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Patrick's Thoughts On Movies

Seriously. The Departed. Amazing movie. You. Yes you. Right there. Go see it. Its amazing. Stop reading this. Alright, enough of that. But anyway, it really is a fantastic movie. Absolutely amazing. All the actors (Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.) do a remarkable job of portraying their characters and there's no way you won't go sucked in to the story. The ending will make your heart skip a beat.

On another note how can I possibly not own Jurassic Park on DVD!?!?!? What's wrong with me!?!? We saw a the end of it tonight at the hotel and it just made me realize how much I freakin' love that movie. I think I need to buy it. Now. Ok thats all. Bye bye.

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Name Dropping...

I'm officially having a jealousy attack. The boys are playing with TWO of my favorite bands (on the same night.)

If I hadn't chosen school over ROCK, I'd be meeting PISTOLITA and MY AMERICAN HEART on November 4th at The Refuge in Amarillo, TX.

Oh well, instead, here's a concise list of sorta-big-name bands I've sold merch next to so far:
-Fall Out Boy (seriously)
-Quiet Drive
-The Matches
-Houston Calls
-Armor for Sleep

Man, I'm such a rockstar.

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Patrick's Vinyl Fetish

I just thought everyone should know that yesterday was the best day of the tour yet. Why? Because in a random music store in Atlanta I found both Gish and Adore on vinyl!! (For those of you not in the know, those would the Smashing Pumpkins' 1st and 4th records respectively) Add in my copies of Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness back home and that means I've only got one to go to complete my collection! So if anyone out there has a spare copy of Machina/The Machines of God on vinyl that they don't want, hit me up!! ;)

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so yea... i chipped my tooth and it bugs me. im missing about half of one of my teeth in the back and it sucks. i cant eat anything cold or sugary on the right side. waaaaah i need a dentist.

but on a bright note. pat and i got lost in atlanta the other night. long story short...... he and i visited a friend at a dorm. we spent too much time there. trains stopped running. we had a hotel manager with a gun hail us a cab. we didnt know the address. spent around 30 dollars for the cab. slept in the van. awesome!!! so rock and roll. that was the most memorable experience on tour so far.

anyways... asians annoy me.
and im past my mohawk phase. sorry lauren, but maybe some other time.

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Still Searching

Howdy folks. So, I'm currently kicking it in the happiest place on earth. No, not Disneyland. Barnes & Noble. Thats right. Barnes & Noble is my favorite place in the world pretty much. I just love coming in here, walking around, looking at books. Its oddly relaxing. Its like a little bit of home all over the country. Lately, I've been very much in the need of relaxation. Tensions in the band (both internal and external) have been increasing greatly as of late. I don't know about the rest of the guys but I've been going through some tough personal things and its been hard to make it through some of the days lately. But then I'll get on stage and for those thirty minutes nothing else matters and its purely wonderful. Don't worry too much kids though, I'm tough and I'll make it through ;) I've got outlets for my stresses and things have been getting better lately so its all good. Especially since I'm just about finally over my three week illness! But anyway, the best way to relax? Go on a late-night walk with my iPod and my camera. Works like a charm every time. Speaking of which, my art store is officially up and running right here: Patrick's Store Please please please go and check it out. I haven't sold anything yet and if you're my first customer I will love you forever!

As you could imagine being a band and all, we all love music. So needless to say we've made several trips to Best Buy along this trip to pick up some new cds. The best of the best so far? New Found Glory "Coming Home," Spitalfield "Better Than Knowning Where You Are," and Senses Fail "Still Searching." But we've still got some big releases coming up such as Sparta and My Chemical Romance. And then on November 21st . . . after years and years of waiting . . . BRAND NEW!!!! Am I excited? Yeah, a little bit. Is it that obvious? However, so far this year, nothing has topped Moneen . . . Speaking of music though, wanna know the worst thing about being on tour? Missing all the shows in San Diego! Shall I give you the list? Here's the highlights: Thrice; Moneen; Dashboard Confessional & Brand New; Thursday & Circa Survive. Its very sad. Even thinking about it now I think I might cry . . . if you'd excuse me please I think I need to be alone in my misery for a little bit . . .

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It's strange. I think I caught Pat & Julio's illness over the internet. I'm sick of being sick. But on a better note, who thinks Harry should get a mohawk again? I DO! Leave a comment if you agree. Alright, I'm gonna go do some shots of NyQuil.

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These Are The Things That Make Me Smile

A good book (currently reading Tetrarch (Volume 2 of The Well of Echoes) by Ian Irvine (author of my favorite fantasy series ever: "The View From The Mirror")) Good music (newest cds: Mastodon "Blood Mountain" (the most freakin' amazing metal cd I've gotten in a long time); Godspeed You! Black Emperor "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To The Sky" (hanutingly beautiful instrumental music)) I'm still completely obsessed with Thrice's "Vheissu" and "Red Sky E.P." along with Moneen's "The Red Tree." Sleep always makes me happy which is why it sucks when I can't get any. Being healthy is great which is why it sucks being sick and waking up with a nasty sore throat and a hideous cough. Food makes me happy, especiall today when I had essentially the greatest lunch possible: Sushi and chocolate soy milk. It was perfect.

On a completely seperate note, I'm gonna be selling prints of my photographs off my my deviant art page soon so you should pick a few up. Help this poor strugling musician make ends meet :D Once I have my little store set up I'll post a link that goes straight there. Until then, take care kids. Peace out.

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yo yo yo

So where to begin....there is so much to tell since the last time I posted. First of all we recently celebrated our asian drummer's (Harry) birthday. Unfortunately for Harry his birthday started out waiting at an Urgent Care =( Julio woke up and could barely talk. It was Harry's birthday show that night and there was no way Julio was going to cancell this show. So after gettings some meds and a good days rest we played the show. My hat goes off to Julio for pulling off the show as sick as he was. None the less it was a great show. We spent the night and celebrated Harry's birthday at our new friend Rita and Zack's house who we met at Taco Bell of all places haha. It seems Taco Bell has a special place in our hearts on this tour hahaha. The next day we were off to Plainfield, IN. All I can say about Plainfield, IN is wow!!! you guys ROCK!!!! I have played many amazing shows throughout my music career but that show was up there in my favorites. THANK YOU! Im currently sick myself =( I think the change in weather has been getting the best of me. Lets hope i feel better soon. Richmond, VA I hope you're ready to rock. We're coming to you next. Till next time......

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ok, i know its been a while but here i go. we recently met some cool cats named rita and zach in columbus, ohio. we stayed with them for a total of 3 nights i believe. on the first night, it was the eve of my birthday. so the rest of the guys and the cool cats made me a tower of rice cakes held together with peanut butter. awesome. it certainly made a happy birthday for me. so after a night full of hilarious asianness, we got a full nights sleep before our busy day.
the next day we had to go to the hospital for julio because he was really sick. but we pulled through and still played a show that night. that night we met new cool people that brought me a cake and balloons! AWESOME! thanks domonique and samantha. but yea, the moral of this story is that people that live in columbus, ohio are cool. go bucks.

ps. sorry if i spelled any names wrong. you guys are still cool in my book. <3

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Hack Job

I see the boys aren't keeping up with their blogging responsibilities. I'm gonna have to call and harass them.

On another note, our MySpace got hacked. We're working on remedy-ing the situation, but in the meantime, don't click on any bulletins that are obviously NOT Pensive related.

Stuff like "Free Ringtones", "Vote for Video Game Awards", -or- "Free Best Buy Certificate" are definitely not Pensive-related.

That's enough of my 'public service announcement' it's time for bed.

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