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Hello World!!

How are you all doing this fine holiday weekend? Its a double holiday ya know. At least in Pensiveland it is. You know what today is right? The 3rd of July of course! Doesn't ring a bell? You better brush up on your Pensive history then my friend. For those of you not in the know, we have song called the 3rd of July. Back in the day, it was actually a rather sizable underground hit. Before Myspace took over the world (and way before Facebook invaded Myspace's territory, forcing Myspace to make a hasty retreat) there was this magical little site called which was the absolute pinnacle of music websites and the best place to find awesome music and for one summer, we straight up ruled that site. The 3rd of July spent 76 straight days as the #1 Pop-Punk song on the site (we took that spot from Sum 41) and peaked at #14 on the entire site, leaping ahead of contemporaries such as Eminem. Oh, those were the days . . . Anyway, the morale of the story is that today is a Pensive Holiday that all should celebrate. Its a celebration!

What else has been going on as of late? Well, I did go down to the Microsoft store at Fashion Valley and try out Kinect. Sadly, I can't give a very good report of it. You see, as a demo they had 3 separate mini-games, but you only got to play one. At the beginning of the first one, Kinect did a body scan so that it could follow your motions. I did not play the first mini-game, so it did not scan me, and for those of that have seen me before, you probably can tell that I'm not a short Asian woman. Therefore, Kinect really couldn't register any of my movements. Either that or its an incredible terrible piece of machinery and a huge waste of money. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. At least I got a free shirt out of it. That I'll never wear. I can't sport rival colors. No way. Come on, you all know that I'm Sony fanboy through and through! What? You think I should be ashamed for evening going to the Microsoft store and for trying out their new tech? Nay. It was espionage work. Very important.

I saw Eclipse the other day. In IMAX. I'll be honest, it was better than I thought it would be. And that Taylor Lautner is one sexy beast! Though, I believe that I shall refrain from giving my true critique of the Twilight phenomenon since there's a very good chance that I may offend some people, and that's never my M.O. Unless you're a Microsoft or Marvel lover, in which case, I can't help myself. Its just in my blood ^_^

As for actual Pensive news, there's still a bit of a media blackout on that end of things. There's not much going on that I'm free to report. Soon though. Soon. You'll be pleasantly surprised I believe. I can say though that we're probably going to be playing a show at the Epicentre towards the beginning of September so prepare yourselves. We're gonna have to make it big. And I mean BIG! We've been working on revamping the Street Team and getting it back to the top so be on the look out for that. Get all your friends in on it too. Spread the word like its H1N1.

I do believe that I have run out of things to say. I'm guessing since no one commented on my E3 blog that it wasn't the most popular of blogs? Or maybe there just wasn't anything to say in response to it. Hmm. Well if you are all going tired of my pointless rants, make sure to let me know. Or if you want something different let me know. Questions and comments are always welcome. So get to it!

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