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Bliggidy Blog #3

Yeah, so our first show is tomorrow night, and I don't know what to do. I pretty much don't know how to play bass. Pensive just picked me out because of my amazing looks. It's a wonder they haven't picked up that I know absolutely nothing of my instrument! When they asked if I played bass I thought they asked if I played WITH my bass... As in my pet fish... Barty the bass... Which I do! I taught him how to swim through fire, which was pretty tough considering fire and water don't mix very well. I also taught him to fetch me my slippers and a cold one in the morning. He's always a good companion, and when it's hot outside he flops on my forehead to keep me cool! I do miss my pet bass... Now what am I supposed to do about this bass GUITAR!!!

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William. I never said they had to get me anything. I was merely stating that I desire these things and that if people felt so inclined as to pass them along to me I would not object. However, I do demand that at least one person brings me a baked good of sorts. Brownies, cookies, cake, etc. Ok, I take that back. I'm fat enough as it is.

But yeah, getting ready for tour at the best. Everyone gets all stressed and paniced and its just an all around intense time. Our first show is on Friday. Oh yikes.

I have nothing to say.

My feet hurt.

Benihana is awesome.

Good bye.

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Bliggidy Blog #2.5

Ok ok ok... On a slightly more serious note... Tour preparations suck! I'm not even gonna lie. I am the most UNORGANIZED person ever, and all this organizing is starting to get to me! Do we have enough ramen? Where are the drum sticks? No Billy not chicken leg drum sticks... How many CD's should we bring? Billy, clean your clothes! Billy, make your bed! Billy, shine my tweezers! I mean I really have no idea whats going on... It's four o'clock in the morning and no one else is awake. Which means I have time to barely collect my thoughts and write this blog. But in the midst of all this nonsense, a ray of light shines through... My new flat iron says "hardcore" on it. How awesome is that!

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Bliggidy Blog #2

Patrick... I'm not gettin you JACK for your birthday! Stop asking these poor people to buy you toys! I, however, require Hot Pockets...

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I totally just came to a realization. And an odd one at that. For those few of you that actually pay attention to those postings of mine, you should be more than well informed of my complete love of vinyl records and of the Smashing Pumpkins. Naturally, I do my best of obtain their albums on vinyl whenever possibly and I have all of them up to Adore. Oh no! Ok, hold on. Nevermind. Not only do I need MACHINA/The Machines of God as I have stated before but there's probably vinyl copies of Pieces Iscariot floating around out there somewhere that I need. However, the whole point of this post was to point out that while I have the Best Buy edition and the Special Edition of Zeitgeist, I do not have it on vinyl! *sigh* My collection is woefully incomplete. So yes, if you happen to have easy access to any of those or have a few spare copies lying around, feel free to share with your's truly . . . Or if you happen to Brand New's "Deja Entendu" or Saves The Day's "Stay What You Are" I'd happily take either of those off your hands as well. Eh, me and my love of vinyl. Or really, all things collectible. What can I say, I'm a sucker . . .

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Arg Blarg

Gwar. No, not the band. Gwar as in an expression of frustration. Why? Well its simple. Because due to my own stupidity [i.e. clicking on another link] I lost the gigantic blog I was in the middle of writing. Silly, silly me. There is no sense in trying to recreate said blog so I will not even give it a shot. I'm sure you've heard all the new songs by now. Psh, thats old news kids. What ain't old news is that over the summer I went to heaven. No, no, not that heaven. Comic-Con. Yes, that's where I went. It was lovely. Just like heaven. Ya know, like the Cure song. I almost met Yoshitaka Amano and that would have made my whole entire year. But alas I missed my chance due to a random drawing for tickets that I wasn't even aware of. *sigh* Other than that though it was incredibly super amazing. And while we're on the subject of all things geeky, let's move on to a semi related topic. Yes, it is true, my birthday is fast approaching. Now, you may be sitting there wondering what to get your favorite sexified guitarist, well, I have the answer for you! Just give the Square-Enix Shop a little visit and I'm sure you'll come across something. Just be warned that I already have Knights of the Round. Thank you loves.

Speaking of Final Fantasy . . . I am incredibly close to bringing Final Fantasy XII to an end. It has been a long and trying journey. It took me a good while to get sucked into it. The battle system takes a wee bit getting used to but there's plenty of options that you can tweak to make it perfect for you. The storyline, though at times somewhat incomprehensible, is a grand departure from the Final Fantasy's of yore. The only thing keeping me from completing it is the much more difficult task of collecting all the espers and acquiring the Masamune and Genji Gloves for my little Penelo. I'm trying my hardest to complete it before I have to leave on tour . . .

