, it could if you want it to maybe if you want to learn but ya know, you might not. Though you could still gaze upon it and wonder what it all means. Confused? I hope so. Do you realize that I said I had nothing left to mention and yet still wrote a whole paragraph? Silly, huh?

See yall on (or around) Saturday for the next weekly blog!


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Patrick Smith is a Basterd

Hello world!

How are all of you doing this fine weekend? I'm doing wonderfully, thank you for asking! I'm once again writing to you from my favorite place, B&N. I'll spare you all the long talk about it this time since I wrote my B&N love letter last week. Tomorrow, the 7th, its my birthday and that's another reason to be excited. I mean, who doesn't like birthdays?! I mean, birthdays usually mean cake. I like cake. And chocolate cake with peanut butter icing just cannot be beat my friends. Though, that is waiting for me at home. For now, I'm enjoying a much more B&N appropriate snack known as a blueberry scone. Tasty! Maybe its just that I've been here on Sunday afternoons the last couple times I've been here, but the cafe section seems to be a lot busier lately than it used. I've been coming to this particular B&N for years. I know its a little weird considering that reading can take place anywhere but I often go to B&N just to break out a book and read. Free AC should never be passed up during the dead of summer. Remember that.

As you might have been able to guess from the title of this little blog posting, I went to see Inglourious Basterds since we last spoke. As you could also probably gather, I rather enjoyed it. Its a very sick and twisted movie but its also all sorts of wonderful. I don't know of anyother film that ends like that one does that you can walk out of with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. I won't divulge the details since I'm sure there's some of you that haven't seen it yet but its all sorts of good fun. The last line of dialouge is Brad Pitt looking right into the camera (the camera taking the place of one of the "bad" guy's points of view if you will) and he says, "this might just be my masterpiece." It occurs to me that in a way, its rather likely that Mr. Tarantino was saying that about his film. Now, that's a very hard statement to verify. Especially considering his back catalogue includes Pulp Fiction, one of my favorite movies ever. In some ways, it almost doesn't seem like a Tarantino movie in that the story is told in a linear fashion. Shocking, isn't it? It works though. I can't really picture this movie being told in the jumbled up fashion of Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs. (and on the other hand, Reservoir Dogs shown in a sequential order wouldn't be anywhere nearly as impactful). So, is it his masterpiece? I think it might be. Its right up there with Pulp Fiction but it also has a bit more "heart & soul" than Pulp Fiction did. Time will tell. At the very least, the revenge aspect of this movie is much more fulfilling than Kill Bill. Especially the ending. That may have been a rather clever ending for Kill Bill but I always found it a bit anti-climactic. Though, Bill's Superman monolouge at the end is classic! Anyway, it is a Tarantino movie so its violent. But I think you can handle it. I think you need to see it if you haven't. And if you're like Jeremy who's only seen Pulp Fiction cause we made him watch it and never seen anything else by Tarantino, well, do yourself a favor and see them all. Sooner rather than later.

In other news, much more niche news, the Final Fantasy IX Play Arts figures have finally been released! Its about freakin' time! Now don't get me wrong, I love FFVII to death, but how many freakin' Cloud and Sephiroth figures can they make?! (and why the eff won't they make Barret and Cid!?!?!) So yes, this is pretty exciting news for me. Though, sadly, they seem to keep raising their prices everytime a new figures series comes out. Alas. I also don't know why they couldn't have at least also made a Freya figure cause she rocked all kinds of awesomeness in FFIX. Oh well, anyway. Sorry for my geeking out right there.

Are there any new cds that we need to discuss? I feel like there might be. I don't believe we've talked about the new Third Eye Blind cd yet, have we? Well the jury is still out on that for me as to whether it lives up to what I was hoping for. However, I can tell you it was not disappointing. While perhaps not as instantly memorable as their debut it is certainly a very very solid record. Much better than the new Thrice cd. Everytime I listen to that cd I just get bummed out. I still can't really put my finger on it. It feels like they spent the whole record wishing they were in the late 60's or something. To be honest, I like probably about half of the cd. They're all good songs but I just don't like some of them. If that makes sense. I like the slow ones. Its funny, if at the beginning of this year you would have told me that I'd like the new Taking Back Sunday cd more than the new Thrice cd, I would have openly laughed in your face. But its true. I do. September is a big month for the new music though with Monenn, AFI, Muse, Every Time I Die, and Paramore all coming out. And probably more that I'm not aware of at the moment. I'll try to at least mention each album as I get it and report on my thoughts.

I think its about time to wrap things up for the week. Don't forget that Saturday the 12th is the next epic Channel 1225 event. And epic it will be. You really don't want to miss it. We'll be busting out a few surprises. Old and new and old again. Don't miss it. I promise you'd regret not being there ; )

The Bear Jew

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Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls

Hello there everyone!!

