Hello hello!! How are you all doing this fine, fine Saturday? Yet again, the skies have failed me and there has been no rain, barely any clouds, and all sorts of heat. Now now, I'm very sure that you would rather not sit through yet another of my diatribes about the heat so I guess I'll spare you. And instead mention of gosh darn dry its been! I feel like my eyes are gonna turn to dust in my head. And my rat babies sure don't like it either. I think they pick up on my traits and as well don't like the heat. They get all sorts of lethargic. What's kind of scary is that Spring has barely sprung and it already feels like we're heading into summer. Not that that's bad on its own exactly more so that it frightens me when I picture what the real summer is going to be like. Alas. We'll fight through it together. Who knows, maybe we'll be on tour and after driving through Texas and Arizona, San Diego will feel like paradise . . . Did I ever tell you about how the last time we played a show in Dallas, when we drove to Sonic for our after-show meal, a bank on the side of the freeway proclaimed to temperature to be 97 degrees at midnight? Ok, ok, it could have been 96, I can't remember for sure but either way, that's hotter than it should be at noon let alone midnight!!

I'm sure I've hammered this into your head plenty by this point, but this is almost my last chance to do so: we've got a show this Thursday at the Epicentre and it would just make our collective night if you were there! Yeah, I'm talking to you. Come on, are you really gonna make me try to sell you on it again? Alright fine, here we go again . . . Its our 10th anniversary show. We're gonna debut 4 brand new songs for the first time. There are a bunch of other great bands including the new band of the former guitarist from Gatsby's American Dream. Sold yet? Good. If you want tickets (pre sales are $7 but its $10 at the door) just message us and we'll get it all worked out. I super, super promise.

In other Pensive related news, our April/May tour is really starting to come together nicely and hopefully we can make an official announcement and post dates for it very, very soon so make sure to stay tuned. After that, we might have a few surprise up our sleeves for the rest of the year but I can neither confirm nor deny any such rumors at this point. Oh, and while we're talking about such things (kind of not really whatever) we were totally on radio the other day. Grossmont College radio but the radio none the less. We had ourselves a good time. Talked about stuff. Played a rousing rendition of Without You Here. Gave away some tickets for the Epicentre show. Its a fun afternoon activity. Hopefully maybe a few of you knew about it. If not, well, clearly, I'm not doing a very good job of getting all the pertinent information out there into the world.

On an entirely different topic, I must say that Patrick Stump has become a much better version of himself: thinner, with more hair, and no Pete Wentz. :puts on flame suit:

As you may have noticed if you're an astute follower of this blog, I have been titling my blogs lately with seemingly none-sense words. However, this is surely not the case. They are sounds from Final Fantasies past. "Wark" is the sound that Chocobos used to make which has been changed lately to "kweh." However, the ever present Moogles' sound has been the classic and consistent "kupo!!" for quite some time now. I must say its a little sad that I have yet to see any reference to Moogles in FFXIII and I'm led to believe they make no appearance at all. That's a little sad to be sure but the rest of the game makes up for that in my eyes. There's a lot of fan outrage out there in the internet world over this latest game and how it has supposedly ruined the Final Fantasy legacy and I'm sorry but thats just not true. Unlike its closest Japanese competitor, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy has always been known for its willingness to adapt and change and push itself as a series forward. So, considering all the changes that were made, its almost more keeping in the roots and traditions of the series than if it were to be a carbon copy of its most popular entries. Granted, the Cyrstarium is incredibly reminiscent of the Sphere Grid from FFX and the beginning of the game with the train and scorpion-esque machine first boss is a total homage to FFVII (as well as the description of lead character Lightning as an ex-soldier) but the core game itself is a big step forward. It might be a bit awkward now, but I believe that down the line, this perhaps over stepping of progress will be beneficial in crafting an ever more perfect experience. You just wait and see. If you wish to debate the merits of this, or any video game (Final Fantasy or otherwise) feel free. That's what I'm here for : )

Yet again, my thoughts were unfocused. I rambled. I got off topic. I don't remember anything that I talked about. Yeah, sounds like a weekly blog to me! I hope you enjoyed it at the very least. Tune in next where I'll likely discuss how awesome the show that we were all at was, further discussion of FFXIII and/or any other geek related topic to springs to mind, and where I will hopefully come up with another Final Fantasy sound to slap on it as a title. See ya then!


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