The Cake May or May Not be a Lie

Greetings everyone!

Hey wow, what do ya know! Would ya look at that!! Two weeks in a row with a blog (almost) on time? This has got to be a record. For once, I don't fail. Good job me. Will I have anything worthwhile to talk about this week? Well that depends on your definition of "worthwhile." Did you read last week's blog? Then you should have a pretty good idea of what might be in store for you this week. Let's start somewhere else though first. Unfortunately, I can't actually talk about it. Its a secret. A surprise. Something that is very new and unique (for Pensive at least) and might possibly be a bit polarizing. Some might love it. Some might hate it. Some might just shrug their shoulders and mumble "meh." Maybe we can reveal some more details about it soon. Maybe we can't. Time will tell. Its also fair to mention that I'm very ready to write some new songs. It is by far my favorite part of being in a band and the driving force behind my desire to play music. The act of creation. However, its not simply enough to write it in my head or just on my guitar. Nay. That'd be like Damon & Carlton being content to just have the idea for an episode of LOST. No. There needs to be more. The point where it really feels right is when I can finally hear it as its played as a whole. It doesn't have to be recorded necessarily, it just has to be complete. That's magic. I've got ideas piling up in my head, dying to get out into the world. Keep your fingers crossed that they can escape soon . . .

As you should have been well aware of if you had read last week's blog, E3 was this last week and it was quite a wonderful couple days! For the first time, I actually watched all the (important) press conferences live as they happened. Being the silly Sony fanboy that I am, I of course enjoyed their's the best though a special nod must go to Nintendo for having the best organized conference and having some pretty slick games on display. Let's start with Microsoft though. Other than Gears of War 3 (which I am forced to admit looks fantastic!) and Halo:Reach, they really had a rather weak showing. Especially since it at least felt like the majority of their time was spent talking about "Kinect." Granted, I'm clearly not their target audience (and don't think this is simple fanboy reaction. I didn't enjoy the Move portion of the Sony conference much either, though, it seemed the superior technology to me) but it still seemed like a waste of time. Alas. Plus, for what it wants to compete with (the Wii) it is most likely going to be grossly over-priced (a fault the PlayStation Move shares as well, to both a lesser and greater degree). Only time will tell whether this helps grow the market.

[As a warning, I'm probably going to be rambling a lot. Feel free to skip ahead if your interest in video games is low]

Nintendo kept things very nice and orderly and very strong. The started off with a demo of the new Legend of Zelda game (yawn) which I'm sure pleased many people but didn't do much for me. However, the revealed that Retro studios (who previously made the Metroid Prime trilogy) is doing a reboot of sorts of Donkey Kong Country. While its most likely nostalgia that makes many of us have such fond memories of that game, this new one does honestly look pretty dang awesome! There's a very good chance nostalgia will get the better of me at some point and force me to give it a try. Another remake of a Rare classic has me a little more cautious and that would be Goldeneye. If you at one point in your life have ever owned a Nintendo 64, you probably owned and loved Goldeneye. I have very fond memories of that little gem. I got it for my 13th birthday along side a game that was another classic (of a hugely different magnitude) known as Final Fantasy VII. Anyway, I digress. I really hope they can recapture the magic of that bygone era but I don't have high hopes. I hope to be proved wrong though because it would be amazing to revisit that masterpiece with modern controls! (please please please include a non-motion controlled option!!!) Metroid: Other M is looking good (enough) though I doubt it will achieve the same sublime mixture of adventure and exploration that Super Metroid perfected but we will find out in August. On the "safe bet" side of the equation, we've got Dragon Quest IX. If you've played and liked any Dragon Quest game, you'll like them all. Or so I've learned. Easily the most consistent game in the grand pantheon of games. Its a shame its for the DS. And speaking of the DS, its finally getting its true successor known as the "3DS." Why? Cause its a 3D DS. That doesn't need special glasses. Until I get to experience it first hand, I'll have to with-hold judgement. If it delivers what it promises though, it could be insanely effin' epic!!!

After reading all that you may wonder how I could have possibly liked the Sony conference better. Its close, it really is. I think it just comes down to having more interest in the future than in nostalgia (though, don't get me wrong, I would still slit a throat or seven for a Final Fantasy VII remake in HD . . . or a Super Metroid remake in HD for that matter!!) Sony also had some 3D action to show off (though naturally, watching on my computer didn't show any third dimension at all) including Killzone 3. While not one of my favorites, I have a feeling it would be amazing in 3D and (if Sony has their wishes granted) could end up doing for 3D games what Avatar did for 3D movies. Next up, they had an unfortunately long presentation about PlayStation Move (yawn) but for what its worth, it looked ok. They showed off a painfully generic magic-wand based game called sorcery and while I doubt I'd ever play it, for what it was, it was actually rather impressive. YouTube it. (Or even better, if you have a PS3, you can download the entire Sony press conference from PSN!) Next up was an unfortunately short montage of upcoming PSP games that included Valkyria Chronicles II (which alone basically gives Sony the win) and The 3rd Birthday (aka Parasite Eve 3). Let's skip around. No sense in going chronologically really. And I'm sure you're getting fatigued by this point so I'll try to keep it short. Bullet points maybe? Sure. Let's do it!

-Portal 2 is coming to the PS3!

-LittleBigPlanet 2 looks so heartbreakingly amazing!

-inFamous 2!

-Final Fantasy XIV (aka Final Fantasy XI-2, aka Final Fantasy Online 2)

Sounds good, huh? Even though, its not a PS3 exclusive, Dead Space would probably have to be my game of the show. It just looks so good and I did so dearly love that first game. And we finally have a release date! January 25th, 2011. Longer than I would like to wait but at least I have a date to count down to now . . . I'm sure I've missed some stuff but that's ok. You get the idea. Strangely, at least for Sony, they didn't really have any surprises saved for their press conference. Maybe they've learned that they can't keep secrets (hello PSP Go!, the worst kept secret ever) since they announced all their big sequels (Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, and inFamous) in months and days leading up to E3. Oh well. All in all, it was tons of fun. Good job gaming industry.

I suppose I could tell you a few more things but really, who am I kidding? Let's wrap this up!! See ya'll next week . . .


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