This week's blog is coming to you from a very, very special place. One of my favorite places in the whole entire world. Care to venture a guess? No no, its much more mundane than that . . . Give up? I'm sure some of you guessed correctly but for those of you left uncertain the answer is Barnes & Noble (or as I refer to it, B&N or sometimes, Heaven [I am also known to aimlessly wander around any GameStop I come accross as well. Its a bit of an obsession with both stores]). To top it all off, this B&N in particular holds a special place in Pensive lore considering it was approximately three feet from where I sit right now that I wrote the lyrics for Lost Inside Your Heart and Live Fast while listening to Beethoven's 6th Symphony back in June of '07. It was mere days before Julio had to have completed lyrics so that he could record the songs and the pressure was on. For some reason, those were the two songs that I just couldn't seem to make progress on lyrically. The first couple lines to Live Fast came shortly after we came up with the song (then referred to as the "Pop Punk Song") but nothing else came. We had a kind of half assed chorus in place if I remember correctly that came from another song we had at the time (Reaching For The Sky which essentially became Live Fast) but while the melody was strong, the lyrics were just not working. I ended up keeping the "everyday, I get one step closer to . . . " beginning of the chorus but it all changed when I made the next part of that line "an early grave." Suddendly, I had a direction for the song. A meaning. A purpose. It clicked if you will. It still took me a good couple hours afterwards to get everything else in place but that one line was the key.

There's a fun little story for all of you. I'm sure I've told it before but hey, I only have so many stories to tell. I'll take this time to plug the "Official Pensive Blog" that's featured on our website cause that baby has blogs going all the way back to 2006. Plus it has all the blogs I wrote as daily bulletins last spring. The Official Pensive Blog. Go check it out. You're checking it out right now! Don't try to read it all though in one sitting cause that might be too much rambling for anyone to handle. I wouldn't really say I'm known for getting to the point in my writings. When I speak I get right to the point, but, well, this is different. ya know? See? Off topic. Though, the topic for this paragraph has pretty much already been exhausted. Let's move along shall we . . .

We've got a lot up our selves for the next couple months so you should definitely keep your eyes open for some fun and exciting news. I don't think I have the official clearence yet to give any hints so I'm sorry about that. My hints tend not to be opaque enough. Perhaps by the time the next blog rolls around I'll be able to provide some more information but don't hold your breath. Cause I don't think you could survive a week without breathing. Though, you know what's gonna happen in just over a week from now? I'm going to become one year older. Its true. It happens once a year. Usually on the same date every year too. Namely September 7th.

Oh, some other big news. Chula Vista just won the Little League World Series!! How freakin' sweet is that?! I'm thinking we should invite those kids to a Pensive show. Hahaha if anyone reading this happens to know anyone from the World Champion Chula Vista team, tell them they can get into our show on September 12th for free!! I wonder if I have the power to make that offer . . . Eh, whatevs, I made the offer. Deal with it, yo.

We have one last little bit of business to attend to before I leave you for the week. Its a minor little thing. Most likely of no consiquence to you but of great importance to me. Come on, you know. I've been talking about it for months. Heck yes, thats right, Arkham Asylum finally came out!!! In just about every possible way, it was totally worth the wait. It was a little bit on the short side and I would have liked a few more boss fights intead of just big fights against lots of enemies but those complaints are so minor they almost don't even matter. The game itself is damn near perfect. The combat is perfect. The invisible predator sequences are perfect. The voice acting is spot on perfection. I finished it up on Friday and am now going around the island getting the last of all the secrets The Riddler has hidden. I might end up playing it through again very soon. Though I might first complete my 2nd time through InFamous, this time evil. Or FFVIII which I randomly picked up again. Anyway, off topic again. Batman: Arkham Asylum was incredible. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. Along with the new Slim PS3 while you're at it. I mean, why not? Well, except that Sony dropped the ball by not including PS2 backwards compatibility but oh well.

So, in conclusion, go buy Arkham Asylum. And then go to our show on September 12th. Oh, and we now have a release date for the new Moneen cd. September 15th. I'm so excited I think I might explode. They're releasing it on vinyl later but I'll get that when they do as well. Gotta match it up with my Red Tree and Hold That Sound EP vinyls. I'm obsessive about collecting vinyls. For the longest time I was missing Machina but that finally found its way into my hands and now all I'm really, really missing are Stay What You Are by Saves The Day and Deja Entendu by Brand New. Anyway, anyway! This blog is over. Just like that conversation in Fight Club between Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter.

Red Lantern

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