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I'm really glad I know what to do when a tire blows out

So we are diriving along the freeway, watching deadwood, and all of the sudden we hear a high pitched hissing, followed by thumping, followed by our van going into convulsions. Our back tire blew up, awesome. Luckily I was there to tell julio not to break but to slowly accelerate, cuz we would end up one or two members less cuz he would have flipped us. Haha, but it was fun, i got all dirty and changed the tire, it was fun, kinda. Well not really. Hot and sweaty would best describe it. But yeah, then we got to the club, and wouldn't you know it..... more stairs! yay. but yeah, fun stuff. okay, i cant wait to tell you what's gonna happen next. dun dun duuuuuhhhhhnnnnnnnn.......

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I really, really, REALLY hate...

...stairs. But we crashed at the X-Out band house last night and had a blast doing so. I was up for a good majority of the night working on a site while being crowded by a lot of musical debating. Fantastic. Seriously though. Lots of fun, and I'd gladly stay up and debate music again. I mean, what else is there to do in life if you're not getting worked up about the rock and the roll? Or Avril Lavigne if you're Julio..

The in-house breakfast was pretty sweet, too. Thanks again, X-Out dudes.

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Picture of the aforementioned kabob goodness:

And some illustrations by the amazing Merch Girl Lauren:

And that's all I wanna post. Werd.

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Holy Kabob!

Hello Friends.

Last night we played...(and when I say we, I am in no way implying that I have any musical talent...) at a rather smelly venue: Little Brother's in Columbus, Ohio. But the nasal suffering was not in vain. It was by far the biggest draw that I've seen since I've been here, AND we met some cool band guys, AUBURNDALE, plus, who supplied us with a [free] place to stay for the night. and shish-kabobs. let's not forget the kabobs.

One other thing I've noticed: Everyone in Ohio smokes. and I'm not exaggerating. I do mean every single person over 18 (and quite a few under). This is a strange phenomenon, being that in San Diego, no one smokes, and the few that do are ostracized and ridiculed. And stoned to a bloody, bloody pulp.

On an end note, Jason and I officially challenged two of the BOTTOM LINE guys to cranium yesterday at Barnes and Noble. They never showed up. Therefore they are chickens. I guess our Cranium-Champion reputation precedes us.

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Ohio is... interesting.

I've learned that the internet pretty much sucks anywhere but the coast cities, people are both extremely nice and extremely abrasive at the same time, and that bands here are full of decent people. We're making kabobs right now and we're going to have ourselves a good ol' fashioned cook out with the Auburndale dudes.

I like food. And food is graciously being presented to me. Sweet.

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a week and a half and i want in n out

It has been fun, rather than losing all my money in a way which I am a custom to, I have spent all of it willingly on the beautiful magic of marketable explosives. I love fireworks, that's all I have to say. Wow, im addicted. the entire front seat of the van is stockpiled with picolo petes, screamin rattlers, bunghole whistlers... wegot... I got a bunch of stuff. But I still miss my dog, my fiance and my beach. It's awesome being on the road, but dang it I miss home and all of my friends. But besides that... I'm on tour and it is awesome!!! Everyone has been amazing to us and we are having a blast. We got a long way to go, let's see how long before a fight breaks out in the van! I give it 3 weeks. word.
...Oh, and if ANYONE needs their house painted, I need work when I get back in August! So please let them know that I will paint their house for a good price, and im really good, trust me. haha, okay, enough shameless self promotion, I'm out. keep 'er sleazy

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Moustache Mania

As our saga continues, we follow the boys to The Beachland Ballroom for our first show with our new pals, Bottom Line. Quite possibly the first band we've met on the road that has more crap in their trailer than Pensive.

Inside the 'tour van', a new obsession has arisen. HBO's series 'Deadwood' on DVD is quite possibly the best thing since sliced duck.

In other news, Jason is moonlighting as a garbage disposal. At about midnight last night, he consumed precisely 2 pieces of Garlic Bread, 5 (count em') slices of French Toast with Syrup, and 1/2 of a 3-cheese omelet. I wouldn't be surprised if our resident hotbody turns flabby-fabulous in no time.

To conclude this installment, I'll report on the heinous state of non-shaving that is going on in this band. We are now taking donations at the merch table. We need enough for all four boys to get electrolysis. Please don't let these guys go one more day with five o' clock shadows and french molester moustaches. I'm out.

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Hi, I'm Pat. And here's a post.

I felt this would be a pretty good way to get to know me.

The end.

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Meant to post this yesterday...

We were raised on Tetris.

Represent, fool.

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Beachland. Doesn't sound like an Ohio venue name...

Maybe because there are no beaches in Cleveland? Well, I suppose that's a lie. The Great Lakes (or lake, singular, because only one touches Ohio, I think..) provide a pretty crazy beach and if you attempt to look across them, you think it's a freakin' ocean.

So here's the crazy thing. I'm still on West Coast time right now, so the fact that it's 3:20-something in the morning doesn't really phase me. I'm wide awake and programming code. What the heck? I wanna sleep. I don't have a nine-to-five anymore, and I'm working my own hours. You think I'd sleep in, but even going to bed right now means I'll be up at like 10:00. That's seven hours of sleep. Still not a full eights hours. And somehow I don't care.

And whoever's reading this right now probably doesn't care either. You're probably reading this thinking, "Is he ever going to write something relevant to the band? I WANTED JUICY TOUR DETAILS! Ugh. I'll just read Merch Girl Lauren's posts. This guy's boring."

Yes. I'm boring. And I played my first show of the tour tonight and probably didn't move too much. Damn me and looking at the damn bass. Different frets suck. Oh well. I didn't screw up much. I don't think.

Someone from Ohio want to correct me? If I sucked, let me know, but I think that was pretty damn good for a ten month hiatus. Rock.

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