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Rated arrrgghh.

Shiver me timbers! We just returned from a swashbuckling good time at the Atlanta AMC theater, where we viewed the highest grossing movie in opening weekend history, Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest. And boy was it worth the student’s admission ticket price of $7.50. There were villains, heros, and a damsel that was, for once, NOT in distress. And then there was Captain Jack. Who, because of his cocky stagger and eyeliner, falls into all three of the aforementioned categories. On behalf of the entire band, I highly recommend you go see this movie. It demonstrates one of the rare cases in which the sequel is equal, if not better than, the original. Plus, the ending is…nevermind! Go see for yourself. Now. Go. Why are you still here?

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Record Breaking Good Times

I would like to announce that the show tonight at The Wink Theatre in Dalton, Georgia yielded our record highest merch sales in the history of the band. Yeah. I rock.

Thank-you to all the cool people we met last night!


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Fireworks came on time this year

Hello boys and girls. Happy Independence Day. Today, another day off, was spent at the Dalton, Georgia ‘Freedom Fest’. The day included the standard hot dogs, predominately country tunes, face painting, and scantily clad large Southern women.

Soon, the screeching and warbling of an amateur talent competition could be heard over the entire grounds of Heritage Park. Julio sprang into action, first, sweet talking the director of events into letting him enter late, as an acoustic act, and second, sending Pat and I sprinting to the parking lot to retrieve his guitar and some beverages. He didn’t make it on in time to compete, but they let him play a song for the audience. A few courteous claps could be heard afterwards, but I knew that since the track had not been chosen from Garth Brooks’ greatest hits album, the crowd was not impressed. Clearly not our key demographic.

After some flyering, the night was capped off with a beautiful fireworks display. The band watched from a blanket on a grassy hill, surrounded by some new friends. And in the end, my irrational fear of fireworks was quelled by the gorgeous flashes of color they produced.


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Daytona Beach

It all began in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida. The sand was pure white, and the water was crystal clear. A manly game of Nerf football was forming between Sean, Pat, and Julio. Football does not interest me in the slightest, so I walked towards the waves, dipping my toes, ankles, calves, knees…until I was thigh-deep in warm ocean water.


My flowy white skirt was sagging, and becoming increasingly transparent. I NEEDED to go swimming. Something NEEDED to be done! I asked around, and no one had any extra shorts of any kind. But good ol’ Julio came through, and offered me the ‘shorts off his butt’ in exchange for my skirt. He stripped down to his ‘emergencies only’ tighty-whities, I slid the shorts on, and handed him the skirt. He proceeded to prance around the beach, Quizno’s, and finally the venue in his lovely new outfit. Here is official documentation:


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Gainesville Ink.

Last night, Sean bought me a not-so-typical gift, just because. This gift consisted of hiring a guy to jab five needles repeatedly into the side of my head. Yes, that's right kiddies, MGL got a tattoo. Right after the boys' set, I left Pat to watch the merch, and Sean and I ran over to the fanciest body modification shop I have ever seen. I knew instantly that my artist, Josh, was a winner, because him and I were sporting identical brown pinstriped slippers. My instincts proved true, and 20 minutes later, I was 'inked' behind my left ear, for life.

And you know what? It really didn't hurt that much.

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Vito's Pizza

Amazing pizza, but quite possibly the dirtiest venue ever. The bathrooms had shutter doors on them and some of the shutters were broken, so people could basically see straight through into the bathroom. Fantastic. We did meet "Sex Grandma" there, though:

She was doing merch for Reynosa and was very kind to us despite blowing smoke in our face a couple times. Must be a Southern thing.

I think "Juilo" broke two strings during the set and some street punk kids heckled us all for being too "emo" or something lame. Then, when we were packing up, Lauren nearly knocked me over in a panic, saying something about a giant lizard, but when I got there, all I could find was this:

Yeah. Perfect end to a not so perfect night. And a box of our CD's got stolen too. Yipee.

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He walks... err, drives among us

Who knew?

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Boxer Briefing.

I just finished washing, drying, and folding official PENSIVE laundry. Yes, I do that, too. But it's not as mundane as it sounds. We're talking socks and underwear, worn by none other than the PENSIVE boys themselves. Okay, it's even more mundane than it sounds. But even rockstars need clean skivvies. And Merch Girl Lauren can find dirt (pardon the pun) in even the lamest of situations. An age-old question that has plagued Pensive fans from the dawn of time will be answered here tonite: "Boxers or Briefs?" Here's the lowdown:

Pat: Boxers by Joe Boxer, featuring prints like guitars and pool balls

Sean: Striped cotton boxers by Hanes, in green and turquoise, plus printed boxers from Old Navy.

Julio: Boxers by Joe Boxer, featuring Smiley Faces, and, drumroll please, one lone pair of tighty whities (for emergencies only, I guess.)

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Death of a Watermelon

Tonite at Gatsby's in Johnson City, TN, we discovered this watermelon, lounging on the stairs.

It looked so comfortable, the boys decided to 'chill' with it.



But then, along came a masked mexican murderer, wielding a butcher knife. He cut our poor friend into a million juicy pieces.

And then I ate him.

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More random mall junk.

Here's a few more random pics from the mall where we played tonight. What the heck is this shark doing hanging out in the middle of the mall? That's just strange.


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