Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge

Hello Everyone!!

It has been quite the hectic past couple weeks here in Pensveland. I'm sure if you're doing the right thing and following us on Twitter like I keep telling you to do, you already know everything that I could possibly tell you in this blog but for the sake of maintaining appearances, I'll go ahead and mention some of the stuff. Like how when we were in Colorado a few days ago, we got snowed on like crazy. Ok, maybe not crazy but Colorado standards, but crazy by San Diego standards thats for sure! And I mean really, come on. Its May. Did you know that? May! Thankfully it wasn't quite the blizzard that the news predicted but it was still enough that the next morning, Julio was able to make his first snowman. We were a little scared that it might mean we'd be stuck there for a few days, but the thawed out pretty quickly so we didn't miss any shows. We did however miss the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of going up to Estes Park and seeing the Stanley Hotel. In case you don't know what that is, its the hotel that Stephen King stayed at that gave him the inspiration to write The Shining. Oddly enough, not only was that my first Stephen King book that I read, it was also the book that I was reading when we started the band 10 years ago so that makes it even extra special, wouldn't you say? Heck, we were almost named Outside 217 (a chapter in The Shining)! Not quite as catchy as Pensive, huh? Maybe I should name one our songs that sometime . . .

The Pensive/Lynhurst tour is getting ready to wind down. We've got less than a week left. However, before the festivities come to a close, we've got ourselves a few days in Seattle and that's a very good thing. I love Seattle. Gonna get me some clam chowder at Ivar's and about a metric ton of salt water taffy from this place by the water. Still debating whether or not its worth it to take a trip up the Space Needle and whether I should buy some comics at the shop in Pike's Place or just wait till I get home. I really need to get Batman & Robin 12. I've gone too long without a Grant Morrison infused Batman fix. Its a tough call. I'm sure I'll break down and get it here. Yes its only about a week to wait but that's too long really. And then plus, it'll be extra special because anything from Seattle is extra special!

I'm sorry this is such a short blog. I feel like a complete failure. Skipping a week and then skimping on the blog this week. I guess I could ramble a bit. Let's see what happens. I've been spending a good bit of time reading on this tour. Like I always do really. I finished my physics book. It was really quite a good read actually. A great combination of extreme science presented in a clear way with some history and interesting philosophical and religious matters all rolled together. Its really actually quite terrifying how unique and special our lives are from a scientific stand point. The amount of things that had to line up perfectly for us to exist is just staggering from the size of planet and its distance from the sun down to the relative strengths of the four forces of the universe (gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force). Scientists make different conclusions from the incredible narrow band of circumstances that make life possible. Some believe it to be evidence of higher power at work, some believe that this is just how it has to be and that nothing else can be concluded form it beyond that we exist, while others believe that there may be countless universes out there where the primal forces may balanced differently where perhaps the universe never cools enough to allow for the formation of atoms. Despite the quite heavy emphasis on physics and mathematics (of course), anyone out there that thinks they can wade through that will probably find their eyes opened immensely. Its quite a satisfying and motivating read.

I feel better about this blog now. Good times, good times. That should wrap things up I believe. See ya'll next week!!

Danny's Not Here Mrs. Torrence

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