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Two Truths and a Lie

Yes, yes, it has been quite some time since I or anyone else posted anything specifically tour related (exempting Patrick's post where he says one day he'll post something tour related). So I suppose it's time to get y'all caught up. But just retelling what has been going on is a bit passe, so I thought I'd play a little game. You know two truths and a lie, right? I say three things one of which is a bloody falsehood, and you try to call me out. By the end of the blog, you will discover which one is a falsehood and what the truth behind it is. So here we go:

1) Dave has indeed forgone real food for pb&j ALL tour, barring our stay in Chicago because it would have just been cruel. As a result, all of his daily food budget goes toward Monsters.

2) The boys succeeding in lifting the merch case all the way up a flight of stairs WITHOUT the help of a macho biker.

3) Remember that thing I told you about laziness on our days off? Well those subsequent days have been filled with EVERYONE interested catching up on Heroes, which is a wicked cool TV show for those not in the know. Well, everyone except Julio. For some reason, the guy most excited to watch the show hasn't gotten past disc 2 of season one.

So which one is it, boys and girls? All your bets placed? Because the truth is:

#1 = FALSE. Who saw it coming? It was a brave vow and anb ambitious endeavor for dear David to make, but I think since our time in Chicago, he's only eaten 1 pb&j spending his daily food budget as much on Taco Bell as Monsters. Though to be fair, most people's definition of real food is a bit more stringent than ours.

#2 = TRUE. We have had several shows since out Chicago days that have featured staircases, and on all of those we opted on lugging up our back-up stuff rather than bringing up the full, heavy as a pregnant whale, awesomeness of a merch case. However, on Saturday night's show at The Attic Live (an awesome show if ever there was one with Billy's b-day and the guitar raffle) we knew that we had no choice. The show was going ot be just too awesome to not bring our full merchandising glory to everyone's attention. Thus, which caveman-like ingenuity and brute strength, Julio, Billy, Jason and Dave managed to flip the case over and slide all the way up the 19 nastily sloped stairs into the venue. And to make it better, no one died, or ever worse, got hurt. But wouldn't the climb down be just as treacherous? The answer: apparently not. Billy tried incredibly hard to implement the use of chains on the way up, he got his wish on the way down. The result was a much quicker trek and alot less worry about potential hernias from this little blogger who hung out on the sidelines, totally ready to play nurse.

By the by, thanks to all of you at the Attic Live who enjoyed the antics (especially Ian of X-out who did a fabulous job taking over Julio's guitar on 3rd of July), congrats to you many winners of free Pensive Merch, and above all, a challenge is extended to all of you to try and blow the Attic Live show out of the water in our memories. It shall not be easy, I assure you.

#3 = TRUE But you didn't get the whole story. The reason why Julio has not caught up on Heroes is that football has taken precedence in his mind. Thus, every morning after staying at a hotel he pores over the sports pages, and as soon as we find a TV its all about ESPN revaps if we've missed the games. And if a game is on, forget, Julio is already lost. He then emerges 4 hours later either in a state of euphoria or rage. However, Dave and I are caught up on the series through its current season, so feel free to discuss it with us and urge Billy to get his butt up to speed!

Coming soon - blogs from everyone! They are all talking about their good intentions to be more diligent bloggers as I sit here typing this. But if nothing else, you shall hear from me again...and much sooner this time around!

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i don't feel like thinking of a title

I just have two things to say: Life sucks right cause I have a cold. Life is amazing right now cause I'm listening to the new Thrice album on Myspace.

Ok, that was kind of extreme but whatever kids. Don't get sick. Go listen to Thrice.

The end.

P.S. Maybe someday I'll write an adventure filled blog about all the things have happened on this lovely tour.

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Chicago, Chicago!!

Oh my what adventures we have had here in Chicagoland! Where to begin...

Well, let's start with Dave's parents. If you think Dave is a cool cat, his parents are totally a billion times more amazing. Between taking custom grocery orders, stuffing us soooo full of food we may not eat again, letting both us and the A Verse Unsung guys crash at their house, taking us to Second City and procuring us Oprah tickets (Julio's first talk show dream come true, by the by), they have definitely procured themselves a warm and snug place in all of our hearts. And for any of you who read this in time, our Oprah show airs October 4th (i.e. tomorrow) so check your local listing times! I don't think we get any screen time, but then again, none of us are all that observant either. You may catch Billy picking his nose or somethin' :P

