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"You have the right to remain silent."

We just made over half of the drive to Layton, Utah. Julio was falling asleep at the wheel, so he pulled over for a little pick-me-up, in the form of mortars and bottle rockets. Unbeknownst to us, lighting off fireworks is illegal in that part of the country. (Something about a fire hazard…) Insert 20+ minutes of firework-shooting, fast forward to the grand finale. Just as Joe lit off 30 bottle rockets, a cop pulled up. Sparks were flying as the cop was pulling out his citation pad. When the bursts of color died down, he snatched all 5 of our I.D.s and positioned Joe and Julio against the car. Fortunately, all of our records were clean, and we were let off with only a warning and a stern “damn you California kids” look.

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Public Service Announcement

The flat tire count was increased by two (2) tonite on the drive to Santa Fe. Both on the same side. That is all.

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The Big Texan

The rumors are true. Everything really is bigger in Texas! Today we had a big (scratch that, EPIC.) lunch at The Big Texan in Amarillo. The boys have been there twice before, and it’s become a band favorite. I had to see what all the hype was about. I’m not much of a carnivore, so I picked at some chicken while Pat, Sean, and Julio scarfed down a pound-and-a-half of steak each. Then, my 15 minutes of fame arrived in the shape of the biggest complimentary slice of chocolate cake I have ever laid eyes on. And believe me, I have never met a slice of chocolate cake I didn’t immediately befriend…and eat. With forks in hand, Julio and I conquered the Mount Everest of baked goods.

And then we “rocked out” in this big chair.

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Hello, Joe

Introducing, our new drummer-temp-fill-in, Joe. Joe is from Nebraska; you die-hard Pensive fans may remember him from the 2004 tour, back when he had hair, and was living with Pat and Julio.

Joe is 21. His favorite color is peach. He is currently touting the book/fitness program, “Body for Life” by Bill Phillips, and his I-pod is filled with Tony Robbins-esque inspirational tapes.

Thank you Joe, for saving us from another two weeks of acoustic shows, and showing us the error of our atrocious eating habits.

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Falling Away From Me

Tonite was our last show with our amigos, Falling For Yesterday. We hooked up with them back in Nashville, at the Gibson Showcase, and today we parted ways. I’m sure you’ll hear big things from them soon, but for now, here’s a snapshot of Daniel and his gorgeous hair.

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This morning we lost a good friend.

Don't worry, no one died, but our stand-in drummer, Chris, finished up his 10 day stint with us, and boarded his return flight to Boston. We will all miss his disgusting sense of humor, and his almost ironic good manners. Together we laughed, we cried, we changed the definition of politically incorrect. Chris, we will always remember cheesecake, your Jerusalem Cruisers, and the great toilet diagram. And if you are back in Boston smoking at least one less cigarette per day, the trip was a success. And despite my constant insults (I do that to everyone), I do hope to see you at the shows on August 2nd. Take care in that huge state of New England, and watch out for DangleBeef. We're all pickin' up what you're puttin' down.

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Party Arty

Everyone put your hands together for the newest member of the Pensive Posse, ‘Party Arty, the Rock n’ Roll Gecko’. Arty joined the tour in Denton, TX, where we met up with him in the bathroom of our Best Western hotel room.

As Pat was stepping into a before-bed shower, he noticed something small scurrying across the tile floor. He called Sean, our resident reptile/amphibian expert in to investigate. I’d like to say we didn’t so much kidnap Arty, but offered him the opportunity of a lifetime- to tour with a (not-so) major rock band.

You can meet ‘Party Arty’ at any PENSIVE show. He will be helping out at the merch table, and in his spare time, Julio is teaching him drums. Arty prefers blondes, long walks on the beach, and, obviously, PARTYING!

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Lauren was born to be a country girl..

You can't look at this picture and tell me it's not cute:

Though you can't tell from the picture because it's so small in the image, she was trying to catch a butterfly:

And then we saw cheap gas:

The end.

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Jackson Kiddies

Just thought I'd add in that tonight's show was pretty sweet despite only one band showing up. We met up with The Weeks and had a blast with them and all of their fans. It's amazing how many good people you meet on the road and how it can offset all of the negativity you encounter. It's refreshing to meet really good people again.

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Mall Madness

As of today, I have been on the road exactly one month. (The boys have been out longer). So far, I’m loving life.

Today we took a trip to the mall in Jackson, Mississippi to catch up on our retail therapy. Here’s a quick rundown on the purchases:

2 black button-down dress shirts, (Banana Republic) $60 each
“Hecho en Mexico” belt buckle, (Mall Kiosk) $22

Straw cowboy hat, (JC Penney) $10
White rhinestone sunglasses, (Mall Kiosk) $12
New ‘MUSE’ C.D., (Sam Goody) $10

Dane Cook, Harmful if Swallowed C.D./DVD (Sam Goody) $15

Red Paisley Neck Tie, (JC Penney) $13
Green Striped Neck Tie (JC Penney) $12
Solid Pink Neck Tie (JC Penney) $13
Silver Striped Neck Tie (JC Penney) $13
Black Pinstripe Button-front dress shirt (JC Penney) $6 CLEARANCE!

Red Plaid Cowgirl button-front shirt (American Eagle Outfitters) $35
Polka-dot headband (Petite Sophisticate) $6
Hustler Belt Buckle (Mall Kiosk) $22

These Photos: PRICELESS!


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