Shot Through the Heart, and You're to Blame


Sorry that there was no blog to entertain you last week. What can I say? There's not much going on really. Perhaps its the oppressive El Cajon heat getting to us. Ya know what makes me mad? When the Channel 10 weather man is smiling his biggest smile talking about how its going to be in the 100s inland. Why is that something to smile about?! Maybe if you live by the beach its cool since it rarely gets too hot there but let me tell you, 100 degrees sucks. I mean, we're not Texas (where we've experience 90+ degrees at midnight) but still. And he even smiles when he talks about "high heat warnings." Seriously. Can't he at least put on a slightly solemn face while he talks about us inlanders melting!? Sorry for my outbursts. The heat just does that to me. Turns me into a mini-Kratos, just full of rage. Speaking of Kratos, I completed my epic journey through the God of War series finally. I think I'm one of the very few people around that didn't play the first two on PS2 when they came out but I did snatch up the GoW Collection last Winter knowing that I should probably be in the know. I'll be honest, that first game really didn't do much for me. It just felt way more outdated than it should have. I'm sure at the time it was revolutionary (and it really was) but not anymore. However, the 2nd one was far more enjoyable and far less frustrating. And then the 3rd one. Oh boy. Wow. That was one stellar piece of gaming right there. Let me tell you. Oh wait, I just did.

However, not all is doom and gloom in the wide world of San Diego. The heat may have me in a corner but I shall emerge the victor soon. Why? COMIC CON STARTS ON THURSDAY!!! In case that wasn't clear enough and you don't know me very well, Comic Con is far and away the 4 greatest days of the year. Nothing else even comes close. Its many things about it that make it so amazing. First of all, it has just about everything I love under one roof. Comics. Video games. Anime. Geeky movies and TV shows. Collectibles. Collectibles. Endless booths of stuff to buy. Grant Morrison. Geoff Johns. Yoshitaka Amano. Last year I met Claudio from Co&Ca just walking around. And ya know what else is great? For my entire life, I've never fit in. I never fit in at school. I don't really fit in at concerts. But at Comic Con? I fit in. I'm surrounded by people that know the same things I know. Have had the same experiences I have. Its truly quite fantastic. Expect the Pensive Twitter account to become the Patrick's Comic Con Updates for four days. Well, actually three days. Sadly, I gotta miss Sunday cause Pensive has a special little one off performance. In LA. With a hip hop group. Playing a song that we'll never be able to record. It'll be fun though.

What else, what else? I'm sure I could ramble on about other things (though probably not for 18 pages. Front and back!) but I won't subject you to that. This week. I will mention that we had ourselves a little family celebration for Julio's citizenship last night. Sure his mom made authentic Mexican food and sure he made authentic (ish) sangria but the highlight? The cakes. From Flour Power in La Mesa. Last year I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday (less than 2 months away now so mark your calendars! Patrick likes gift cards, brownies, video game systems, etc *wink*) a Peanut Butter cake from there. It had peanut butter frosting and this layer of peanut butter flavored fudge in between chocolate cake. Let me tell you, that thing was like heaven on a fork. It was the dessert version of a Special Battera roll from Taka Sushi (555 5th Avenue, Downtown SD). Just one of those things that tastes so good it melts in your mouth. Perfection. The kind of thing that makes the juiciest steak at Benihana taste like rubber. Yeah, its that good. Ok, ok, nothing can make Benihana's steak (or fried rice) taste like rubber but you get the point. It seems though all I talk about is video games, movies, comics, books, and food. Oh well!

See ya'll next week! And / or at Comic Con! One of the days I might dress up as Phil Ken Sebben. Ha ha ha!! Disguised.

Benevolent-ish Dictator

P.S. I leave you this week with a verse of scripture from "The Rock Bible"

The Psalm of the Guitar Player
7. The Gibson SG is the most satanic-looking guitar. It comes with its own set of devil horns.

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