"Look! Up in the Sky!!"

Hey there everyone!

How's my favorite batch of Pensive fans doing this lovely Sunday afternoon? I'm doing wonderfully, thank you for asking! Ya know which breakfast cereal I hadn't had in years till just a few minutes ago? That's right, Fruity Pebbles. Wow, good guess you guys!! You see, when I was a wee youngster back in the 90's I had quite an affinity for cereals of all sorts. They were my go to meal/snack at any time of day. As I grew older, my tastes were ever evolving and changing and I had a rotating cast of "favorites." Perhaps for a while it may have been Cinnamon Toast Crunch or perhaps the legendary Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch and even occasionally, Lucky Charms (though unlike most children, the marshmallows were my least favorite part oddly enough). However, the cereal that held the title of "Patrick's Favorite Cereal" the longest would probably have to be Fruity Pebbles. I don't know what it is about it that held me enraptured for so long but hold me it did. It was like seeing an old friend you haven't seen in years a few minutes ago when Pebbles and I had our reunion. Waves of nostalgia washed over me and I transported back to my childhood and it was all sorts of fun. I think it might be time to revisit the Cap'n as well sometime soon. See how that fares the test of time. Chances are though that I'll still be sticking with my combination of "Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds" mixed with "Quaker Natural Granola Oats and Honey." Its quite good. I suggest you try it sometime, you just might be surprised. (as a quick tangent here while we're on the topic of mixing things together, here's a couple other great combos: chocolate and peanut butter of course, chocolate and orange [either in the form of orange slices dipped in melted chocolate or the far more peculiar bite sized Hersey's chased with a shot of Orange soda], and finally, a favorite of mine on those very rare occasions when I get a soda while out at a fast food type place that allows you to fill your own drink, Dr. Pepper with a splash of Orange Soda). Wanna know who else is obsessed with cereal? Geoff Johns.

Well that was certainly a fun little diversion know wasn't it? Maybe we should attempt to get back on track a little bit now, yes? So, who was at the show at the Epicentre? You? You? We're sorry that it had to be a Thursday night since we know that made it difficult for some of you to make it but for those of that were able to make it over to Epicentre, we sure hope you liked what you heard! For the first time playing those songs, I think it went pretty well, don't you? Questions, comments? We would love to know what you thought of them. Hopefully it looked like we pulled everything off smoothly because there was a fair amount of technical difficulties on our end. I suppose it might be a bit improper to divulge such trade secrets but I think we're all friends here, right? Well, the biggest thing is that for the song "Persephone," there are quite a few things on that song that really help make it what it is that can't be played with 2 guitars, a bass, a drum set, and vocals. Since we don't have ourselves a keyboardist nor did we want to hire one for just one song, we set about creating what is known as a backing track. This was much harder than it seemed. Till we figured out the twist and then it was pretty freakin' easy. So for those of you there, if the backing track wasn't perfect, I apologize. Presumably by the time we play it next, we'll have it perfected. We'll get the right level for it and everything even! And I have to apologize again since I didn't play the solo in Persephone perfectly either. Its quite a bit faster than I'm used to playing so I figured I'd better make sure that I warmed up my picking hand before we went on stage. Naturally, I attempted to play along to Creeping Death and Master of Puppets and let me tell you, that picking hand was plenty warmed up after that! And then lo and behold, I was too prepared!! Yeah, exactly, I started off playing the solo too fast!!! Thankfully I recovered quickly but me being me, it was rather infuriating. Oh well. Again, next time, it will be perfect!! I promise you that.

Now, now. I hope you don't get the impression from that previous paragraph that we thought the show wasn't a success because that is clearly not true! It was so amazing to finally get back on stage again after such a long time away and it was great seeing all of our wonderful San Diego fans again. And it was tons of fun finally getting to play those songs live and let you all hear what we've been working on for so long. Now you have a very slight idea of the direction we might be heading in. Though, I must warn you that those 4 songs aren't exactly indicative of the whole of our song writing work of the past year or so. In fact, I'd say those are probably the most "Pensive" like out of the bunch and you can expect the rest to push towards the future instead of the past. What does that mean? Eh, who knows really. It means something good though. And before you ask, the answer is no, we don't have any plans to release these or any other songs just yet. You'll have to be mega patient with us on this one guys.

Anything else we need to cover? Hmm. I may not exactly be a Superman fan, but let me tell you, All Star Superman by Grant Morrison is an absolutely fantastic read. I'm loving every single masterful panel of it. I'm gonna need to start saving up my lunch money since there's a good chance I'm gonna be mighty tempted to shell out the $100 for the Absolute Edition when it goes on sale in the Fall. Though, I'm still currently saving my lunch money in hopes of finally purchasing that Billy Corgan Strat in June. But we'll see about that. For those of you that paid extra special attention to my blogs from a few weeks ago, you may recall that I got FFXIII at the midnight launch even though I had the Collector's Edition on its way from the UK. Well it finally got here and its lovely. However, since I already have the game, I now have two copies of the game since the Collector's Edition has the game in a regular case (as can clearly be seen here). I don't need two copies of the game. Therefore, I'm gonna be putting the UK version up on eBay. However, if any of you out there want it, you can have first dibs. And don't worry, I tested it and it works perfectly fine on an American PS3.

That about wraps things up for the week. See ya'll next week!!


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