And speaking of tour and video games guess who has come across a modded PSP? That would be me! I got hooked up fo' real son!! I'm currently playing Chrono Trigger on it. Yeah, ya know, the SNES game? Yep thats the one. Its pretty sweet and I'd always heard that but never had a chance to experience that grandness first hand. And now I can. I've also got tons of other SNES games including two of the freakin' greatest games of all time [and no I ain't exagerating!]: Super Mario World and Super Metroid. Plus FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFT, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, MGS, and Castlevania: SotN. All of which pwn your freakin' soul!

Now on to more serious matters. Paul W.S. Anderson. He sucks. He has ruined far too many movies with his poor direction, horrible dialouge, and all around crappiness. Films that have fallen victim to him include such potentially awesome movies as both Resident Evils and Alien vs Predator. None of which are good. I saw the 2nd Resident Evil film last night. It was mediocre at best. I got ok towards the middle but the beginning was horrid as was the ending. And another movie that dissapointed? The Descent. This movie certainly did not suck on the same scale as R.E. but it did not satisify. I can't really put my finger on why but I just came away expecting more from all they hype that had been surrounding it. The story wasn't all that great. Aside from Sarah, the characters were not developed in the least. After the first few scares it ceased to be scary. And the sounds the crawlers made reminded way too much of a combination of Predator sounds and Alien sounds. Like freakin' seriously. Oh well. My laptop battery is running low. I'm gonna go make pancakes.

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Bliggidy Blog #1

So its past four in the morning...and here I am trying to come up with something interesting to say. This computer screen is pretty big. Kinda nice actually. You know the kind where you can stare at one corner and miss stuff going on in the opposite corner? Yeah, one of those... Let's see what else. My contacts are dry. I should probably put some saline in my eyes... This fan is really cold! I'm gonna turn it down a few notches. That's better... This house needs some hot pockets.

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Its Hot in Las Vegas

Greetings everybody. Its hot in Las Vegas. I do not enjoy the heat for those of you who do not know me very well. It's just rather unpleasant but ya know what, thats ok cause the studio's got A/C and I never go outside so all is well.

Things have been progressing relatively smoothly here these past two weeks. As expected, Chris knocked out his drum parts in two days like the freakin' champ that he is. We're in the midst of doing vocals and lead guitar at the moment.

We currently only have a few songs that have all the components but holy god do they sound incredible! You kids are gonna be blown away. I'm not gonna say that its something you've never heard before but its certainly something you've never heard from us before and I'd say it doesn't sound like most stuff out there. Its good. You'll like it.

Delay is fun. Have you ever had deja vu? Delay is fun. Have you ever had deja vu?

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What Dreams May Come

We're in the home strech now. We leave next Monday and by this time next week we will be recording drums. And by "we" I really mean Chris since, well, he's the drummer and all. I mean, I started out as a drummer and all but that was ten years ago and I'm pretty horrible at drumming so we'll just go ahead and forget about that. The songs are coming together in many many ways. And then falling apart and coming back together in completely new forms. There have been a lot of changes this past weekend and I'm sure there are ever more to come. We've got two more songs in the works at the moment. One is pure pop, the other's in Spanish so as you can guess I have very little involvement in them. I have other things on my hands at the moment anyway. Interludes and intros. Chris and I worked up a demo for the cd intro last night. Its amazing. Wind. Whispers. Backwards Guitar. H.P. Lovecraft. Prepare to be amazed. And then when the song kicks in it'll be like a robot bitch-slap to the face. Totally. I'm currently taking a break from working on an intro in Reason for what will likely be the last song on the cd. I can't reveal too much at the moment since who knows how everything will end up in the end and all but if I can manage to get what I hear in my head onto tape, you'll all be blown away. I don't think any of you have any idea what's headin' your way . . .

On a side, personal note, I totally just ordered Moneen's The Red Tree Special Edition Dual 12" on colored vinyl. Word. Everyone out there who actually pays attention to my posts should know two things. 1. That I love Moneen's The Red Tree. and B. The I love vinyl records. Love love love love love. Obsessed. Totally and completely. If anyone has a mint copy of The Smashing Pumpkins MACHINA/The Machines of God on vinyl that they don't mind parting with, you know who to send it to ;) Speaking of the Pumpkins, the time has almost come for their new cd. I'm excited. Oh yes. I'm excited.

Ok. I need to get back to work. I think Chilly B is gonna be making us all a lovely dinner tonight. And then I shall be making peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies :D If anyone would care for some cookies, let me know ;)

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5/4 = love

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