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Mall Rats.

Tonight I will report on "Mall Adventures with Pat and Sean". Last night, PENSIVE performed at the Gibson Showcase, in Nashville, TN. Not only did we get to see a Vegas-style showgirl act, but the aforementioned showcase happened to be located within the biggest mall I have ever laid eyes on. It was glorious, to say the least. Having been trapped in a van with four boys for 2+ weeks, there has been very little time to pursue one of my primary passions; supporting the American economy.

Surprisingly, I was not the biggest of the big spenders yesterday. Here's the breakdown:

Pat: "The Worm Ouroboros" by E.R. Eddison - $10

Sean: Brown PUMA Sneakers - $69, Various Tennessee Souvenirs - $6

Lauren: Pinstriped GLOBE slippers - $39, Ultimate Chocolate Death Brownie - $2

Pat lounging in a bathtub display: Priceless.

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Access Denied

We are now in Nashville, home of big hats, big boobs, and big sparkly outfits. Today we went… er… attempted to go to warped tour. Since we are on a ‘starving musician’ budget, we thought we’d attempt to ‘attend warped tour for free’ through the ‘V.I.P. hole-in-the-fence’ entrance. We pulled up to the first checkpoint, and since we happened to have the trailer attached to the tour van, the security guard asked if they were musicians. Julio replied, “yes”, because they are. Just not musicians that are performing at Warped Tour. The man waved us into the area where droves of tour buses are parked. We mistakenly assumed that since we had gotten this far, we were shoe-ins. Wrong. Despite all of our best attempts, we could not find our way in. Everyone pitched in to send Jason and the boys’ booking agent, Scottie, into the ‘regular’ entrance, to meet bands and get the gospel of Pensive out there. The rest of the boys spent the day catching up on fan mail.

On a side note, Jason is dead to the world, due to a nasty case of dehydration and sunstroke. He should be out until tomorrow night’s show. Under the circumstances that he doesn’t wake up, Sean has volunteered to string him up, and operate him like a marionette. THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

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Severe thunderstorm warning for Kentuckiana.

So I don't know where this whole Kentuckiana thing came from, but I heard it from four different newscasters and had to use it. Apparently it's an official name out here. So I tried to get some pictures of the amazing lightning that this whole storm was creating, but this is about as close as I got:

Yeah. I don't know what that is either. Sorry.

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Welcome To The Jungle!

Hello all. Yes it is true. I do actually exist. Unfortunately for all of you, I'm generally spending my time reading and sleeping. Yes its true, I just woke up. I'm not kidding either. I just had myself a nice little three hour nap. And at some point while I was asleep apparently there was a discussion in the room about how to spell Ghandi because Sean put it in his post. This was in my dream as well. I heard what was happening and then dreamt it. Seriously. Oh, by the way, you spelled it wrong buddy. Aside from my dreams that mirror reality, nothing is new with me. I haven't updated you on my going ons at all this whole tour so y'all are very behind. I've finished Needful Things and then while we were at la casa de Aurburndale I was unable to sleep so I ended up reading Vampire Hunter D: Tale of the Dead City in its entirity. Don't worry, its a relatively short book. ~175 pages. As far as music goes, I've been obsessed with the new AFI and the new Moneen. Good stuff I tell ya. I've gotten Sean addicted to Nintendo DS and I think MGL wants to kill me now for taking her boyfriend away. If you have a DS, bring it to a show and Sean and I will race you at Mario Kart. It will be awesome. And I'm not even half kidding. We take all challengers. Ok, thats pretty much all I have to say for now. Oh, well, actually, I know Shizzle and MGL have been posting random pictures to keep you updated, if you wanna see the pictures I've taken thus far, just visit my deviantArt page. So check that stuff out. Talk to y'all later!

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Tresses by MGL.

Today was our first day off in more than a week. Pat spent the day curled up on his aero-bed, with a book in hand. Julio used all of our quarters, laundering his odorous socks. Sean passed his time on (surprise) the computer, while I spent the day making Jason beautiful. No small task!

