Oh why hello there!

So how's everyone out there doing this fine Saturday afternoon? Even though the weekend has barely begun, it does appear as though my prediction of rain will not be coming true. Alas. Not that I actually like the rain when I have places to go and things to do, it is nice from time to time. Much preferable to sunshine from my stand point at the very least. I'm not a fan of heat to say the least. Nor do I like it when its ice cold. Yeah, that's right. I like my weather in the middle. Mild. A bit of cloud cover. Hoodie weather essentially. Granted, there's still a day and half left of "weekend," but I'm fairly certain that the sky isn't going to suddenly grow dark and start raining. Ya know what's funny? That there's so many actors that were in Terminator that were then in Aliens. James Cameron must like to work with the same actors. The music in Terminator is terrible. Ya know what would be awesome? If James Cameron made another R rated action/sci-fi movie. In 3D. I'd see that. Though of course I thought Avatar was way awesome so when the inevitable sequel appears, I'm sure I'll see that as well. I really hope this Ridley Scott Alien prequel will be at least of some worth. Yes, we all know that he's a wonderful director but I'm curious to see where they might possibly go with it. Worried isn't quite the right word, more concerned I suppose. Aliens is quite easily one of my favorite movies ever and any continuation of the franchise is at least worth a look. I don't exactly count AvP though, despite actually enjoying the first one. Though, if they were to ever make a sequel to Freddy vs Jason, I would so be down to see that!

For whatever reason, my thoughts seem to be rather disjointed this week, don't they? Eh, I hope you can put up with it, cause I can't seem to help myself at the moment. We've continued working on new songs again. Moved onto the next ones in line. We're currently in the middle of getting all the rhythm guitars recorded and then leads and lyric writing. The plan is to get as many finished before we leave on tour as possible. Who knows how many that will end up being but hopefully at least 2-3 more done done done. Sadly though, my brain never stops working and I keep coming up with new ideas that who knows if we'll even get to. Its the unfortunate thing about our process sometimes. But hey, its cool. Song ideas last forever! I have rough drafts of songs from 2-3 years ago still waiting to be worked on. Oh well. I'm sure you've all been told enough times that we have a show on Thursday the 25th and that we'll be debuting four of our new songs that night so make sure you don't miss it. Now you've been told again. Remember it. For more insight into the songs, see last week's blog.

For those of you keeping score at home, my patience and self-control ran out pretty quickly on Monday night and I did indeed end up going home with my own copy of Final Fantasy XIII. It was money well spent I must say. Granted, I tend to love every Final Fantasy when its a new experience and sometimes change my mind down the line (I now like FFVIII more than I used to and like FFX a lot less than I used to), for the time being, I'm absolutely loving it! Granted, it is a much evolved and changed form of the series we once knew and loved but for the most part, all those changes are for the better. Yes, the RPG purist in me misses wandering through towns, talking to people, and buying weapons at shops but I mean really, is it a vital part of what makes the past games great? Not really. So can we do without it? Yes we can. If somehow you've been on the fence about this game, just go ahead and jump off and go for it. You can thank me in a comment on this blog ; ) I suppose I could go on and on but I'll leave ya with that for now. I'm sure you don't read this for my detailed insight on video games. Or maybe you do. Who knows.

I'd say that just about wraps things up for the week. Three paragraphs seems to be about my average as of late. Hope to see you at the show on the 25th and don't forget to get your tickets early!


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