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I must apologize yet again for being late on the blog action. Yet again. Or at least partially apologize since, considering we had a show in Vegas on Saturday and then a long drive home, its rather understandable that I didn't blog it up that day. Though, I do believe it is Tuesday and that's a bit too late. Even by my standards. I'm sad to say though that ya'll might have to get used to the blogs being a bit late coming up real soon here. As you should probably be very well aware of at this point (considering how often I've mentioned it), we shall be embarking on another cross-country tour very, very soon. Two weeks away actually I believe. We're lifting the veil of silence on it and starting to post the dates so keep an eye on the page for more details. And if we don't happen to be in your neck of the woods, just keep cool and wait since there's a good chance we'll be posting a date in your area soon! Or not. It depends on where you are. If you're Norway, we probably be posting a date near you sadly. I would love to go to Norway. They have fjords which are the coolest thing ever in existence not for just what they are but for having the most badass word ever spoken as their name. Fjord. Maybe someday I'll see the fjords. My cousin was actually living in Norway for a time and I was mighty jealous. Now she's in India. I used to think I was so cool for having been to almost all the states and then she goes and sees the world . . . Shucks. I have a lot of catching up to do in the family race to see the world. Hmm. Sorry for getting way off topic but what can ya expect?

So, what would you like to hear about this week my friends? I'll just sit and here and wait for a response . . . Ok, I'm still waiting here folks. What's the hold up? Nothing? Well I guess I'll just ramble then. You asked for it by your silence. Ya know what bugs me? The fact that every single month, the cover story on Wizard is Marvel related. Its ridiculous. Even given the fact that for quite a bit of the past few months, the best selling books have been Blackest Night, Green Lantern, and Batman & Robin and yet nothing DC on the cover. I smell a conspiracy. Maybe when Disney bought Marvel, they bought Wizard as well! (Oh and no, I don't count the Dark Knight cover for the dvd issue. I'm talking about the comics, not the movies.) Oh well. What can ya do? Speaking of Blackest Night, it has ended, giving way to (wait for it) Brightest Day. Oh but of course. Its practically a given considering the Green Lantern oath. Anyway though, I was actually quite fond of the storyline. The final issue wasn't as epic as I was hoping for but I'm sure a lot of old school comic fans really dug it. The over arching story though was magnificent, drawing on plot threads from many different stories and tying everything together in a such a way as to blow your mind. In that sense, I really must take my hat off to Geoff Johns for pulling it off so well. And since this has become the designated comics paragraph, I should also mention that I finished All Star Superman. While I can't say its made me a Superman fan, I can say that it was an absolutely master piece. A remarkable, self contained story. That Grant Morrison is a genius storyteller.

I'm sure this quite old news by now, but did you feel that earthquake on Sunday?! I felt quite a few earthquakes in my days upon this Earth, but never have I felt one as strong or one that lasted anywhere near as long as that one was. It started out like any other earthquake and none of us thought anything of it until it kept getting stronger and stronger. Despite the title of this blog, it wasn't so much a shaking as it was a rocking or sliding type motion. Its actually rather hard to describe and very peculiar. A 7.2 is pretty sizable quake ya know. What was extra surprising was how strong and frequent the aftershocks were. They've all but subsided now as far as I know since I haven't felt anything since yesterday but its still a bit scary. Hopefully we've experienced the last for a while now . . .

Seeing as this is a blog from a band, I might as well talk a bit about music, yeah? Other people's music that is at least. My top 100 albums of the past decade is just about done and should be ready for mass consumption next week I believe. I'm thinking I'll post it 25 at a time, culminating with the top 25 on May 1st. How's that sound to you? In other music related news, Lovedrug has a new EP coming out soon. Though, if you pre-order it like I did, you'll get an early access download of it. I've been listening to it all weekend and I've gotta say, I all sorts of love it! Its very reminiscent of "Pretend You're Alive," which was their first cd. It has this special feel to it, as if it was written just for us Lovedrug fans, which I'm sure isn't hurt by the special early access and the fact they're putting it out all on their own. Its a shame to see a great band such as them suffer from label woes so help them out yo!!!!

That about wraps things up for the week. See ya in a few days! Don't forget to watch LOST tonight!!

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