J.P. was sporting some serious roots, and overgrown emo bangs. Something needed to be done. I suggested a dark maroon and we purchased some high-end dye at Wal-Mart. After 25 minutes, and a rinse job that looked like a scene from CARRIE, I started on the cut, and Jason emerged moments later, more beautiful than ever. Tresses By MGL. Coming soon to a town near you.

(Since I spent my day tending to the boys' beauty needs, I was unable to make myself presentable for today's photo. I send my regrets.)

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Meat Rocket 8.

But really. How does one just casually break the headstock of a frickin' Gibson ES-335 and then shake it off? You've got the tolerance of Gandhi. Incredible. Hope you get that beauty fixed, man. If not, I'll gladly steal it an repair it. :P

Today, it was completely sunny, which is rad. What better way to spend your day off than sleeping in until 3:00 and then getting up to romp around in the sun in a Walmart parking lot? Rock worthy. Until we went in Walmart, and emerged 25 minutes later to a no longer sunny day.

25 minutes. What the crap? Yeah. Weird. I miss San Diego weather at the very least. This is just... unusual. Like your mom. Oh snap.

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pensive luck to auburndale

So after having to cancel our european tour and not having a bassist for the first three shows of the tour, every city having graduation and parties and what not, and of course the infamous exploding tire... our bad luck has jumped ship. Our good buddies Auburndale, after their amazing basement show they opted to have instead of the attic show (no pun), had the worst luck ever. So Brian, singer, broke his string, then took 5 minutes to tune his back up and started playing, half way through the second song, he snaps his headstock off his guitar! To top it off, Mike breaks a string too. messed up right? yeah, I forgot to tell you that it was over 120 degrees on stage. yeah, fun. Oh, and i also forgot to tell you there's a big pole right in front of centerstage. Wow, how fun. I'm sorry about your guitar Brian.

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A Sticky Situation.

Disclaimer: The following account is guaranteed to shock you. Pregnant women, and those with heart conditions might want to turn away from the screen. Some names have been changed to protect the indentities of the offending parties.

It was a night like any other night...or so we thought. We arrived at 'The Attic Club' in Kettering, OH after replacing the aforementioned spare tire. On the bill were six bands, including our tour amigos, BOTTOM LINE and AUBURNDALE. Due to personal and financial disagreements with the venue, both bands opted out of the show, leaving my boys to pick up the slack with an hour-long set, and lots of pointless banter. Despite the obstacles, the show was a success...until...

While loading the trailer with eqipment after the set, Julio noticed that his collection of multi-colored stage tape was gone. Now this is not just any adhesive. This is $100+ worth of fabric tape in shades spanning the entire rainbow spectrum, all strung onto a studded leather belt.

After reviewing the security video of the backstage area, it is discovered that two female teenage fans had made off with the tape stuffed in their hoodies. And to top that off, the promoter recognized the girls, he had lent them his cell phone to call home earlier in the evening. With their home number stored in his cell phone, the show promoter phones the girls' parents at home, and a very angry dad drives the thief-ettes to the venue to apologize and return the tape.

This is what memories are made of.

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And finally...

I ask this one question.

Why in the heck am I still up?

Really. I'd like to know.

Being a web geek sucks sometimes. :P

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Sweaty Egyptian Rats

Before I go to bed, I thought I'd update my loyal readers on the happenings inside the van (and out). Today experience, to say the absolute least. It was like something out of a National Lampoon movie. (Jason would like to think of it as more of a Stallone action flick, but...)

I won't go into the gritty details of the event in question, since Jason has already cast himself as the brawny, sweaty, hero. But, I'd like to clarify, Pat and Julio DID help. and Julio DID take the time to don rubber surgical gloves, so as not to get his rockstar hands all greasy. Sean, did the most hard labor, by snapping this picture of the offending tire, and then promptly sitting around with his thumb up get the point.

As of now, I am sitting in the lobby of the Louisville, KY Best Western, playing a card game that Jason insists is called "Egyptian Rat Screw" (I think it's actually called 'War') and partaking in the Continental Breakfast, which for us, is more of a continental night cap. Goodnight, and stay tuned. More musical hilarity to come.

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