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Pensive LIVE on WIDR 89.1 FM

Hey Kiddies,

This just in! The boys just finished a LIVE interview on WIDR 89.1 FM. 'The Nonchalant Cafe' airs every Wednesday thru Friday, from noon until 1 pm. For those of you that missed the interview, you can hear it AND a live acoustic song on the show's MySpace profile.

Some teasers: You'll hear about Pensive's must see movie of the season, tension and drama on the road, and the history behind the band. You'll NEVER guess how Julio and Pat met! PLUS, don't miss a live in-studio version of 'Stare at the Stars'!

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The story so far.....

The tour has been nothing short of amazing. The venues have been sweet and the kids have been amazing! I'm loving every minute of it. I have met some awesome people so far and can't wait to meet more along the way. We are all having a great time and I am anxious to see what lies ahead for us as the tour rolls on. Till next time.....peace suckas.

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How I Spent My 22nd Birthday

Howdy folks. We're back on the road again as you most likely well know. Its nice. Lets see if I can maybe post more than one blog on this tour (just so you know, that silly Jesus liscense plate blog was posted by Sean not me :P) So anyway I'll let ya in on how I rang in my brithday. Here, I'll set the scene. Its midnight. We're in Minnesota. We're at a Taco Bell sitting outside eating our tacos and such. We eat alot of Taco Bell on the road. Because its cheap ya know. My mom was officially the first to wish me a happy birthday. Then I got myself a nice little birthday hug from Craig. And then we played a nice litte acoustic show for the Taco Bell employees. We sat in the drive-thru and played into the speaker. It was fun. Until cars started showing up. Needless to say it took us quite a long while to get through the entire song. We did Third of July and Still About You. Anyway, much fun and such. Rock n roll.

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Celebrity Footwear

So you heard the devastating news? It's true. I chose education over Rock and/or Roll. Who knows why I do the things I do...

But, worry not. I pledge to continue digging up dirt, and distributing it freely on the web.

I just thought I'd inform those of you who missed out on my eBay auction. I pawned a pair of Pat's shoes to earn us both a lil' extra spending money! $61 plus S&H, to be exact!

That's all for now. Happy Travels!

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Long First Post.... Awesome

Hey guys, my name's Harry and I am playing the drums for Pensive right now. There, that's it for the introduction. Here's the bloggin.

Pat and I are now super buddys. As we passed through Chicago, Illinois, we were gonna pick up a pizza and just enjoy the sights that Chicago offered. However, for a couple days Pat and I were looking for a tattoo/piercing shop were referred to Tatu Tattoo by the guy taking our pizza order. As we walk in, we see pictures on the wall with Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and other crazy autographed pictures. Anyways, the moral of this story is: Pat and I got our lips pierced in Chicago. We rule.

Aiite, right now we are chillin in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are staying at a really cool girl's house. Her name is Katie. She rules. Ok, I have to go cuz the Snakes On a Plane song by Cobra Starship is on TV. laters.

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So uh...

Did anyone else notice the blog looking all white and gross for a bit?

Yeah. Nevermind.

Neither did I.

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Outside 217

You’d think that once you’ve spent two months in a van with someone, you’d jump at any chance to take a break from them, but alas, I found myself at Pat’s house twice this week watching Tivo’d episodes of the new Stephen King mini-series, ‘Nightmares and Dreamscapes’. We’re both huge King fans, but the movies are never as good as the books. Still, I love indulging in cheesy horror flicks (and fudgy peanut butter brownies!) Of the four episodes we saw, I highly recommend ‘Autopsy Room 4’. If you’ve seen it, you’ll understand why…

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Reunion Tour

Tonite, the boys played a semi-local show at Di Piazza’s in Long Beach. Chris flew in for a mini-reunion tour of Southern California. Also, a certain prospective new drummer was in attendance, watching from the sidelines. I can’t name names yet, but this guy is smokin’, and we could be seeing him on stage as early as September! (I’ll keep you posted!)

It is Di Piazza’s policy to kick all under-agers out at 10 p.m., and since this includes most of our fan base and myself, we marched right out and set up merch on the sidewalk! The show must go on, right?!

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Hair 911

Today I brought Julio to ‘The Electric Chair’ hair salon to do something about that mop on his head. Sure he looked good on tour, but what will he do when his traveling stylist goes back to school? He needed something low-maintenance, and quick. I won’t give away the big ending, but I think you’ll all be pleased with the results at the upcoming shows!

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Sweet Home, San Diego

Tommorrow we make the 14 hour trek back to San Diego. Reflecting back on the past two months, the beginning seems so far back, yet the time flew by in what felt like only weeks. I will welcome the less torturous whether, the beach, and real Mexican food. But nothing can measure up to spending one whole summer doing what you love. I can’t wait for this to start all over again.

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