Speaking of shows, we attempted to play on and definitely played a few more. Let us offer a sincere apology to any of those who tried to go see us at Wise Fool's Pub in downtown Chicago. Long story short, age issues kept us from playing this show at the last minute - even after we had braved hauling equipment through Friday night Chicago traffic. We had hoped that that incident would be the last of our show threatening adventures, but to make the trip even more interesting, the next night A Verse Unsung had some massive unexplained van trouble so we almost had to drive all 10 of us in one van. After all, it was going to be their last show with us, so we certainly weren't going to let them miss it! Luckily, Dave's parents lent us the car - once again saving the day and making us love them like our own. Thus, Michigan City got the craziest show of the tour thus far, complete with cupcake-y madness (especially all over AVU's guitarist Dan, courtesy of Patrick) and last minute cover tunes. Props to the Simmer Coffee House for actually letting us stay :P

Then came Aurora and it was a bittersweet show. We missed our AVU friends like mad, but were pleased to see our old pal Drew Fortson, who some of you may know if you caught Pensive's last tour. To make it even better, we also had the biggest cheering section of any of the other bands thanks to special visits from both Dave and Billy's extended families. Y'all got a tall order if you want to make us feel more loved than in that moment.

The last show of this little stint took place in West Dundee, IL at the Clearwater Theater. Now, if you can imagine how much the guys like being on a little makeshift stage at a coffee house or whatever, imagine their absolute delight at being on a real stage in a "theater" setting. Peacocks, the lot of them. You've got Dave giving his speed demon performance from behind the drum, more a blur with fantastic hair than an actual dude with drum sticks in hand. Both Patrick and Billy were rocking so hard they were almost off their feet. This isn't even mentioning Julio at the mic, commanding the attention of the venue, not only by a rocked out perfomance worthy of Billy Joe's approval, but by adding in a dash of silky smooth Prince-like mystery for good measure. On this above all nights, he was a front man like you wouldn't believe.

Since then, we've again had a couple of days off. But bless their hearts, the Thuesons have not let us remain idle. Last night saw us stuffing our faces with Maggiano's Italian food (which has carried on well into today) as well as rolling on our over-full bellies at Second City. Let us just say if we ever get to look at the art museums in Chicago or if we ever talk to Barack Obama, any and all of our actions will be honestly influenced to the highest degree.

Of course, there is also the crowning moment of our stay in Chicago - five tickets to the Oprah Winfrey show! A complete play by play may take just a bit too long given the already lengthy nature of this blog and assuming that you are still reading, but I will give you some highlights:

8:00 am: Julio, who has been awake for quit some time, wakes the entire house up and is somehow still the last to be ready.

11:00 am: We stand outside Oprah's studios for quite some time, IDs at the ready for no apparent reason.

11:50 am: We are ushered into a waiting room that would be quite sizable were it not for the shoulder to shoulder nature in which they packed us in. At this point we got to fill out audience surveys regarding our questions about bipolar disorder and about any friends we may have that are avoiding urgently needed medical attention.

12:45 pm: We finally get to walk through a lemon cleaner scented corridor to find our seats in the studio. There, during audiece warm-up, the boys get to introduce themselves to 250 women and 5 other men, most of whom have teenage daughters who would love their tunes ;P 225 of these people are educated on what "merch girl" means (Here's a clue if you yourself aren't sure and don't want to ask - it means merchandise girl, not "groupie" or anything else with connotation outside of a sales position :P).

1:00 pm: We finally see Oprah! Let me tell you., she is indeed a gorgeous woman, and funny despite the seriousness of the days discussion on dealing with bipolar disorder. Julio was totally on the edge of his seat! To make the day even better, we also got to see Sinead O'Connor (remember the bald Irish chick who tore up a picture of the Pope in the 90s) who was talking about her struggle with bipolar disorder.

2:30 pm We are ushered out the same lemon cleanser scented corridors out into the fair Chicago day. We meet and greet and make new friends. Stay tuned for pictures from outside the studio!

And this concludes our massive Chicago adventure! Thanks for reading!


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If there is yet another one thing to be said about touring, it's amazing how lazy your days off can make you. New levels of laziness can be achieved. You know how lions sleep, like, 18 hours a day? Well I am fairly certain that these boys (and even myself, though I won't admit it if you ask me) have given lions a sound beating. In fact, they are all asleep as I type this. Julio's alarm has already gone off twice and check-out time is nigh upon us. Luckily, the boys are also equipped with spring action which allows them to be up and at 'em within five minutes, assuming prodding them awake proves effective.

In other news, we are ever so obviously in the northern regions of the midwest during the fall, and let me just say it's beautiful. The trees are turning brilliant shades of autumnal reds and yellows. Last night we were graced by the biggest moon any of us have ever seen. Like seriously huge. I couldn't sleep it was shining so bright in the windows...or that might have been Patrick's PSP. I can't be sure, but we'll say it was the moon since it really was huge and bright and awesome. But yes, either way, for a girl coming from a place where there are effectively two seasons and no scenery, I am definitely enjoying this little phase of our journey. I think I like weather and hills. Kudos to you, the Midwest. May you continue to treat us kindly.

