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How is everyone out there doing today? It rained here yesterday oddly enough. It never rains here. We've now gotten two weekends in a row with rain and its starting to intrigue me. While of course, two does not a pattern make, if it were to rain this coming weekend as well, I think that could indeed be called a pattern. And a strange one at that. I guess we'll know in a week if this odd coincidence has the strength left in it to extend itself into a peculiar pattern . . . Back when I used to live in the Bay Area, there was one January were it rained straight on through the month without a break. I wanna say it was either '96 or '97 but I cannot recall. It never rains like that in San Diego though. If it did, there's a very good chance that many people living in the region would think it a sign that the end of days was upon us. Who knows what sorts of mass hysteria that could breed amongst these people unaccustomed to precipitation. I'm sure we'd get at least someone pulling a Rorschach and walking around with a sign proclaiming "The End is Nigh." Let's hope it never comes to that. Though, I must admit that I would rather enjoy seeing my rain coincidence turn into a pattern so everyone, think rainy thoughts this coming weekend!

Do you recall how many a times I've mentioned that we've been recording demos of some new songs? Well, four of them are done! Though, honestly, I don't think you can really call them "demos" considering how much work and perfectionism went into recording them. Demos are usually rough. These are pretty damn far from "rough." I don't know if I have the authority to do this but whatevs, I'm going to anyway: Do you wanna know the titles? Yes? No? It doesn't matter cause I'm going to tell you anyway. The "pop song" is officially titled "All I Need is You." The "country song" is officially titled "Whisky for Memories." The "dark song" as was sometimes referred to is officially named "Persephone." And the last song that never really had a working title still doesn't have an official title. So I guess we'll just have to wait on that one. As I'm sure you know, we're going to be playing these songs live for the first time ever at our show on March 25th but there is a way for you to hear them earlier. This was supposed to be for the Street Team but I'm widening it to every single person reading this. If you can get four of your friends to buy tickets from you (for a total of 5 including yourself of course) then you've won yourself an early listen. Its that simple. Now, obviously, for some this will be harder than for others. But hey, we used to run contests for most tickets sold and plenty of you sold way more than five so I've got all sorts of faith in you. Unfortunately, the deadline is this Friday. I know it doesn't seem like much time but I think we announced this a few weeks ago . . . Oh, and if you buy just one ticket, don't worry, we've also got something special in store for all of you as well. Same deadline, this Friday. I can't reveal exactly what it is since its a surprise for everyone! But trust me, you're gonna want to be in on this. So just message us and arrange a time to get your tickets before Friday!!

I promise there won't be any more salesmanship action going on in this blog. I promise. Except for this: you should totally do all the stuff I talked about in that last paragraph. Ok, I'm done. Ya know what's really sad? A few years ago, Kraft, the makers of the best Mac & Cheese in the world (which, if you don't know, is one of my go-to meals for pure awesomeness) started making "Organic White Cheddar Mac & Cheese" and oh dear lord was that an amazing piece of perfection! Sadly, the Kraft Corporation must have deemed their experiment a failure because about six months ago, Vons had that deliciously perfect item on sale for next to nothing. I theorized that it must be because they needed to get rid of them all. Sadly I was right. At least I bought the rest they had! I have a stockpile of three currently. I'm saving them in case the Queen of England stops by for a meal or if I win a Noble Prize. Translation: They'll probably never be eaten. Ever since then, I've had a rather sizable void in my heart and I have decided to attempt to fill it. There is a competing brand of macaroni and cheese known as "Annie's." For years people told me to switch and I never did. Why? Because Kraft is far superior. (Oh and for what its worth, I refuse to eat the plain M&C from Kraft. Its gotta be either Spirals or shapes, like Pokemon!) The void left in the wake of the disappearance of my magic "Organic White Cheddar" though has sent me into the arms of its competitor. Its almost like shopping at Borders! Its a rough time indeed. Now you see, they have three different products in the white cheddar family. Regular white cheddar (not quite right), whole wheat noodles with white cheddar (better but not quite perfect), and organic white cheddar (which is waiting downstairs for me to make it as soon as I finish this blog). I'm hoping either the final option is magnificent or that I can grow to love it for it would be nice to not have to gaping hole in my soul any longer. Which reminds me. Aerosmith has a song called "Hole in my Soul." Its a damn good song. It was on 1997's "Nine Lives" cd which just so happens to be the first real cd I ever bought. Thats a good bit of trivia for you. Remember that for it will be on the test later. (And I'm not the only musician with an intense fondness for Macaroni & Cheese. You may have never heard of him but he was a musician in a band in the late 80's and early 90's. The band was called Nirvana. Heard of them? Well, either way, their singer, Kurt Cobain, loved Macaroni & Cheese.)

I think we should wrap things up for the week now. That was a good note to end on, wouldn't you say? I know a lot of random Kurt Cobain trivia. Oh, and I'm sure you're all very well aware, but Final Fantasy XIII comes out tomorrow. Mine is coming from the UK since I want the Collector's Edition but I've been scheduled to work the midnight launch at Gamestop. Its gonna be really, really hard not to break down and get one. I am a master of patience but everyone has a breaking point . . . Wish me luck!!


P.S. Did you know that Kurt & Courtney used to check into hotels as Sid & Nancy?

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