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Greetings humans!

My my my, this year is just going by so fast! Its already August. Yikes. I have some theories on why time passes at the rate that it does but at this point they're just theories. Maybe I'll need to find myself a physics genius to talk to about my ideas. DSLVSC. Don't worry, it does stand for something but nothing real. An idea. Which as we all learned from Inception can be very dangerous. So, by a show of hands, who here hasn't seen Inception yet? Ok, I don't know if you're just being shy and not raising your hands, or maybe its just that all of you have seen it. Or maybe its that I can't actually see any of you but let's let that slide for now. I finally had a chance to see it and it was incredible. Very moving and thought provoking and actually rather straight forward. I was a bit surprised after all the hype of it being so complex and confusing that it was actually rather easy to follow. As long as you pay attention at least. I rather enjoyed how the movie itself was a mash-up of genres just like dreams often tend to be. Or at least as my dreams tend to be. Back to the movie! Yeah, it was good. That fight scene in the hallway that you see in the trailers is even more awesome that you might imagine. But oh that ending scene. That's what will having you talking as you leave the theater. I won't spoil it for anyone but I have my belief about the ending and I'm sticking to it.

Well, Inception was probably the highlight of the past week and I already talked about it. I wonder what that might mean for the rest of this blog. I'll try to keep it entertaining at the very least. I'm gonna put on my propaganda hat for a moment: As you may or may not know, we've got some SD centric events coming up rather soon. Bonfire. Hot Topic acoustic performance. Epicentre show. All of which should be attended by you. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. Especially that Hot Topic show. Well, ok maybe I shouldn't say that. That show is free. The Epicentre isn't. Hot Topic isn't paying us. The Epicentre is. Ok yeah, everyone should go to the Epicentre show. Yeah. Oh but anyway, Hot Topic. We've been working on our little acoustic set and I must say that its sounding pretty dang fantastic. I think you especially will be rather impressed. And then the Epicentre show. What should I say about that? Well, as you may or may not know, we're still technically sans drummer at the moment. Therefore, we're having ex-Pensive drummer many times over Jason filling in for us at the moment. It going to be awesome. Believe me. He'll make you forget all about Jer-bear (Jeremy). Indeed.

Let's have a paragraph made of many short thoughts. Its almost like the lightning round if you will. Speaking of the lightning round, I can't help but think of that episode of Friends. The One with the Embryos its technically called but really, its the one where Monica and Rachel lose the apartment to Joey and Chandler in a trivia game. Its one of the best episodes ever. Good stuff. I've made good progress on my book as of late. Carrion Comfort. Its progressing very well, but unless there is some sort of last act intense horror, I don't think I could call it scary at all. What a shame. My question from last week still stands. Recommend me something that scared you. I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins as of late and really rather enjoying it. Despite a few nagging troubles (that stem from the fact that it was developed as a PC game and ported to consoles by an outside company) its really quite excellent. I had also, up until recently, been playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 online obsessively but I think all Battlefielded out at the moment. I'm potentially quite interested in the upcoming film adaptation of underground cult comic fav Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Not because I've ever read them (though its ironic that they used to just be sitting on shelves at my comic store or B&N and now you can hardly find them anymore) but because as I have come to understand, there are countless video game references in both the books and the movie. I like video game references. I may attempt to pick up Vol. 1 before the movie comes out in an effort to save my street cred. Or maybe I'll just say "eff it" and be a band-wagon-jumper-on and accept that about myself. We'll see.

I think that shall wrap things up for this week. Tune in next for more Pensive propaganda followed by more mish-mashed paragraphs about my many uninteresting interests. I'm gonna go watch Big Brother from last night. The Bachelorette chooses tonight. I'm excited.


Rock Bible Scripture for the Week
The Gospel According to the Band; Cardinal Rules
3. You don't get paid to play in front of people. You get paid to sit in a smelly bus or van with your bandmates' collective body funks, listen to your bandmates snore in hotel rooms, eat at Waffle Houses and Mexican joints, load-unload-setup-and-tear-down equipment, sit in studios waiting for the guitarists to finally get it right, and drive all night long to get back home to go to work the next day. It's a privilege to play in front of people.

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