Its Hot in Las Vegas

Greetings everybody. Its hot in Las Vegas. I do not enjoy the heat for those of you who do not know me very well. It's just rather unpleasant but ya know what, thats ok cause the studio's got A/C and I never go outside so all is well.

Things have been progressing relatively smoothly here these past two weeks. As expected, Chris knocked out his drum parts in two days like the freakin' champ that he is. We're in the midst of doing vocals and lead guitar at the moment.

We currently only have a few songs that have all the components but holy god do they sound incredible! You kids are gonna be blown away. I'm not gonna say that its something you've never heard before but its certainly something you've never heard from us before and I'd say it doesn't sound like most stuff out there. Its good. You'll like it.

Delay is fun. Have you ever had deja vu? Delay is fun. Have you ever had deja vu?

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