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Did you think that the "weekly" blog had simply disappeared? Nay! It was hibernating. Like bears. Or hookers. "Hookers?" you say. Yes. Don't you wonder what happens to street walkers in the dead of winter in the cold portions of the world where being outside is not advisable. I theorize that they hibernate. Like bears. I suppose you could make the counter argument that they migrate. Like birds. As of now, I have no proof either way. What a great way to start off my return blog. By being offense and obscene. Mmmm, its good to be back!

Much has happened since we last spoke. Or has it? Probably not. It seems as though, as a month, that August did not really happen. Perhaps my velocity has sped up meaning that I experience time differently than the rest of the world. That must be it. Or perhaps I stayed the same and its the world that changed. Who knows. Or perhaps I just had so much gosh darn fun this month that time flew as the saying goes. Let's examine the evidence and see which conclusion we can draw . . . (about time, not about hookers)

To start with, I finished Carrion Comfort a bit ago. I must say, it was a killer read. "Was it scary?" you ask. Nay. It was not. I could see that perhaps the situations were a bit terrifying, especially if you were perhaps in said situation but the book as a whole did not get my adrenaline flowing if you will. It was a very well written tale of "mind vampires" and those that wish to eradicate them. Perhaps that is over simplifying it. Look it up on the internet if you wish for a more in depth overview of its plot. My biggest problem with it was that the "villains" if you will were far more interesting and deep than the so called protagonists so it was a shame when [spoiler alert] the good guys win in the end. Aside from being just an exhilarating read, the book has something interesting things to say about humanity and the nature of violence.

After wrapping Carrion Comfort up, I moved on to my next reading adventure: Scott Pilgrim. Yep. I did it. I read them before I saw the movie. Don't let the fact that there's buzz and hype around the books and movie deter you. I know that I often find myself skeptical of just about everything surround by that much hype but for once, its actually warranted. The books in particular are rather definitive in their portrayal of 20-somethings in the 21st century. Specifically those that are in bands and love video games. Aka: me. If you've yet to experience the Scott Pilgrim world, I suggest you do. The first book is super cheap on last I checked and its extra fitting to get it from there considering that actually plays a plot role in the story. You can thank me later. Or thank me now if you're already on the bandwagon. Or decry me for jumping on the bandwagon so late and yet still acting as if I'm better than everyone else for pretending that I knew about it first, or whatever. Or. Wait. Nope, that's all I got.

Oh, wait, you want to know what I thought of Scott Pilgrim vs the World vs what I thought of Scott Pilgrim the book series? I guess I can give you a quick run down. Despite my intense dislike of that Michael Cera fellow, I thought he did a very good job of bringing SP to live. In fact, the cast was just about perfect except, well, I thought Kim could have used better hair. Did you know the Tom Jane, aka The Punisher, aka that guy in Deep Blue Sea, plays a member of the Vegan Police in the movie? Pretty sick, huh? The first half of the movie or so plays it pretty close to the books. Basically up until Scott's fight with Todd, the super vegan. After that, things start to get a little out of order. Ramona fits her evil ex-girlfriend instead of Scott, though the fight is very similar to a fight Ramona has with Envy in the books that didn't end up in the movie. Even down to the back of her knee being her weak point. Then, the whole end just completely changes. The battle with the twins is entirely different as is most of the final confrontation. Plus, what's up with Ramona and Knives's fight form the library doing in the final act??? But hey, no one's perfect. I'm hoping for an extended director's cut on blu-ray. Overall though, despite some deviations, its perfectly hits the spirit of the source material and therefore comes highly recommended!!

Looks like I'm going to finish Dragon Age: Origins tonight. Good timing too since Valkyria Chronicles II comes out this week. Been looking forward to this since I beat the first one when I had my broken ankle. I feel pretty special being one of the apparent few who have been fans since day one. Pre-ordered it the first one. Got it the day it came out (broken ankle and all). Got the pre-order bonus art book that now sells for $80+ on eBay. Ain't I just special? Yeah, you're right, I'm not. But hey, I gotta pretend sometimes. Or as Parappa would say (and Scott Pilgrim would quote) "I gotta believe!" Let's go watch Big Brother.

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