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The Ballad of Tour Kick-off Mayhem

Alright, I promised you stories, no? Well, this tale begins last Thursday when we set off on the road. Now, call me wet around the ears (I mean, I haven't done this tour thing before, so really it's no problem), but I thought we might experience a flat tire at some point thousands of miles down the road, or forget where we parked, we'd run into stubborn cows on the road or something, all on sporadic intervals. Well in let us just say since leaving last Thursday - Julio left the trailer boot on accidently, giving us a flat tire much sooner than we expected - prompting a little sticker on the dash asking us "is the boot on?" We've left late to venues and gotten there much too early still, we've gotten to some just in time - hence we never really know if we're gonna be stealing time to make a PB & J (Dave's special specialty by the bye) or stuck wandering side streets for hours waiting for load-in and searching for a tv. We've spent countless minutes arguing amongst ourselves about who had the keys last and did in fact have to watch for cows on the road on a dark Arizonan night. In between all of these highlights constant rounds of "Name that Band/Song/South Park Quote/ Movie Line/ You should just know what I'm talking about..." have been played so long as everyone is awake-ish. As official game keeper, I cannot divulge who is winning for it may lead to fisticuffs :P or if nothing else, more endless whining about the unfairness of game and poring over intricate technicalities (let's just say some of our boys hate to be on the losing side - especially when it's just themselves to blame).

But needless to say, our days are hardly ever just sleep - drive - load-in - play - load-out - drive - sleep... There is alot of stuff that goes down in the spaces inbetween. More secrets to be divulged soon.

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New Mexico is NOT **THAT** boring...oh wait...

I forgot, as far as interesting scenery, yes it is. As far as awesome people - Billy shall see! After all, I'm fairly interesting right?

Haha...anyway. The days have been crazy in a weird time warped kind of way. I can't actually tell you what time it is, or even what day of the week. Days are now known by "The Tempe Show," "The Roswell Show," and possibly "Next Week's Colorado Show Right?" if I'm feeling ambitious and am trying to look into the future.

But yes, the question I've gotten several times now is "So what's it like being surrounded by all these guys all the time?" And here is the official answer at this point: It's a bit like hanging out with the Ninja Turtles - which is fine as I fantasized about being April O'Neil for the better part of my childhood. You have Julio taking the lead in a very Leonardo type manner, with all the good and bad associated with it (let's just say he likes things "just so" with theoretically valid reasons for it all). Patrick is something akin to the Raphael of the group - amazingly awesome and integral, but also the one who will sometimes become broody for reasons only he *also* only knows. Billy Ihave decided must be the Donatello, not necessarily because he's that tech savvy in a geek way, but he definitely spends more time than anyone else messing with gadgets (i.e. his Sidekick). That leaves dearest Dave as the Michelangelo, the reason being very simple: he is without a doubt the most "Rock'n'Roll, Baby!!" kind of dude of the group.

So there you have it, this is my impression of the group thus far. I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed it. Reporting for Channel 6 News, this is Shandi Love signing off ;P

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Bliggidy Blog #4.1



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Bliggidy Blog #4

Well we're in New Mexico... It's alot like the old one. Hot...flat..boring... At least util we got to the venue! There's all kinds of kids here that I can't wait to woo from stage! But the last couple days have been fairly rewarding. Met alot of awesome people. Special thanks to Randy from The Stir in Safford, AZ! But anyway... alot of sleeping, alot less eating, alot more sweat on my back from sitting in a van all day. But we've had alot of inside jokes, most of which I can't share with the public. Sowwy guysss!!!! haha. But the point is, boredom has kept itself to a minimum. <3

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It's the end of the world as we know it...

So here it is, the final day before we hit the blacktop for three months of non-stop adventure. For some of us, the last couple of days has been a blur of next to last minute ready-ing, myspace, laundry, checking on myspace, gathering odds and ends, and oh yes, checking the Pensive page on myspace. For others, they've found themselves scurrying around like rabid squirrels on secret errands no one but them knows the nature of. However, as it stands, food and water are bought, merch is inventoried, and in theory Julio is packed, so we should be able to relax just a bit today...we shall see.

To be continued...

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So I began this blogging adventure by reading everyone else's to see if I could figure out something clever to say, and it failed miserably..unless I want to start something with Pat and Billy, and it may just be too early in the evening for that ;)

But anyway, let's just say that Billy is right in that tour prep isn't the funnest thing in world, though in my camp, it runs more like: Do we have enough shirts? Are we gonna have to reorder bracelets? Do I have too much luggage? Where are all the CDs gonna go? Do I have to count three hundred pin sets a night? Is my luggage packed as efficiently as possible? Why are girl's required to have twice as much underwear as boys??

But other than that, things are going swimmingly. The guys delivered two stellar performances in Long Beach and San Diego, as those who went can attest. And yes, THANK GOD, we did have enough t-shirts!

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