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Hello world!

How are all doing on this wonderful day? Today is the first day of March (yes yes, I know that blog is supposed to be for the end of last week which was technically February but let's not pretend like we don't all know what day it is today). It feels good to start a new month doesn't it? I think this will be a glorious example of what a March can be. Especially since not only will it be a big month in the Pensive world, its also a big month since the non-Japanese speaking world will be finally getting a chance to play Final Fantasy XIII and as you should all know, this is big news for me. But we'll get to that later. I'm sure I'll have plenty to rant and rave about. Though, I do promise that I will try to keep it all to the bare minimum once the time of the blog arrives. First up, let's address some Pensive related news. As I'm sure you're aware of, we've been doing some pretty heavy duty song writing action. We kind of ended up going a bit off the deep end as far as recording and over-dubbing goes so its taken a bit longer than we anticipated. Good news though: we're pretty much done! By the time this week reaches its end, the songs will be done, mixed, mastered, and amazing. Want to hear them? You have two chances. You can (and totally should) come to the show at the Epicentre on March 25th where for the first time ever, we'll be playing these four songs live. Want to hear them before then? Well you can. Want more info? Join our Street Team and ask ; ) For those of you not living in the greater San Diego area, you might have to wait a bit longer. We will be touring in April and May but currently aren't planning on playing the new songs. So if you wanna hear them, you better make sure to get to the show early and try to bribe us into playing a few. We accept bribes in the forms of meals, brownies, cookies, money, comics, video games, etc. Or I guess that's my bribe list. It might be different for everyone else but I mean really, you convince me and I'll convince the rest of them. Don't worry!

Let's see, what else might be going on in the world. Well, I have expanded my circle of TV shows that I watch. Now in addition to LOST, Friends, and Stargate Atlantis, I have added The Big Bang Theory! (and yes, as you can gather, I don't deem many shows worthy of being watched and half of "my" shows are over. also, I took Heroes off my list cause let's face it, that show blows now) Its quite the hilarious show actually. Right up my alley. A show about physicists that like video games, comics, and Thai food. Perfect!! Heck, I even know like 20% of that physics stuff that they talk about and that makes me feel special : ) Ya know, I used to be way into physics and astronomy and such. I might not remember much but I still have a relative working knowledge base. Its fun. Speaking of LOST, it has been amazing this season! I was worried they might not be able to handle it all but they've done great so far and I know it'll only get better. I'm desperately anxious to see how the two timelines intersect or whether they do. If you haven't been watching this season, you've really, really been missing out! I'm especially curious to see how exactly Jack ended up with a son and who his mother is. If my calculations are correct, the side-wise timeline is taking place in 2004. Jack's son appears to be at least somewhere between 11-13 maybe. Meaning that he couldn't be the offspring of Jack and his (in the other timeline) ex-wife since they met and got married and divorced a few years before the crash; certainly not long enough ago to have had a near teenage son. I wonder . . .

Has the time arrived to discuss Final Fantasy finally? Yeah, it has. I'll try to get it as lean as possible. Let's be blunt here. I'm excited. I've been an officially obsessed fanboy since I got FFVII for my 13th birthday back in '97. Twelve and a half years ago to the day almost. Considering that I'm 25 (.5), that's damn near half my life. That's a long time to be obsessed with something. Granted, I'm also going into this installment with my usual amount of trepidation as I have each one since I know they could fail me anytime, but so far, so good. I mean yes, for me, FFX wasn't really that great and didn't connect with me very well, but the rest were damn near perfect. That's partially the problem really. With previous installments being so near perfection, and holding such a dear place in my heart, that's one hell of a legacy to have to live up to. The game finally comes out next week though so we'll know very soon. Well, maybe not that soon since I'm importing the Limited Collector's Edition from the U.K. so I might not get it when the rest of America does. Don't worry though, I'll keep you well updated as I make my way through my most anticipated game since the last one came out. To prepare, I'm indulging in a brief trip through Final Fantasies past. Starting with FFXII. I'll play it for a few days and move on so I'll be way ready whenever my copy of XIII arrives. Oh and while we're on the subject of video games, if you own a PS3, get Heavy Rain. Or at least download the demo first. It was such a unique experience. There's nothing else quite like it. It was so intense. You have no idea. Remember the movie Se7en? This feels a bit like that except more intense since you're experiencing it.

Ok, let's call it a day. See ya'll next week!


P.S. Expect my top 100 albums list soon. I'm working on it, I promise!!

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